Three Tools I Have Found That Are Changing My Tiktok Game

Welcome to episode 161 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I wanna talk to you about three tools that I have found that are changing my TikTok game. I just started on TikTok and I mentioned that a couple of episodes ago or episodes ago. It is becoming fun, thank goodness, because I was very worried about that part. 

I was like, oh my goodness. I felt like it was a chore and I felt like it was something that I had to do, and it just, Wasn’t fun and I didn’t know how to do it, and just so many different things For me, a few of the things that changed my perspective on TikTok being fun versus a chore are my kids.

They’ve been helping me a lot, to understand how to do this and do that and do the other things. So if you have children, I would highly suggest involving them in your TikTok-making because they will help you immensely. 

The other thing that I’ve enjoyed, and that has helped me to kind of break out is just watching other business owners’ TikTok and seeing that they can be goofy.

Three Tools I Have Found That Are Changing My Tiktok Game

They’re getting clients from TikTok, and just knowing that you know, it works and it’s just a, a fun place to be creative and just let out your personality as well as your business

Over the last few weeks, I have found some different TikTok tools that I had never heard of. Of course, because I’m a newbie maybe, I wanted to share them with you in case you are starting TikTok or thinking about starting TikTok, these three tools have been game changers.


The first one is an app called InShot, which allows you to upload videos or record videos, or do anything you want, and it allows you to edit things a lot easier than you can on TikTok. You can add transitions, you can add intros, outros, and all kinds of different things, and it makes it so much easier to edit.

So I highly recommend InShot. It’s a free app. I have no idea what the paid version is. But the free version seems to be pretty good. Check that out.

Sort for Tiktok

This is a very interesting Google Chrome extension, and this extension does is it allows you to view any TikTok channel and sort their videos. By the number of views, I could go to anyone’s channel, what their most popular TikTok is just with this Google Chrome extension. 

It’s very, very cool. And what that allows you to do is if you see a TikTok video that has millions of views and it’s very recent and it’s in your, it doesn’t even have to be recent actually, but it’s in your field. You can either stitch it or do a duet. And kind of gain some more traction that way. 

I am following Rachel Peterson. If you know Rachel, then you will know. She is like a TikTok queen. I am loving everything that I’ve learned from her so far. I did not learn from her. I did learn that doing the duets and stitches is a great way to gain some traction


The third tool that I love, you’ve heard me say this before, if you’re a regular listener, is SocialBee. This is my social media scheduling tool of choice. It just does everything. I mean, there’s just no other social media tool out there that does everything, and most recently they added TikTok. So you can just schedule your TikTok to publish whenever you want.

You can add in all of the details, you can upload the video, and can do everything from SocialBee. It’s so cool. It is the best social media app that I’ve found. I’ve tried. Every single one, especially for my clients and for Google, my business, and another social media posting that I do for myself, is fabulous.

So if you are looking for a new social media planner, that is what I would choose as we round out. The sixth season of the Determined Mom Show. I just wanna thank you for listening. The listenership has been growing immensely in the last few months. 

Three Tools I Have Found That Are Changing My Tiktok Game

There are so many new listeners, and if you’re new, if you’re an old listener, not old, but if you’re an original listener from when we started back in 2019, I wanna thank you. If you’ve joined us anywhere along the way. 

I also wanna thank you because you are all appreciated and you just make everything worthwhile your comments on Instagram and messages and emails and everything that I get help me to keep going and help me to try to find things that I think will benefit your guests that I think will help you to improve your life or make something better.

That’s what I’m all about is just making something just a little bit better so all of the people that are on the show are geared towards that. Looking forward to many more episodes, and the next episode that airs in February is going to be starting season seven. Thank you so much for listening. Talk to you soon.

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I hope you enjoy these tools and they make Tiktok easier for you!

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