Virtual Work Mastery & Sustainability for Moms & Dads Series #1-Resources to Start Earning Money Online Today

Virtual Work Mastery & Sustainability for Moms & Dads Series #1-Resources to Start Earning Money Online Today

Welcome to episode 258 of The Determined Moms Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. Today, we will be talking about resources to start earning money online. And this is for the virtual work mastery and sustainability for moms and dads series.  You’re going to be wondering why in the world we will start by making money. Don’t we need to build a business first? The answer to that is yes. And the answer to that is also no. I want you to be able to start out making money.

There are three basic reasons why we will start with this episode

Reason 1:  It is to earn money

It is going to cost money to start your business. You’re going to need to do your registration. Suppose you want to start an LLC. You will need your hosting platform for many different things: website and domain. All of these things do cost money. I want you to have that money going in. And not have to pull out of your family budget or anything like that. I want you to be able to have the resources available.

To start your business from the beginning and start it the right way and not cut corners, trying to. Just set it up with a strong foundation from the beginning. The whole point of this series is to help you avoid it. The things that I’ve fallen into. And the things that I’ve seen others fall into.

Reason 2: Is to help you build a portfolio

If you will be doing any services or providing any services. You need to have proof of your work proof. You know how to do X, Y, or Z. You can also start gathering testimonials from people you work with. This is why you will be starting with this instead of just going ahead and starting to build your business. You can do this simultaneously. However, I want you to have this as your foundation.

Reason 3: Find what you love to d

The only way you’re going to find what you love to do. It is to do a variety of different things. You may want to start an e-commerce store. That’s fine. Why don’t you go ahead and try to learn how to do some SEO for an e-commerce store? Why don’t you know how to upload products? I come first to see if you enjoy doing all those things. This is a way for you to delve into whatever you think you are interested in dabbling in.

And then go from there. What if you feel like you need to gain more skills? What you’ll be able to do is go and fine. Whatever it is you want to try to do. Go to YouTube, watch a crap ton of tutorials. Go set up your accounts and try it. And then, go from there. That’s all you have to do. It’s free. Teach yourself how to do things. Experiment, do all of those things. And then that way. You’re going to have an idea of what you want to do. This aims to earn money, build a portfolio, and gather testimonials. And figure out what you love to do. 

I have created a huge list of 12 different resources you can use to start earning money today. This list is available in the Patreon account. And you can download it if you want just to be able to click on it. And take you there. Or you can listen to this episode and write it down completely up to you. But this is the first available lesson in this series. And if you want to download it, you can go and click here.

Resources to Start Earning Money Online Today


We are going to talk about the first Remotask. Now, most of these are task-oriented or skill-based or some energy exchange. You can also do other things we will discuss in the next episode. There are a million different kinds of businesses you can start. This will focus on getting you out there and some money. And start earning an income. So the first one, again, is remote tasks. This is virtual, and you actually do some AI training. It’s very easy. The tasks are very simple, and you get paid weekly for this. It’s not a huge paycheck, but it’s going to be something, and it’s going to allow you to save for all of your other expenses. 

Time Etc Assistants 

This is a virtual assistant service, and it is based in the UK. You do need to have some experience in some field or another. And they also require a skills test in order to pass. I will also note that remote tasks. It also requires identity verification. So you have to upload your driver’s license, and you do have to be US-based. So keep those things in mind as you’re going through this.

Not everybody is going to be able to use all of these services. Time, et cetera, is higher in the United States. However, again, you have to pass that test. Interestingly enough, when I started as a VA, I could pass the Time etc test. However, I was not able to pass the fancy hands test, which is another BA service. It’s only based in the U.S., I don’t know what happened. Apparently, the UK likes me better. 


It is actually a marketplace for skilled labor. And it’s more like online technology-based labor. So it is gig-based, and you get to set the pay. Let’s say you are great at designing podcasts and art covers.

You’re going to design some cover samples. Put them up there and say, pay me this for designing your podcast cover. That’s pretty much how it works. That’s all you do. You are competing with a global market here. So keep that in mind: there are a lot of skills that people will only really want to pay people in the U.S. to do, especially when their language passes.

 Keep that in mind you could do. Voiceover work you could do. Editing proofreading. Web design. There are so many things you can do on there. So go on and browse around. You can even write down the skills that you have from any of your past jobs or your current job. And figure out what are my skills and what I can do on fiverr. That’s a great way to start. 


Here you can actually use your skills again, it is also guilt gig based, but in this instance, The people that are looking to hire are the ones posting the jobs. So there are a variety of gigs. But it’s more of a project base instead of an ongoing basis or instead of a gig.

Deciding this podcast cover for me, there might be some of those, but it’s more of can you update my website or do something more project-based. This is a great  place.

Again, I do believe you’re competing with people from all around the world, but there is definitely a lot of things on there that you can find. And the great thing is that they actually rate the people that hire. People they’ve hired in the past what their average higher. You can also sort by highest pay to lowest pay. So definitely keep that in mind as you’re searching. 


The next one is my favorite platform for hiring. It is called FreeUp and a lot of my team comes from here. Because they pay pretty well for international people. So a lot of my team is from all over the world. We have Pakistan and Dubai and Philippines and India. We’ve just got a huge variety of people on my team.

And most of them come from this platform. And they actually get paid very well on this platform. They also do weekly pay and so you actually do need to have some experience in something. So if you’re going on there and saying, Oh, I do podcast editing. Then you need to know how to do podcast editing and etc. 

Course Hero

The other one is called course hero. This is more for online tutoring. So if you have any experience in tutoring or helping people answering questions, if you have expertise in a certain educational area, you can earn up to $1,500 per month here. A cool way to put your skillset to work. 

Fancy Hands

This is the one that I said I failed the test for way back when. And it is again, virtual assistant tasks, but it is, US-based only. And they do require experience. So if you had any type of administration, Any type of bookkeeping, anything like  that, they will probably hire you.

But again, you have to go ahead and pass that challenging test. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I did something wrong and I did not pass. So hopefully you have better luck than me. 


This is micro tasks so you’re going to be doing like super tiny things, like maybe taking a screenshot of something and uploading it. And you might get paid like a dollar or two for that.

There is no experience required. And you can do as many tasks as you want and just get paid out for those tasks. It’s an interesting platform because if you have five extra minutes you can just go on and earn a couple dollars.


This is a virtual assistant platform. They also do a lot of accounting positions. So if you’re in bookkeeping, accounting, anything like that, any kind of experience like that, this might be a great one for you. They do have a large variety of jobs, which is great. 


This is a virtual assistant bookkeeping and social media management hiring platform. People will go on and search for different types of people that are experienced in these three things were toasting bookkeeping and social media management. And they will get matched with someone that is looking for that type of employment. It’s a great platform. 


This is virtual assistant positions and they do also require experience. And again, it is US-based only. So if you are international and you’re listening to this, not all of these are going to be able to apply to you. However, you can go ahead and check them all out. I did try to note the ones that were only accepting US-based. People, but definitely go on and check them out yourself just in case I was wrong.


The last one is called VOT. This is one has pretty high pay. There are many different fields and I get an email digest still. I don’t know how I signed up for this accidentally, but I’m glad that I did because I can share it with you.

But there is an email digest that goes through and I’ve seen positions coming through there that are, in the $30 an hour range, something like that. Definitely get on their email list and figure out what they’re hiring for and those types of things. I hope that you found this lesson.

Very helpful because I just want you to get out there and remember you have three goals. One is to earn money so you can save or starting your business. Two is to build your portfolio and gather testimonials. And then three is to find what you love to do. So go out there. Experiment try new things.

There is no way that you’re going to figure out what you’re looking for, what you love, what your passion is until you actually start. And I’m going to tell you a little anecdote here. I started out as a virtual assistant doing exactly the same thing. I just told you. I worked for time, etc. I found different gigs. 

How I got into Google business profile management. Is because one of my first clients was a marketing agency. And he asked me, what are you interested in learning? And I said, SEO. And he said, great. Here are some courses, go take these courses. He paid for me to do a couple of courses in SEO. And then he said, can you please post once a week on these Google Business Profiles for my clients? And I said, sure.

I started doing that and then I started seeing there ranking skyrocket. Like they would get to number one in no time. And this is of course, six years ago. So it’s a little different now, but it’s not that easy now.

So you have to do a little bit more than that, but. I absolutely fell in love with the platform. And I realized that people are not using this, but if I can get someone to number one and get them a ton more business, why would I not want to do that?

So that’s what made me fall in love with Google Business Profile. Had I not been open. If I had not been influenced by someone who wanted to help me along the way, I would not be where I am. I am here to also help you to encourage you. And if you have any questions at all about this process, please. Email me

And again, you can go to our Exclusive Content for Mom Business Owners to get the downloads for this. There is a fee for the downloads. However, what you can do is you can either subscribe to the Patrion monthly and get all of the downloads, or you can buy them one by one.

And this is, again, series number one, which is resources to start earning money online today. Next week, we’re going to be talking about the types of businesses to start. So there’s. Literally like hundreds of different things that you can do online to earn money. So we’re going to talk about those next week. And get started in really building our business. I hope you have a great week and thank you so much for listening.

If you have any questions, let us know! Reach out to us!

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