Google My Business Series #1-Why Are Reviews Important?

Google My Business Series #1 Why Are Reviews Important

Welcome to episode 133 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento and this episode is all about Google My Business.

Why is Google My Business so important?

Well, if you haven’t listened to any of the previous episodes, it’s because it is where people go to find anything, they don’t go to Facebook and they don’t go to Instagram when they are searching for a product or service. So Google is the number one choice.

So you need to be on Google. ReviLook at it this way, anytime we buy a product, whether it be Amazon or eBay, we go and look at the reviews. We want to know what other people have thought about the product or service, what their experience was with the staff etc.

All of these things are extremely important to you and as consumers and also as business owners, reviews should be a critical part of making sure that your business is doing well.

Then your staff is doing well and also a measure of how dedicated your clients are to you, with how much you wow them with your service.

If you are not getting enough reviews, then you may be skipped over by a potential client in choosing another business with more reviews.

Google My Business Series #1 Why Are Reviews Important

You want to make sure that you are the top choice. You have the most reviews, you have great reviews and you’re replying to all of those reviews. I just want to stress that reviews are critical. I want you to think about any time that you purchase something on Amazon. 

What does Amazon do? 

They send you an email asking for a review half the time. You probably ignore it, I ignore it almost all the time because now I’m just used to that process but when they first started I was all over it. I know some people are great about leaving reviews. 

Some people are not great but having that reminder in their inbox is helping those Amazon sellers and Amazon itself to get more reviews, get more proof of value. It’s social proof that other people liked this product or determine the quality of a product.

With Google, you can reply to reviews, which is pretty much the only site where you can do this. You can do it at Yelp too but It’s a little bit different. You can reply to Google reviews and give them an indication of how much you value them as a customer and how much their patronage means to you. 

If it’s a negative review, you can reply and kind of try to triage that particular customer. If it’s not even a customer, which happens more times than we like, then you can kind of address that as well.

This is a very powerful tool for you as a business owner and if you’re not collecting reviews from your clients or your customers, especially if you’re a location-based business you have got to be collecting those reviews. They’re going to add up and they’re going to give you more customers. That is why reviews are important. 


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