Welcome to episode 227 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host. I’m Amanda Tento, and I am very excited to talk to you today about my favorite topic, which is Google My Business, also now known as Google Business Profile, and why you need it. This is a very important topic to me because this is the entire basis of my marketing agency and it.

Getting such amazing results for our clients that I can’t talk to you about it. And the reason that I’m talking to you about it is that no one else talks to you about it. There are very few people if you’re not in tune with the SEO industry in general. 

That is talking about this. There are tons of SEOs that talk about it regularly, but you have to be tuning into SEO blogs and newsletters and subscriptions and webinars and things like that.

And if that’s not your wheelhouse, if that’s not what industry you’re actually in, then you’re not going to be hearing about it. So that’s why I think it’s very important to talk to you about it today. And I’m gonna explain to you what it is, why you should be using it, and I’m hoping that you’re going to go after you listen to this episode and either claim your listing or create your listing.

So what Google Business Profile is, if you get out your phone right now and you were to search for something near me, I always pick Coffee Shop because it’s super easy. Put the coffee shop near me in your search bar, and you’re going to come up. A map and you’re going to have three listings that come up in a little box.

Those listings are the Google business profiles or Google My Business listings of those particular coffee shops. They tell you where they are, how late they’re open, and what their hours are. Sometimes the menu, if they have it set up correctly, they’ll give you their website, a direct link to call. A direct link to.

Click on it to find directions. So all of those things are in there, and they’re very important and very easy. Now, each of those businesses should be managing those listings individually and updating them, keeping them full of all of the information that Google needs to know all of the right information to give to the consumer at any given time.

That’s the whole point of Google My Business or Google Business profiles, is that Google wanted a way to allow businesses to update their information in real-time, as opposed to Google having to manage all of those businesses themselves.

That would be entirely impossible, and I think they finally realized that and they allowed businesses to edit their information. Now, why do you need it? Because people that are ready to buy are going to be searching on Google, right? 

What is Google My Business (Google Business Profile) and Why Do I Need It

They’re not going to be searching on Facebook for a coffee shop. They’re not going to be searching on Instagram for a coffee shop unless they’ve happened upon one that someone tagged someone in.

All of those things just don’t happen. Most businesses do not get business from social media. However, there are exceptions to that. I’m gonna put that out there. But as a whole, if someone’s ready to purchase something, if someone’s looking for a major purchase like a plumber or electrician or an attorney, they’re gonna be going to Google and they’re gonna read reviews.

So those are really important things to note. Even if someone goes into, let’s say, a mom group on Facebook and asks for a recommendation for a particular type of business, and they get recommendations, I guarantee that they’re also going to Google. and search for those businesses. Look at their listing, and read the reviews, because they don’t wanna have a negative experience.

So why should you be claiming it? Because you need to be there. Your business, no matter what type of business it is, should have a listing. Now you’re going to be asking me, I don’t have a store. I don’t have a brick-and-mortar business that people can come and visit. I work out of my home.

Can I have a listing? The answer is yes, you can, which is great. All you have to do is market as a service-based business that does not accept customer visits at your location. Super simple. I wanna also warn you. That you cannot use a UPS box. You cannot use a US Postal Service box. You can’t use mailboxes, et cetera.

I don’t even know if that store exists anymore, you can’t use any of those types of boxes because they wanna verify that you have an address, that you’re a legitimate business, and that you’re not creating this profile to sell it or to spam or anything like that. So you do need to have a legitimate address, but it will be hidden from maps.

So no one’s gonna be showing up at your house asking for a coaching session. Okay? So that’s the good news. If you haven’t claimed it yet, you just have to go.

And if you’re not sure if you’ve already claimed one five years ago, just literally go and Google the name of your business. If you see something come up on the right-hand side, there’s going to be a little link that says, own this business question mark. Click that, and then you can go through the process of claiming. Okay.

 If you don’t see anything come up, once you Google the name of your business, then go ahead and start to create one. Okay? And you can just go to business.google.com to do that, and that will allow you to walk through all of their steps and setup.

What is Google My Business (Google Business Profile) and Why Do I Need It

Make sure you fill out everything. Do you need a phone number? Yes, you need a phone number. Do you need an address there? Yes, you need an address in there. It doesn’t have to be a public address because again, if you market as a service-based business, then people will not see it. So keep that in mind as you’re creating, but, you need to fill out everything.

Do you need hours? Yes. You need hours. Do you need attributes? Yes. Mark, everything that you can in there. Okay. Mark it all. And another great way to get a lot of traction is to just post regularly. So on Google, you can post updates, you can do them daily, you can do them weekly, you can do them, whatever.

Google recommends one time per week. In TDM marketing, we post three times per week for all of our clients because that is the magic number that we’ve found over the years to get great traction. And there is a difference, a marked difference in the progress that we see for businesses that we post one time a week, for which we only had one business, that we do that we split three posts.

Plan between two of their businesses. So we’ll post one week, one post one week to post the next week, and alternate between their two businesses. And it works, but it doesn’t work as well as three posts per week per business. And if you’re asking if this client is aware of that, yes they are. We have talked about it extensively and their understanding of that.

And so it is just one of those things, the more you post. The more information you’re giving Google about who you should be served what they’re searching for, what services you provide, and what solutions you offer them. So if you have not done this yet, please just go do it. It takes five minutes.

It’s gonna be the most productive five minutes of your life for the rest of 2022 and potentially 2023 if you’re listening to this in January. So definitely, do it now. You don’t need any excuses. There’s nothing that should be holding you back from this, and it’s super easy.

So if you have any questions about Google Business Profile, visit our website, TDM dash marketing, like the determined mom, t d m-marketing.com and you can always shoot me an email@amandatdmmarketing.com.Thank you.

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