Virtual Work Mastery & Sustainability for Moms & Dads Series Introduction

Virtual Work Mastery & Sustainability for Moms & Dads Series Introduction

Welcome to episode 257 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and I am very excited to talk to you today. About the new series that we have coming up. To help you or anyone to get started on working virtually. I know a lot of getting back to the office is going on. 

There is a lot of turmoil in the economy, so many different things. We’re going to talk about. Virtual work mastery and sustainability for moms and dads. What this series is all about. I’m going to start from the very beginning. When I first started my business. The reason that I started it is because I was pregnant with our third daughter at the time. 

Which we thought was going to be our last child. I did not want to go back to my job. I was managing a Credit Union. I worked Five days a week. However, I typically worked from. From 8:30 to 7:30, generally, I was the manager. I had to leave for lunch usually. If it was my assistant managers, days off, there were two days a week that I was guaranteed not to be able to leave the branch. 

 It was just not very fun. And I didn’t get to attend many of my children’s school activities. Especially if they were scheduled last minute and the school, for some reason at that time, had a habit of scheduling things very last minute. And I couldn’t work into my schedule. 

I was able to make the schedule for the branch. However, I could not change it at the last minute. I could make the schedule about a month and a half in advance. And if I knew what was happening, I could schedule it, but those last-minute things still need to happen. What I was looking for at the time was flexibility. I wanted something that I could make a full-time income. 

Replace my income from the Credit Union, which was a great salary. There were just so many things to consider. And I figured it all out over the last six years.  I want to start this series because friends and family often reach out to me. That is either unhappy in their jobs. They might be losing their job for reasons out of their control. They might want to change, but they all reach out to me to seek advice.

Try to figure out how they can go ahead and start working online because they want to be home with their family, too. They like the flexibility. Maybe they have young kids. Maybe they have ailing family members. Maybe they want to be able to work from wherever they want. And not be tied down to an office. These are some of the reasons that people have come to me.

And said, I want to figure this out. Can you help me? I know you’ve done it. I decided that instead of helping everyone individually. I am not being able to capture that. I would capture it to help more than just the people coming to me directly. 

I want to be able to help every single person that’s out there that is looking for this answer. And I’m going to make this a very in-depth series. Hope. There are currently 13 episodes planned out for this series. This is going to be extremely in-depth, and it’s going to go through every single thing that you need to know. 

To start working virtually and create a sustainable business. Now you’re going to say, okay? How do you know what kind of business that I want to create? I don’t, however. I’m going to go through some of the options that you have, and I’m also going to be sharing with you. The mistakes that I’ve made over the years.  And the mistakes I’ve seen others make in the last six years. Before that, I’d been in Business Management for about 17 years.

I’m going to share with you all of those mistakes in these episodes. That way, you can avoid them and learn from your mistakes. And then create that sustainable business. And help you, whether you’re a mom or a dad. You’re not a mom. You’re not a dad but gearing this more towards moms and dads. Who is looking to create that virtual business? And income from home. 

This series is not for the faint of heart if you need a full-time income and are risk averse. You prefer to avoid taking risks. This is not for you. Suppose you have a backup, a safety where you want to stay at your job and to build up your income. That’s always a great idea if you are risk-averse. 

This is something to consider. There are very many ups and downs in entrepreneurship. If you follow the series About to Become an Entrepreneur, you are literally. You’re going to be making your schedule. You’re going to be able to Watch TV whenever you want. Can you handle the choice between watching TV and doing what you must do to provide for your family?

Can you handle that pressure? Can you prioritize? There are so many different things to consider. When you think about that, please ensure this is serious for you. But if you want to create that kind of life, This is it. It’s going to walk you through everything. 

Recently, I’ve gotten away from helping mom entrepreneurs and gotten more into helping small, medium-sized, and large businesses through my agency. I’ve realized that I have a passion for helping moms. I’m currently going through the NASDAQ Milestone Circle Program. If you have yet to hear of that, it’s a mentorship. 

And educational series. Minority entrepreneurs, and they’re pretty much all women. It’s a very cool program. I just started. Last week, I did believe. One of the things we went through was an exercise to figure out our vision for our business. And I realized that I still absolutely adore it. 

I am working with mom business owners and helping them create—a better life for themselves and their families. I’m refocusing my vision for my life and my business. And as I’ve had a near-death experience in the last nine months. And that has shaped how I think about my life going forward. And I want to help as many women, Moms, Dads, and whoever as possible. For the most affordable way possible. For you, this is going into the last quarter of 2023. 

Please take this last quarter to learn, plan, and build your business. That way, you can go into the first quarter of 2024. You are energized with a solid business foundation. What is going to happen with this series? Is there going to be a podcast episode? That’s going to be released, and it’s going to be completely free to you. 

It’s going to explain everything that you need to know. However, if you would like a detailed tutorial on how to do whatever’s in that podcast episode. Suppose you’d like a list of resources if you’d download anything that goes along with that. There is going to be a Course for each episode. 

And it will be available on our Patreon. You will be able to go there and purchase it. It is going to be highly affordable. You can purchase the lessons, the Allah cart. Or you can subscribe monthly and get access to all of them. This is a 14-week series.

You are starting with—episode 258, which will be coming out next week. I will go through all the lessons you will learn right now. That way, you understand how this series will work because it’s important to see if you want to do it if this is the right thing for you. 

Again, this series is called Virtual Work Mastery and Sustainability for moms and dads. It is a series of 13 courses. And each course is standalone. Let’s say that you only need to know. One thing, then you can take that. A portion of the course, or you can listen to that episode and go from there, try to find the resources on your own. 

By trying to find tutorials. However, like I said, I’m creating this. That way, you can access detailed tutorials on our Patreon Account. You can subscribe to one. You can subscribe to all of them. It’s completely up to you—next week. On the. 5th of October, we will start with series number one. 

And these are resources to start earning money online today. I wanted to start with this because. There are some costs to starting your own business. Suppose you want to incorporate, instead of just being a sole proprietor contractor, a 10 99. You’re going to want to. Could you file that and make it official? 

You’re going to. Need different software. You’re going to need different tools. You’re going to need some money to build your website. I want to give you resources that will enable you from day one. To have the option of starting to make money. Okay. I don’t want to put into the course because. 

That’s not going to help you. My goal is to provide you with all the necessary resources. To start the right way, start making money. And build your business slowly, but build it the correct way. This is why I’m going to tell you this. This is how I wish I had done things when I started my business. However, I didn’t know. 

I didn’t have anyone to help me. And I have just pieced it all together over the last six years and hoped I was doing it right. And I could have saved a lot of time and money. Had I done it in the order I will share with you? I was starting next week with resources to start earning money online today. 

Then, episode number two will be about the types of businesses to start. We will detail all the different types of businesses you can start online to make money. Episode three will be what you really need to start a business online. This is going to detail all of the things that you need. 

What you don’t need. And then we’re going to go into some of the things that would be nice to have it would be nice to pay for accounting software, but do you really need to pay for accounting software? Probably not. We’ll go through all of those things. That way, you get all of the details. 

And you know what you do and don’t need. Episode number four is how to purchase a [website domain. It is very important that you know how to do this. We’re also going to go through best practices for naming your website. Where to get it. The best. Pricing, all of the things, how much it should cost you. To purchase a domain. And all of those things, we’re going to go through all of that. 

 In episode five, we will talk about the best platform to build your website on and how you can do that. Then we’re going to talk. Episode number six is about how to purchase the best website hosting. There are many website hosts out there, and I’ve used at least four or five of the most popular ones. And I’ve settled on one. And that’s taken four years to figure out. And a lot of phone calls. A lot of headaches, a lot of chatting, crying.

 When Blue Host accidentally deleted my website one time. I’ve been through all of it. Anyway, we’re going to. Go through all of that. I will show you exactly how to do it in the tutorial. Exactly how to install your website on there.

We’ll go through all of that. In episode seven, we will go through how to build your website quickly and efficiently. There is a way. That you can get a website up in a couple of days, right? You can build your website quickly and get it done. Beautifully. 

Episode eight will be the final step to ensure your website is complete. If you were to pay someone to do your website, what happens is. Nine times out of 10, they will not have SEO experience in addition to website-building experience. They’ll hand you your website and here. A couple of years later, you realize that you haven’t been tracking who’s going to your website. 

You don’t know where your traffic is coming from. You have no idea how many people are visiting your website. Isn’t working. Is it not working? Is your website even being picked up on Google? All of these things are the final steps. We will go through what those steps are—episode number nine. 

We’re going to go through pricing methods for your services. And talk about value-based pricing versus hourly—all of those things. In episode number 10, we will talk about choosing the right social network for your business. Should you start out on all of them? Should you pick one? Should you pick two? Should you pick three? Let’s go ahead and figure out from the beginning what you should be putting your time into as far as marketing. And where. 

In episode number 11, we will talk about SEO best practices to keep your website healthy. We want you to be. You were following best practices from the very beginning of having your website—that way. You were building your SEO instead of tearing it down over time. 

Number 12. It is going to be how to avoid scams and red flag clients. This is an industry-wide problem. No matter what industry you’re in. You’re going to come across scammers. You’re going to come across clients that will drive you up a wall, but there are certain things that you can do to avoid them. 

And there are certain red flags to look out for in both of these types of categories— episode number 13. We will go over all of my favorite tools for online marketing. This is going to help you to really understand. Which tools work better for certain things? And there are literally dozens of tools for everything out there. 

But I’ve always gone through all of them, tried them all. And I really. Narrowed down the ones that I think are the best. I really hope that you’re going to join us. On this journey, it will take us through the end of the year. The last episode is going to air on December 28th. 

And I’m super excited. I want to take you on this journey to share my knowledge with you and help you build your business. Looking forward to it, and if you. I want to subscribe to our patriarch now in support of this effort. You can go ahead and do that in Patreon The Determined Mom.

And you will see. When you go there, there are two options. One is to support and help us get the podcast out to as many moms and dads as possible. And then the second one is to have access to all of the content. That is going to be produced. There are two different options there. Those are subscriptions. 

And they are monthly subscriptions. And you can also purchase each course as it’s released in the shop area. These will coincide with the episodes. I am airing on the podcast. I’m definitely looking forward to sharing this series with you. Please go ahead and leave us a review on iTunes. I am now going to read a review from one of our latest reviewers. 

“Amanda provides such great insight and tips for small businesses. And mom entrepreneurs. I appreciate the variety of topics and her authenticity. Thank you so much” for your review. I appreciate it. And if you would like me to read your review, go ahead and leave us one. On iTunes. Looking forward to sharing the series.  Thank you so much. Have a great week. 

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