Why you should dream big and plan bigger

Why you should dream big and plan bigger

Hello, everyone; this is Amanda Tento, and welcome to episode number 37 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I want to talk to you about why you should dream bigger and plan bigger in your business and everything. I want to start by saying it’s important to note that not every family member, not every friend, not every person that you encounter is going to understand your business and believe in your business and even get why you want to do your business why you want to create or continue your business. 

It’s a very, very difficult thing for people who Like the status quo. Maybe they like working a nine-to-five, they like the steadiness of retirement or a pension or any of those things, a more traditional lifestyle that we’ve been brainwashed to believe is the right way to live.

Those types of people tend to be very fearful of entrepreneurism and to step out on their own and leap, taking that leap of faith into the unknown because, let’s face it, when you’re starting your own business, there’s nothing that you know for sure, that’s going to happen. You can plan all you want, but nothing happens as we think it should. 

And it’s very important to have that faith, and that my plans will come to fruition, you’re just going to keep trying and trying and not give up no matter what happens. So for many people, that is too scary. They’d rather go to work and be guaranteed a paycheck.

Although the irony is that they’re never guaranteed a paycheck because that position or job is just as unstable as any entrepreneurial venue or avenue that anyone can create themselves, so, if not more unstable, because you’re not in control of it in any way, shape, or form when you work for someone else. 

I want to point those things out first and get those out of the way. So now that we have that out of the way, you should dream bigger. And what I mean by that is you should be taking calculated risks and doing things way outside your comfort zone. I will share some of the things I’ve been doing in my business, and they’ve been paying off. So this is what inspired me to share this with you. I’ve recently, about mid-December, I decided that I was going to host a virtual summit, and I was like,  I’m just going to do it.

I’ve never done it before. But I see it as a great way to connect, which is my big word for 2020. If you didn’t listen to episode number 35, the connection is my word for 2020. And I am reaching out to as many other women business owners and as many other business owners, not necessarily women in real life, in the networking groups that I’m in to try to connect and collaborate. I am enjoying that so much. And it kind of started in December for me, and that’s when I started to plan the summit.

I wanted to create a summit that was above and beyond what any other summit has ever been. And I know that setting a lofty goal, but I want this summit to be where mom business owners can learn about every single topic they need to learn about to up-level their business. Now you might say that’s impossible because everyone is different. And I have taken that into account, and I have covered almost every topic that I can think of that could currently be a challenge for someone in their business. 

So maybe you’ll be watching only some of the topics and the talks from all the speakers, but if not, I have someone for that if you need to know how to do PR. If you’re currently struggling with I should be trademarking my business, I’ve covered that. If you’re currently struggling with your money mindset, or financial planning, taxes, or any of those things, I literally have covered all those things. So that’s why my vision for this particular summit was a little bit bigger and bolder than anyone running a summit for the first time should probably take on, but I wouldn’t say I like doing things small.

If I’m going to do something, I need to do it big, and I need to do it well. And I need to make sure that the impact that I have is going to be as big as humanly possible. So I want to impact not only the speakers, I want to impact the attendees and the audience of those speakers because I want them all to be talking about after the business mom summit is over. I want them to be talking about how it’s impacted their business. I want it to make a difference in all of their businesses and touch everyone in a way they may have yet to see before in summits or those kinds of venues. 

Actually, because of that, I formatted it differently than other summits. I have made it more like an online course. So everyone is going to be teaching their session, and it’s going to be pre-recorded, and it’s not going to be interview style. And then that way, it will allow them to give the audience the most information in the best way that it can be presented. So that way they can learn the most. So definitely looking forward to the summit. 

And I want you to think In your business, have something that you can do this year in 2020, to really, really make an impact not only on yourself, not only on your own business but on as many people as you can. You may want to start a nonprofit. That is also my to-do list for 2020. Maybe you want to become the room Mom; perhaps you know you need to shift your schedule around and have that influence on your kids. That’s also on my to-do list for 2020 wondering how I’m going to be able to swing it, but I’m going to try. 

So all of those things. Just think about the most important thing for you right now. And also, I want you to think about where you would love to be in one year from now, like looking back in February 2020 or 2021. What would you like to say like, Oh my God, this was such a great year? I accomplished my huge goal of whatever it was. I want that for you. I want you even to set A huge goal like that. And I want you to know that it’s okay to dream bigger than you ever imagined. And the reason for that is because you have a network, you have a network of people. 

And if you feel like you don’t know it yet. So many thousands of women in this online space were on. They were in, and they are all so ready and so willing to help you up-level your business by referring by partnering by just trading services, there are so many ways you can get to your goal without even spending a dime. And you need to help all those other women along the way. But it’s just these acts of service and this passion that we have for up-leveling our businesses and trying to help one another that is so infectious and so important that we do not lose sight of and it’s also how we’re all going to reach these huge goals that we have herself. 

So you must plan big for 2020 and set the huge goals you think you could only set. And it would be best if you also were sure you’re connecting with other women in this online space. It is small if you still need to join the determined mom show community. However, the women there are so connected that they support each other and offer advice. It’s just an amazing place to be and connect with everyone. 

So if you still need to join that, it’s the determined mom show community on Facebook, and you can link to it in the show notes. There’s a link so you can join there, but it’s a great place for you to be able to connect, and I try to respond to every post as much as I can and that kind of thing.

And I always always always want to support and further your business in any way that I can. If you ask anyone Who knows me personally, there are a lot of you, you will know that I am the first person to try to lend a helping hand and assist you in any way that I can because I want to see everyone prosper and everyone grow.

 And I do want you to dream big, and I want you to plan even bigger. So definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with this information. And with this inspirational episode, it’s definitely out of my norm to do an episode like this. I usually focus only on marketing technology or something like that. But I’ve just been so inspired by recording the interviews with the summit guests and the summit speakers that I just had to share this with you, and I’ve been collaborating with one of the summit sponsors, review revolution, Travis, from review revolution. 

He’s someone that I met in one of the networking groups that I belong to. The collaboration that I’ve been doing with him is just going to really catapult both of our businesses. in a huge way, it’s just amazing how much it’s going to change both of our businesses and the fact that we are working with each other’s strengths and with each other’s weaknesses makes it even better like my weakness is his strength, his strength is my weakness. So it’s just working out really well. 

I encourage you to not only plan your dream but also connect that’s going to be the key So reach out and you can always send me a message on Facebook you can email me at Amanda at the determined mom I would love to talk to you and learn more about you your business and see how we can work together. I am also super excited for next week’s episode, How to use EFT, which is called Emotional Freedom Technique, to relieve anxiety and you and your kids.

 And the guest is Mary feeling she is such an amazing woman. She has so much experience in this area. And this is going to be a special episode because I will also be on YouTube for the actual recording of this episode. So it will be on YouTube the video.

So because for demonstration purposes, you need to see where I am tapping and where she’s showing me how to tap and how to use that technique. So I love it. And thank you so much for listening, please leave a review on iTunes. If you’re listening on iTunes, Stitcher, or anywhere you’re listening, please go ahead and leave a review for us. So then that way, we can help more moms to upload their businesses and gain back that quality time.


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