Why WordPress is Still the Best Platform for Business Websites

Welcome to episode 183 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I wanna talk about why WordPress is still the best platform for business websites. There are so many reasons, and I’m only gonna touch on a few of them today because I always hear people using Wix and Squarespace and all of these other kinds of websites where you can just go and plug in your information. Those are great and that is very easy, especially if you’re a beginner.

I also like people to consider when they’re building their website that you are going to grow as a business. So your business today is not going to be the same as it is five years from now. If you have that vision of having a business, in the long term, WordPress is going to be able to grow with you. The first thing I’m gonna say about WordPress is that Google loves it.

So Google loves WordPress for SEO because you can manipulate every single thing on the website and it allows you to give all of the right signals to Google without even having to do a lot of searching and hunting and figuring out, and, and also it allows you to stay in control as you can control

If you have a site map, what your site map says, what robots can crawl your website. I mean, you just have so much control. Over everything. When you have a WordPress site, and I know there is a little bit of overwhelm when people think about, you know, that WordPress site, I do have a little mini-course for WordPress and how to kind of just set up your WordPress site quickly to take away that overwhelm.

Why WordPress is Still the Best Platform for Business Websites

So I hope you enjoy that. I will put the link to that in the show notes. It’s a free course and it is pretty easy to go. The second reason that I love WordPress for businesses is that it’s flexible. So let’s say you are a business, right?

I don’t know, let’s say a coach. I’m gonna use a coach or even a hair salon. Hair salons like my go-to for a lot of things. So we’ll go back to the hair salon. So if you’re a hair salon and you wanna sell your products online, You can add a store to your WordPress website. You don’t have to go to a separate platform for that. You can do it. Appointment bookings through your website.

You don’t have to go through a separate platform for that. And I see that as being one of the biggest mistakes that salons make. Even though a lot of those tools that they tried to sell you like Vigar and Book me and all of those different platforms, they’re taking people away from your website, okay

They’re not keeping people on your website. You need to be able to keep people on your website as long as possible so you can get more information from them. You can find out more about where they’re coming from. I mean, there are just so many reasons why you want people on your website, and I

If you send them somewhere else, they’re not going to be able to do that. You could use an embedded tool if they have that on your website, which I would highly recommend doing, but most of the salons that I’ve seen direct people to another website, which is a mistake

The other thing that you can do is you could add a membership, you could add any type of, you could add community. Let’s say you have a hair salon and you want the stylist to have their community, and you want customers to be able to communicate with them. You can add that to your WordPress site. So easy, so simple.

It’s just amazing the things that you can do with WordPress. WooCommerce allows you to have a store there, and then also there are so many different integrations for stores that you can truly customize it to have exactly what you need there.

It’s just extremely flexible, so you’re not gonna have to keep reinventing your website every time you wanna add something. You can add a podcast, you can add a blog, you can add all of these things on that one site, and your customers can just go to that one place and have everything there. Very important.

The third thing, well, I guess this is still something that I’ve already talked about, is just that control of having you. Being able to control everything from, you know, the site maps to how many pages there are to every single thing. There’s just so much that you can control. And I’m not gonna go into the nitty gritty of that, but it’s important

The fourth thing is integration. There are so many tools that integrate with WordPress. It is harder to find things that integrate with Wix easily, and Squarespace and all of those others, I will call them tertiary platforms that are kind of in the background there. And it’s because they haven’t been around as long as WordPress has been established for decades. It’s a very, very strong platform. It’s not going anywhere. It’s just growing. And so knowing that it’s something that’s not going anywhere and. Doesn’t run the risk of, you know, shutting down or whatever

I think it is a really important part of that, and that the integrations are direct, so you don’t have to go through Zapier. For most WordPress integrations, it’s a direct integration with whatever tool that you’re using because everybody, for the most part, has WordPress APIs.

Why WordPress is Still the Best Platform for Business Websites

The fifth and final thing is that you get to choose who you host your WordPress site on, like who is your website host? And this is the most critical decision that you’ll ever make regarding your website because there are hosts out there that are just absolute crap. I had a pick-my-brain call with someone last week and we had to reschedule it

We had to reschedule it twice. We only got to a portion of her work because her website was down and we, she had to spend half the time that we were on our call, on chat with BlueHost, which is her host, and they figured it out and they said the first call that it was up, the second call, it was down again

Knowing that you have the right hosting in place, and the right reliable host is extremely important. I highly recommend Dream Hosts. That is the host that I use, that’s the host that I try to move all my clients to because it allows them to have their accounts.

And it also allows them to let me have access to their accounts, so it’s super easy for me to go in and make changes and help them with anything that they need. They’re also extremely reasonable in price, and they are very, very responsive. So I’ve never waited.

I’ve never been more than third in the queue for the chat. I only ever use the chat because I don’t like talking on the phone. But you can use the phone and I have a VPS there, which is a virtual private server I think we are up to like 20 or more websites on there and it’s just so affordable compared to any other service.

Like how can I have a very fast server that hosts up to 20 websites or probably more than that because I’m only using about 50% of the storage space? I have all of those websites. They’re all functioning and they’re never down. It’s just a great, great host.

So those are the five reasons why I love WordPress and why WordPress is the best platform for business websites. So one, Google loves it. Two, it is extremely flexible so you can add to it as your business grows. Three, you have absolute complete control over everything. Four, the integrations are native and do not need to include Zapier or Zapier, however, you say it

And then five, you can choose your host, which determines your experience as a WordPress user. So I hope you enjoyed this episode, and as always, you can reach me at amanda@thedeterminedmom.com if you have any questions.

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