The 3 AI Tools You Can’t Afford To Miss

The 3 AI Tools You Can’t Afford To Miss

Welcome to episode 255 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tinto. And today, I want to talk about. The three podcasting tools that you cannot afford to mess. As all podcasters know. These tools can make or break your podcast editing process. And also your content process. So, the three tools that I’m going to share with you. 

Our pod status. Which tracks your. Rankings in the podcast industry. Castmagic, which is an AI content creation tool for podcast videos. It can help. Pretty much anyone. That creates content video. Audio, you could even throw a meeting in there. It will turn some content into magic. 

The other one is Descript, which is where I’m recording this. And as I’m recording, it is picking up. My audio. Audio. And I am going to share with you what that looks like. In the screen, if I can.  I am recording this simultaneously on my screen.  I will be sharing this video on YouTube for you to see. 

So you can see how it works. It’s amazing. So the first thing that we’re going to talk about. It is not going to be Descript. We are going to talk about. Castmagic. And I got to get descript off of here now. 

The reason for it is because. It allows you to upload. File. Or you can connect your RSS feed or your YouTube channel. We’re Descript, and I still need to do this, but. It allows you to connect to any of these things. Or upload your file, which I have my team upload files individually as we go. 

I should probably connect one of these three cause I have all three. I still need to do it, but anyway, what happens is. It will. You can grab all the assets you need for that particular episode. So let’s go ahead and go to 2 54, which is our last episode. It is. Freaking. Freaking amazing. 

It has an AI content. So it does the transcript, which descript does transcript to which, It’s straightforward.  But if you want AI content, this is where it’s at. So you can get up to 15. 50 different. Pieces of content. Just from uploading one piece of audio. More video. For example, this gives you different title options. These are some different title options. We had already decided on the title option when we. 

I recorded this. Some keywords give you what you want to do. Keywords for LinkedIn or Instagram. Ma’am. The hashtags. This would be great. To use for hashtags. 

It also gives you an. Introduction. If you wanted to. You can do an introduction. I do that. And you can copy. I see that. Please feel free to modify it. So if you don’t like what it says, click Modify. And it will be rejected. Regenerate another. Another version of that. This I love for YouTube. So, it gives you a time-stamped overview. And if you ever optimize any of your YouTube videos, this is one of the things that. 

You do love, so it’s going to. You can boost your content up there. It allows you to copy that content on the start-timestamped overview and paste it into your YouTube description. There are questions. How did Carlucci get started in business consulting and networking? So if you wanted to. 

You could do a. Let’s say, a training video. It will generate questions for you. Ask the people who watch the training videos engaging questions. Very interesting stuff. It gives key topics and bullet points. So the primary topic is Carlucci’s background and networking experience. However, it’s like that, but not really. 

And I want also to stress that anything AI is a starting point. Okay. You don’t want to copy and paste this—word for word. Obviously, you want to review it, so you’ll copy whatever you want and then paste it. And make sure you edit and review all of those things. It also gives you a real script. So, if I wanted to do a reel, then this is what it would look like. It gives you four different tips that are taken away from this amazing. 

It also gives you another voiceover. Very cool. And then it also gives you a LinkedIn post, which I’m assuming you can use on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you want. But I love that it provides you with LinkedIn because I focus on LinkedIn primarily for my content. And it also gives you a newsletter, which. 

You can use it for me; I send an email so we can use this to send an email to you. The listener. Gives you a tweet thread. So it gives you, let’s see how many tweets are in here. I think 12 different tweets. Too. Tweet about. All while adding different hashtags and things. I really should start using all of these things, but. 

It gives you very new threads. There are very few social media platforms that already have. Integration for threads, but threads, it gives you different threads that you can post on threads. I am not on threads again. Some of this stuff isn’t for me to use, but it might be for you. I wanted to share this with you if you need help extracting content from your podcast, as I do. 

This is such an amazing tool—magic chat. We’ll also generate things for you if you say. If there’s something that you want from your podcast that you still need to actually. You haven’t gotten it yet from that AI content button. You can type it in. So this is an example of summarizing this transcript in Spanish, ten words, max. 

Which is awesome. You can do it in different languages. It has many different languages you can translate things into, which is awesome. It also does—a clip finder. So you can do quotes, hooks, timestamps, all of those things. 

Cast magic is worth its weight in gold. It saves so much time. It will save your team time. It will save you money in the long run. The following tool I will talk about is pod status, which is very cool. It gives you reviews and rankings of your podcast. So it’ll give you How many reviews you have. It’ll give you. 

It’ll give you how many reviews you have. It’ll give you everything that you need to see what the current status of your podcast is. So you’re just going to add your podcast and click on it. And you can actually see how many reviews you have, and these are all going to be on iTunes. 

And you can see what the people are saying about your podcast. So if you’re looking for a particular review, you can actually search. If you’re looking for a particular country. You can do that. It looks like I have reviews from the United States, Australia, and Canada, which is great. It also gives you daily ranks. 

And 30 days Top ranks and then report. So if you go into reports, you can actually do last year, you can do 180 days, 90 days, 30 days. The last 24 hours, unfortunately. I am not ranking in any country in the last 24 hours because it’s been. A while since I released an episode, probably a few days, 

not going to be ranking, but it’s awesome. And it is $5 a month. You can’t beat that. So that is the second tool. Amazing. The third tool. It is the one that I’m using to record this. And it’s called Descript. It is absolutely amazing because, as I showed you before, It is. 

Transcribing this podcast as I speak. And. Maybe not as I speak. It looks like it’s a little bit delayed, but. It is doing it for me. And you see these little underlined ums. So, all of these ums can be removed with a click of one button. And it will actually cut it at the exact right time. I used to spend hours or have my team spending hours on it. 

Audacity. Removing all of those ums and AHS and S like and sows and all of those things I say so a lot. So you’ll see that in here. On this video, but you’re not going to see it. As much in the actual In the actual. Final recording. Very cool. It will. Just take everything out that you don’t want. It actually also. 

Removes word gaps, and it will automatically transcribe any audio you put in. So you can see here that I had put in my introduction. And I can just click on a button and transcribe that. It also has a studio audio editor. That allows you just to click. And it will allow you to edit the audio and make it studio-quality. It is amazing. 

If you are interested in. Trying any of these tools, the links to them. Are in the show notes to this episode. They are. As I said, they are amazing tools. I think Descript is 144 a month. Pod status is $5 a month. And then I do believe. The Castmagic is somewhere between 20 and $30 a month. I can’t remember exactly how much, but definitely check them out there again. You spend 20 or $30 on a tool that will save your team hours of time. Totally worth it. And it will also save you hours of time, especially when you’re creating content. 


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