What to expect from The Determined Mom Show

What to Expect from The Determined Mom Show

Welcome to episode 1 of The Determined Mom Show. This podcast is going to be about marketing, and it’s going to be about you and your business. I will be teaching you everything I know and sharing it with you. 

Who am I? My name is Amanda Tento, and I live in Washington State with my husband and three girls and am a podcast lover. I am determined to succeed, as I own a marketing company for moms who own businesses called The Determined Mom Show. 

I started The Determined Mom as a blog about two years ago when I was pregnant with my third daughter, and I thought that I would not want to return to my full-time job. I was managing a credit union, and I liked what I was doing, but I wouldn’t say I liked the schedule. So I wanted something different,  something more, and to get that, I knew I wanted to work from home.

So one of my biggest passions is to help moms. So especially moms who own businesses. I run a local networking group right here in our city and our, I should say, our area. It’s a networking group exclusively for mom business owners. 

We have all kinds of moms in there; they all just come together and support each other. That is why I started this podcast because it’s a huge passion of mine to be able to help moms on a larger scale. 

I want to go over some of the topics we’ll be covering, SEO, web design, social media, etc., and I want to give you a clear path to marketing your business so that you can focus on your passion. I will show you how to install the right tools on your website and integrate everything so you know how to use it.

I like to get into technical things because they are extremely important, and I found when interacting with many moms that many don’t have these very basic things in place. These technical tools will help you to build your SEO and will help you to share your website with more people. So I want to go through the basics in the first few episodes. 

I will also do episodes on WordPress, the best uses for Pinterest, Instagram and its metrics, Facebook pixel, and why you need to install one. So those are some of the marketing tips that will be coming up in my episodes.

I will also talk about why it’s okay to fail in business. I’ll share with you some of my past business failures, things I’ve learned from them, and things I think I’ve benefited from. So I want to share that with you and ensure that you know there is no such thing as a failure.

I will also share different work-from-home job ideas and how you can make money. You can do so many things from home right now, and if you’re not already a business owner, I want to encourage you to take that leap and start your own business. So one of the other things that I will talk about from time to time is manifestation and the law of attraction.

This is something that I have just started getting into in the last two years, and it has completely changed my life. So that’s something I’m going to work on here and there. It’s not going to be the focus of the show. So don’t worry if you’re not into those things. However, having the right mindset is important.

I want you to succeed because you can accomplish anything without support from anyone, but I am here. I am your biggest supporter, and I’m your biggest cheerleader. You can also join The Determined Mom Show community on Facebook. I am looking forward to getting to know you and just really getting to help serve you and share with you all of the things I can do as much as possible. It would be very appreciated if you could subscribe to the podcast, share it with your friends, and leave a review.

So thank you so much for listening. I am so excited to help you to build wealth, and I’m going to guide you into tranquility, and I’m also going to help you multiply those precious moments with your family. 


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