Why I am Writing a Book and What Method I am Using

Why I am Writing a Book and What method I am using.

Welcome to episode number 67 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I would like to talk to you about why I am deciding to write a book, what the book is about, and just all of the details of the method I will use to write the book.

I just finished my degree. I got my degree in the mail, not in the mail, in my email, and it is in the mail as we. I got my bachelor’s degree in marketing management, and I’ve been finishing that for the last three years with a six-month break somewhere. It took me about two and a half years, and I am happy to finish it.

I am looking forward to pursuing my master’s degree and my MBA, probably next year in 2021.

However, I already have this time built into my schedule where I used to study. So I would get up, get ready, come to my office, and study for an hour before I woke up the family. I’m going to go ahead and convert that hour into something productive, something that I’ve always wanted to do, which is writing a book.

The idea for my book has always been there, truthfully. My husband and I have a very, very, very complicated story, unlike any other couple I know, and it is a unique story with lots of ups and downs. Very whirlwind, very roller coaster, very. Fairytale slash with bits of nightmare rolled in there,

I have always wanted to share our story and also be able to shed some light on something that people know very little about but they’re very opinionated about. I am going to be writing about it. What it is like to be married to an illegal alien. My husband is quote-unquote illegal. He’s not an unlawful person because that’s not how it works.

People cannot be illegal. But I wanted to shed some light on what our family has been through and what my husband and I have been through from the beginning up until now, and the struggles that we still go through every single day in everything we do because of this situation.

It’s not a cakewalk. Like so many think. He doesn’t get all of the benefits that everybody thinks, and there are so many more complications and layers to our story and his story that need to be told. They need to be told from an inside perspective so that people can understand what’s happening.

I was recently a guest on two different podcasts. One is Coach Tia’s podcast, Family Seasons by Coach Tia. And on that podcast, I discussed and opened up about being a fatherless daughter and my complicated relationship with my mom, dad, stepdad, and everything else.

And it released a lot of pent-up negativity and energy I had been holding onto. I was only sharing these things with my counselor and my husband. And it allowed me to expand my feelings and overall well-being. And I also had an opportunity recently to be on the Boss Ladies and Babies podcast with Mickey and Megan, and they are hilarious, by the way, and I love them.

 I talked about what we’re currently going through on that podcast with my family. A lot of my family is unknowingly racist, they say. However, I don’t believe you can not know that you’re racist in some ways because if someone tells you that you’re racist and that your actions are hurting your family members, I don’t see how that can.

Qualified as not knowing that you’re racist because somebody has already told you. I have explored that story on the Boss Ladies and Babies podcast and the complicated relationship I have with my family and friends and everything like that. So that is on the Boss Ladies and Babies podcast.

And it also gave me another opportunity to bring up all of those feelings and bring up, you know, what I’m dealing with. And also, on Instagram, I realized yesterday that so many people wanted to listen to that because It’s a story that needs to be told. There’s a different end, and coming from a family rooted in racism based on their location and their values and morals and all of those things, and marrying an African immigrant who inappropriately entered the country and dealing with those ramifications, I need to.

The story of what has happened to us over the last, well, for my husband, it’s been 22 years, but for me, it’s only been about 12 years. So just sharing those stories, actually 13 years. So just sharing that story and allowing everyone an inside view of what it’s like in our family, what it’s like in our daily life, and all of the things we’ve had to go through to get to where we are and want to go.

So all of those things. Insane when you listen to it. That is what has inspired me to open up and be willing to talk about it and discuss this in a public format. And all of the things. So another portion of it is how it affects our children, our family, our extended family, and all those things.

So the method that I’ve decided to use is from Chandler Bolt, and it is based on his book called, published In this book, he lays. A way to write a book in 30 days, then work on the editing in the next 30 days and publish in the next 30 days. So within 90 days, you have your book published, self-published, on Amazon, and you have a team behind you.

And everything is laid out in this book, and I like the method. That’s how my brain works. Like I need everything laid out, I need to know precisely what I’m getting into and how to do it.  I’m excited about that part. I already have my outline and chapters, and I will start writing tomorrow morning, which is exciting.

And I could not decide what to talk about on this episode of the podcast because I don’t have a lot going on in my business right now as far as promotions or anything like that, other than the fact that I always have online marketing for moms open for enrollment and my Google My business course.

All of those things are always available. However, I don’t have anything I’m promoting right now, so what will I talk about? I am still waiting to get new tools recently that piqued my interest. But then other people may be on the fence about writing a book, and they may have an inspiring.

I don’t know, a curious story to share, or they’ve always wanted to write a fiction novel.  I just wanted to share this one to hold myself accountable because, in three months, you should hear me talk about my book’s release. Hopefully, this inspires you, if this is something that you’ve always wanted to do, not to put it off because there are methods out there that can make it easy for you to follow along and to get it done and get out your thoughts on your words and all of that so that way people can hear and listen to your story or your, you know, instruction or whatever it is that you’re trying to share.

I hope that helps you and inspires you, and I hope that when my book does come out, you will read it or share it with your friends, family, or whomever because it will be pretty shocking and pretty revealing. I’m excited to get it completed. 


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