Why Your Google My Business Login Got Easier

Welcome to episode 147 of The Determined Mom Show. I want to talk to you today about why your Google My Business login got easier. 

Many people get very confused in the past about how in the world I even log into my Google My Business page. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people either abandon their page or create an extra one and kind of create a lot of problems for themselves as Google hates duplicate pages.

The older way of logging in is when you’re logged into your Google Gmail account. There is a square that’s made up of nine dots on the top right-hand corner of your Gmail page. So you’re going to go to that and you will click on it and there should be a blue house icon that says Business. 

So as long as you click on that, that is the old way to get to your listing. Now you can actually just go to Google search and you can Google your business name or so you’re going to go to Google search for your business name and then you’re going to see a small console on the right and it’s going to show your business on Google.

This is a super easy way for you to be able to get to your listing and understand exactly what’s going on. It tells you if you have new reviews, you can create an ad from there, you can post an update, you can request reviews, and you can also see your call history. 

Why Your Google My Business Login Got Easier

So all of that is now right on Google search and they’ve made it easy for you and all of us as business owners to find our listing and be able to manage it. You can also go straight to your Google My Business listing and it will say you manage this business profile so you can actually click on things and you’ll be able to edit as well.

Then there’s a little link below that says, edit your business information. So you can just Google yourself now and find it and start editing, which is amazing.

This is going to make things so much easier for you as a business owner and it will also make things easier for anyone that is helping you to manage your listing as well. If you have any questions about Google My Business or review generation or anything, you can always reach out to amanda@tdm-marketing.com.

You can also send us a chat through the website, tdm-marketing.com and wherever you’re listening to this, I would love it if you could leave us a review so we can help more business owners reach more people that need to hear about Google My Business and also about all of the marketing topics that we talk about and all of the parenting life and all of the other things that we talk about on this show.

I appreciate you and I appreciate you listening and taking the time to spend a little bit of your day with us. Thank you and have a great week.

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