What is Marketing Implementation Coaching

What is Marketing Implementation Coaching

Welcome to episode 17 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and on today’s show. I am going to talk to you about marketing implementation coaching. So this is something that I have just started recently, and I have fallen completely head over heels in love with it. So what I’m doing is I am helping other mom business owners who struggle with technology. They struggle with programs. They struggle with applications and how to put all of those things together.

I piece it together with them, and we do Zoom sessions where I’m on the Zoom session. We can see each other, and It’s like we’re sitting right next to each other, and we’re sharing our screens and working through anything they’re struggling with.

We start at the very beginning, like, what do we need to happen next for the ball to start rolling in your business? What obstacles are there? How can we overcome those obstacles with technology? And we implement it right there together on the call. I love this because I don’t do much outside of the calls other than research, and I occasionally do some implementation off-camera.

If it’s something that they don’t want to learn how to do, I think that teaching people how to do these things are exactly what needs to be done is just so powerful because I want to empower people to take hold of what they are doing.

That’s why I also started the membership site, the Online Marketing for Moms membership site. I want you as a business owner to take control of what’s happening and not only control it but learn what’s happening. You can always outsource it later, but I think it’s important to understand what’s happening.

For example, Facebook ads, we’re delving into Facebook ads, and I want them to know, like, how to log into ads manager. What kind of ads work well, all these different things, you know, like I want her to have a basic knowledge of it because it’s really important for you to know these things as a business owner.

As I said, if you don’t love it, you don’t love doing any of these things that are being taught to you, or you can learn it, then outsource it, but getting a baseline understanding of everything that goes into your business and everything that it involves is important. 

I want to encourage you to think outside of the box in your business and consider what service you can provide to people you haven’t tried. It should be something you already know how to do, but it’s something you haven’t tried selling. So I had never even thought about marketing coaching until this happened. So it is a great kind of thing to stumble into because I do like SEO and all things marketing.

Everybody needs help at some point, and all of these people are more than willing to reciprocate, which is amazing. Still, I’m a firm believer in putting good energy out there and helping as many people as you can, and it will come back to you, and I feel like this has come back to me in the form of understanding how much I love doing this and how much I love helping other people. So how it helps mom CEOs is that it completely changes their perspective of marketing. So a lot of times, a lot of these things that we’re learning or that I’m teaching can be scary.

That is what I love doing, and I love overcoming those. I feel like there are many challenges, but I love overcoming them, seeing you and your business get to exactly where you need to be, and seeing that natural organic growth. Thanks for reading.


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Anything from email automation to Facebook Groups.  I provide all of the best insider tools and tips for my clients.  Teaching them how to automate and grow their marketing is such a game-changer.  I take the fear out of combining and streamlining systems and processes to make things easier.

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