Why Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone in Your Business is Important

Why Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone in Your Business is Important

Welcome to episode 91 of The Determined Mom Show. I am so excited to be here, to share this episode. We will talk today about why it’s so important to step out of your comfort zone when thinking about your business. 

Recently in the last couple of weeks, I have taken some leaps in my own business, and I reached out to a major podcaster whom you’ll soon find out who to ask to be on The Determined Mom Show. And low and behold, within 12 hours of sending the email, he said, Oh my God, yes. I would love that super excited because I am a big fan.

And just because I am excited to promote his book and help him in any way I can, I’ve gotten so much value from what he has to offer on his podcast for entrepreneurs. And it’s just a reciprocation of everything. The world is a network; whatever you put out there, you must also give back. 

So anything that you can do to help other people is extremely important. What does that have to do with stepping out of your comfort zone? How do I not send that email? I would not have that opportunity to promote his book, to read his book.

I would have the opportunity to read his book, but it wouldn’t mean as much to me, I think, and it wouldn’t have that personal effort behind it, you know, cause I’m definitely going to be promoting that presale for him and all of those things over the next couple of weeks. 

So very interesting how things happen; it just needs that personal connection—and so reaching out to people that you may not reach out to normally to collaborate with, to have a little, you know, 15-minute session with them and understand where they are in their business and their most significant need. And if you have anyone that you can refer them to refer them, it makes it so much easier.

The other thing is that you want to seize an opportunity when it comes up. Even if it’s scary, many options will come up for you, and you might say, Oh my goodness, that’s so scary. I can’t even fathom it, but I take that opportunity. 

Another thing that has happened this week, this past week, is that I was part of a boot camp called on TV boot camp. And it is a PR boot camp where they walk you through the steps to get into publications, television, radio, all the things, news outlets, and newsworthiness.

And it shifted my perspective of what I do have value to add to my industry. And I shouldn’t be afraid to share that value. One of the things that I am always hesitant about with Google My Business is that many SEOs don’t like to focus only on Google My Business. 

They need to understand how focusing only on Google My Business is beneficial for a customer. And it also takes money away from traditional SEO agencies. Because if you can get a ranking in the top three without spending thousands of dollars a month and in a fraction of the time, it will hurt their bottom line.

So I get a little nervous talking about Google My Business. And I need to get over it because my clients see results, and I am passionate about it. And I love talking about it. So I am pushing myself to start seeking out those interviews, different requests, and things like that. 

So then, that way, I can grow as much as I can. So I will challenge you this week to step out of your comfort zone and do something or reach out to someone that scares you; what would happen if they say yes? Your business is going to explode.

That’s the kind of thing that I’m looking for. And I want you to experience that. And also if you experience it now, it’s not the end of the world because there are a million other people you can ask. So don’t get hung up on that one if they do say no, but think about the possibilities behind it. If they do say yes, it’s awesome. 

So I would like to ask you to speak pipe.com forward slash the determined mom. And you’ll be able to find a way to leave me an audio review. I love it because I can feature you and your business on The Determined Mom Show.

If you’re enjoying the show, please take a minute, just a minute, and go on to your podcast platform of choice and leave us a review. This will help us reach more moms and business owners and expand our Google My Business Master Course Our reach. I hope you have a great week. 

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