Why Google My Business Is More Important Than Social Media

Why Google My Business Is More Important Than Social Media

Welcome to episode 57 of The Determined Mom Show. I will talk today about why Google my business is more important than Social.

Google My Business is a free listing that Google gives you when you have a business serving clients locally. If you have an e-commerce business or something like that, then you would not qualify for a listing. But if you have any other type of business where you could meet with a client in person and sell something to them locally, your business would qualify.

Social media is a great outlet for posting updates about your business and getting to know people and those kinds of things. So as far as the networking portion of social media, Google My Business still needs to replace it. However, as far as the actual targeting of the right people at the right time, Google my business.

Could you block social media away? I would like to give you an example. If you post on Facebook, let’s say you’re a photographer, you post on Facebook and. Tell them that you have a special on your holiday mini-sessions, right? Like you’re doing 4th of July sessions, we’ll say. If you post on Facebook, only 2% of the people you are friends with or that follow your page will see that post.

So if you have a thousand people, 20 people will see that post. Now are those 20 people who are interested in that service. Most likely, no. And even if they are interested in photography services, they might not be interested in that particular type of 4th of July mini-session.

When thinking about it, you reach fewer people on social media than you can imagine. I have a thousand followers on my business page, but you need to reach that amount of people. The same thing goes with Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter; the same things happen.

These algorithms are basic. They are so fine-tuned at this point that they only show people what they want to see and what they might be interested in. You’ll notice this on your Facebook feed when you like one—a business page. There’s one that I like that gives positive quotes.

I share much of their stuff; I will see even more of it. If I don’t share anything, don’t like it, or comment, then it just goes away, and I never see anything. And I’m starting to see my friends sharing things from there, and I’m like, oh yeah, I remember that. I used to like to share positive quotes from that business.

And it’s not happening anymore. And that’s what happens with the Facebook algorithm and that kind of thing. On the flip side, if you have a photography business and you have a mini session special for 4th of July photos, you post it on your Google My Business page and post regularly. And you get yourself into a position where you’re in that top three, which is entirely possible, with managed Google My Business services or, you know, just considering the strategy needed to do it.

So you can be in that top three. So let’s say you are in the top three. Someone needs 4th of July mini sessions near you. They’re going to search for a photographer 4th of July near me or something like that. Or even just a photographer. Maybe they won’t take advantage of that July mini-session, but maybe they want to look for a photographer.

They’re looking in their moment of need, and that is the difference between them, Instagram, Twitter, all of those different places, and Google my business now. Google is a search engine. So Pinterest operates in much of the same way, and YouTube uses it in much of the same way. Those two are also search engines, so having pins on Pinterest is important.

If someone is looking for a photographer and they search for a photographer on Pinterest, they may find you; depending on how you have tagged and placed your [00:05:00] pins,  it’s possible that they could find you—however, Google. It considers location and is all about location when you have a local business.

So that is why Google is even more important than YouTube or Pinterest. YouTube is primarily for learning. Pinterest is primarily for resources. That kind of thing like Save for later, I want to learn this or Learn that—same thing with YouTube. But Google is where the action happens. So people go to Google when they need to have something done.

They have a roof leak and a leaky faucet; they have, um, a need for a realtor, um, and they’re new to the area. They’re going to Google it. They’re not going to ask around people that they don’t know and don’t trust. They’re going to Google it, and they’re going to find the top three people, and they’re going to look at who has the most.

Who has the highest rating, and they’re going to call that person first? It’s just how we operate.  It’s a human instinct, which is why Google my business is much more important than your social media pages. I highly suggest that you shift your focus, if not entirely, at least partially, to Google my business and make those updates, claiming you’re listing all those things.

If you need help with this, we do it in my company, the Determined Mom; we offer Google my business management services, which we can take care of for you. We offer 12 posts per month that are geo—and specifically designed for your business. These will get you traction and get your business into that top three positions after some time.

How long? It usually takes about six to nine weeks to get into the top three positions, but it’s important. To do it. And if you start now, you’ll be there way sooner, and you can get hundreds of calls just from being in that top three positions. Now, it can either cost you the cost of management if you’re having social media managed and posted.

I suggest shifting those funds from social media management to Google my business management because this is where the action and the traction are regarding getting people to call you to visit your website and book your services. As I said before, we offer Google my business management 24/7 per month, including 12 monthly posts.

It also includes review replies and any information updates and contains a complete profile optimization. So we rewrite your description, ensure everything is filled out, upload your photos, geotag them, and ensure that your profile is as amazing as it can be for Google’s algorithm.

Now the other thing is, if you want to learn how to do it yourself, I just finished recording a Google My Business Master course inside of the online marketing for moms community. All you have to do is go to online marketing for moms.com and select a membership, and you can sign up and take that.

All of the classes inside the membership are completely free with your monthly membership, and you can take that and cancel your membership at any time. So there are dozens and dozens of valuable training in there from different industries and topics.

So if you are interested in learning how to do it yourself and getting into that number one, two, or three spots on Google My Business, this is the way to go, so I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please take action today to claim, verify, or optimize your Google My Business profile.

So definitely looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing what you have to say about Google my business. Please definitely comment. And let me know how you like this episode, and share it with as many business owners as possible. Thank you, and have a great week. This episode of The Determined Mom Show is brought to you by Online Marketing for Moms.

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