Stop Relying on Social Media to Get New Clients-Complete this 2 Minute Test Now

Welcome to episode 223 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and today I want to talk to you about something heavy on my mind lately, as I see so many people just. Continuing to focus on social media. So many marketers out there are just heavily talking about social media and why you must be on social media and why you must be doing ticks and reels and all of these things, which I do believe that they do have their place in a marketing plan.

However, they are not where you should be relying on getting new customers and clients, especially if you’re a service-based business. Because if you have a local business and you’re a service-based business and you serve a client in some way, shape, or form, they’re going to be searching on Google for.

They’re not going to be searching on social media for you. They may happen to, somehow, by the grace of the algorithm, the skies open up and they see your post on a day that they’re thinking about it. maybe. But you have to do a lot of posts for that to happen. You have to have a lot of followers for that to happen, and you have to have the right messaging for that to happen.

 For all of those things to align and for those people that follow you to get that very clear message on the very day that they’re thinking about it, it’s very unlikely. I hate to say that. But it is, it’s very. What should you be doing instead? You should be focusing on Google. Google is where people go to not only search for your services, but they search for your services when they’re ready to purchase, right?

They’re not going to go spend hours on TikTok trying to find a hairdresser near them that can do the hairstyle that they want. No, they’re going to be going to Google, trying to find a hair salon, trying to find whatever that service is that you offer on Google, not on Facebook. Not on Instagram, not on TikTok, not on any of those places.

They’re always going to be going to Google. If they do happen to get a recommendation from a friend or a family member on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, they’re still going to go to Google. They’re going to look up your ratings. They’re going to make sure that experience, that was fabulous, that their friend.

Family members, coworkers, and neighbors with your business were not just a one-time occurrence. They wanna make sure that you have a good reputation. They wanna make sure that other people have been satisfied with your services.

They’re going to go to Google and check you out. Please make sure that you have a Google presence, make sure that you have a Google business profile, and that it’s filled out, and completely optimized. Make sure that everything is accurate. Make sure you have products, and services, Whatever you offer should be on there with links directly back to you.

Stop Relying on Social Media to Get New Clients-Complete this 2 Minute Test Now

And that link directly back to the page that they can purchase that product or service from, and make sure that you are optimizing it. Make sure that you’re posting to it regularly. Google wants you to post at least one update per week.

That doesn’t fly with us because we’ve seen that three updates per week hit a sweet spot with our clients and their profiles and make Google Understand where they should be showing up and get traffic to their websites way quicker.

So three times per week is what we recommend. And you also should be making sure that your website is optimized for search engines. Make sure that Google can find everything they need, they understand what your website is about. Your website is technically sound.

All of these things are way more important and way more important than your spending. On social media, if you invest that time that you’re spending on social media, reinvest it into making sure that you have your Google updated regularly, making sure that it’s optimized, and also making sure that your website is optimized as well.

This will go way further in terms of hours and sales than anything that you could do on social media. except for ads. If you want to make an impact on social media at this point, unfortunately unlike 10 years ago, you need to be paying for it.

The other way around relying on social media is that you can pay for those ads, which then you will get traction, but it’s coming at a cost, which is a monetary cost.

Your time is valuable. Your effort is valuable. If you are wasting time on a huge content strategy and it’s not working, then you need to reevaluate. I wanna give you a tangible tool that you can do right now, a tangible way to find out if it’s working or not.

Stop Relying on Social Media to Get New Clients-Complete this 2 Minute Test Now

Right now, I want you to go to your Google Analytics I want you to look at where your audience is coming from and if your audience, when you look at that, if they’re not coming from any of the social media platforms that you’re posting on regularly, then you need to stop posting on them.

Reallocate that. And if those people that are coming to your website from those social media platforms are not converting into appointments, booked into products, or sold into new clients, then you need to stop posting on those networks.

It’s not how you’re going to make it. The difference in your revenue, it’s going to be a revenue suck because you’re either hiring someone to do those things or you’re taking time away from your business and your business growth to do things that are not serving you. I want you to do that little checkup right now.

Go to your Google Analytics, find out where people are coming from, and find out which social media platforms are working for you if any. and stick with only those. I don’t want you to delete the other ones because you still need them for search engine optimization purposes or SEO purposes but just do that little checkup.

Do yourself a favor, and buy yourself a little sanity as we go into the end of this year and the rest of next year. It’s going to be the best five minutes that you’ve ever spent looking at your Google Analytics. If you don’t have your Google Analytics set up. That’s a whole nother thing.

You really should have your Google Analytics set up because if you don’t, you can’t do simple checks like this to make sure that what you’re doing in your marketing is going to work.

 Please make sure your website is being tracked Using Google Analytics. You can see who’s coming, where they’re coming from, how long they’re staying there, what pages they’re visiting, what things they’re engaging in, and what they’re clicking. , all of those things. If you need help with either one of those things, by all means, reach out to us.

You can listen to Episode 209. To understand a little bit more about Google Analytics and why you should be tracking with the new Google Analytics version. I hope this lesson slash episode hits well with you and or sits well with you, and I hope that you get something from it.

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