How To Wean Your Business Off of Google Ads With SEO

Welcome to episode 175 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and I am very excited to talk to you, as always, about how to wean your business off of Google Ads with SEO. I like to explain to all of my Google Ads clients that eventually you’re going to be able to decrease your ad spend as your SEO increases

So what is SEO? SEO is search engine optimization. If your website is starting to rank organically, which means without any ads, then that’s what we want. We want your website to be number one. We want it to be up. And I would suggest as soon as you get to that first page of search results, then you’re gonna wanna scale back your ad spend.

How To Wean Your Business Off of Google Ads With SEO

And the reason for this is because you are going to not need it as much. Okay? Unless you wanna have a flood of clients coming in, or customers, which that’s always a possibility too. 

Maybe you just want as many as you can take, and you’re not full yet.  That’s fine. You can keep both of them on. If you’re getting to that point where you know you need to kind of scale things back, then definitely use this method of kind of like, think of it as when you’re going around a turn, right? You are, before you reach the turn, you’re putting your foot on the gas, which is the Google ads, right? And you’re coasting so well, you’re not coasting.

You have you, you don’t have your foot on the brake, right? That is SEO. So the brake is SEO and the gas is Ads. So you’re going full speed and then you realize that there’s a turn coming up. So then you gently take your foot off of the gas and put on the brake a little bit, and then you get around the curve

And then what happens is you can. Put your foot on the gas, but the gas will be SEO, so that will help you to accelerate. It will help you to grow your business and it’s gonna help you to get the right customers in the door. SEO and Ads are the same things. You’re just paying for that same traffic.

So with search engine optimization, if you’re showing up number one for that particular term and your Ad is showing up, number one for that particular term as well, then that is redundancy and it’s also a waste of your money.

How To Wean Your Business Off of Google Ads With SEO

So make sure that if you are running Ads, you’re paying attention to where you’re ranking in SEO. If you are doing SEO or you have some, do someone doing your, um, SEO for you, definitely pay attention to this because you could be spending money, and you could be competing against yourself in the organic search results. So don’t do it. Just make sure that you, uh, Let off the gas and then put the gas back on once you round that corner to SEO success

So if you have any questions about Google Ads, if you have any questions about SEO, or if you have any questions about Google My business, please feel free to reach out to us. You can reach out on the website, which is tdmmarketing.com. You can email me at Amanda at the Determined Mom. Or Amanda tdmmarketing.com

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