The Power of Finding Your Business Besties

The Power of Finding Your Business Besties

Welcome to episode 111 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I want to talk to you about the power of finding your business besties and some great places where you can start looking for them.

The first thing that I want to say is I have. I found a handful of amazing women who have changed my thought process and business in the last six months. In January, I started 337 networking, and the women who have started coming to this group and men are amazing. They have completely transformed my thought process, and how have they done that?

They’ve got me thinking outside of the box. We have weekly meetings, and every single meeting is just a way for us to expand our business, learn from each other, and really help each other grow within that sphere of influence. An example of this is we’ll go. Pricing. Can you pay for this?

Does this appeal to you? All these things happen during that meeting, and we look forward to it every week. We miss each other if we aren’t there. There’s just so much that is amazing about this. How in the world can you go about finding your business besties? I would. The first thing you’re going to do is interact with like-minded people.

The women that attend this group are progressive and open-minded, just like me, and we love to support everyone in any way we can—finding spaces where your type of people, your besties, would be hanging out. It is gonna be essential, whether it’s a Facebook group, whether it’s in real life, a business networking group, or a virtual business networking group.

Wherever it is, find those people because they’re out there. They’re waiting for you. They’re waiting for that connection from you, and you may also find them in the most unlikely places. Maybe you are a guest on their podcast. Perhaps they were a guest on your podcast. You listen to their podcast and reach out to them and form a relationship.

You never know where these relationships can come from. Some of the women I’m talking about that I have connected with are, let me go ahead and think about this. She lives in the same state that I used to live in, and I was a member of a networking group that she started and handed over to another group of people.

Another is someone with a blog I was interested in 12 years ago was someone with a blog Yes, 12 years ago. And I reconnected with her on LinkedIn, and I have just been keeping up with her for the last six months because she’s been attending the meeting. So she is a fantastic person. She has so much to do. Another is someone I met in a networking group in Washington in person.

There was another guest at my summit last year, my business mom’s summit in 2020. We have just kept up that connection, so you never know where. You’re going to meet people. You never know what makes someone a business best friend or not, but it’s essential to nurture all of your relationships and to help whenever you can offer assistance whenever you can offer.

The Power of Finding Your Business Besties

Please feel free to give me feedback whenever you can. That is one of the things that we love about our group is that we help each other offer feedback. We have a session during our meeting which is just for talking about. 

What do you need in your business right now? If we’re launching, can you test my product?Would you happen to be interested in buying my product? If not, I would love for you to go look at the landing page, see if there are any errors, and see if you think anything needs to be moved. Are the colors okay? We do all these things for each other, and I want to speak to them. Of finding your business besties.

So my challenge this week is to go out there, find somewhere you want to hang out and start connecting with people. You can have a quick zoom session with them. If you have anything in common, find out the motivation behind their business. All of these things are going to be vital for you to be able to find your business besties.

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