The Next Book You Should Read: Get Different

The Next Book You Should Read Get Different

Welcome to episode 129 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. I am excited to talk to you about a new book that I’m reading and it is called Get Different.

I’m always looking for my next good read but if you’re looking for something to read next, I highly recommend this book because I’m finding so much benefit in it. The author Mike is talking about finding that thing that makes you different from all of the other people that do what you do and how to stand out from everyone. 

It’s very interesting and it kind of goes with my philosophy of the fact that social media is not necessarily the answer to everything like everyone thinks and it takes so much work and so much money to even get noticed on social media. 

So it kind of goes along those lines that I don’t want to be doing what everybody else is doing. Even when I was little, if everybody liked a certain movie, I would just never watch it. 

Get Different is an amazing book and he even has a way to walk you through every single step. There are downloads and lots of different resources that he provides that are gonna enable you to figure out how you can Get Different in your marketing. 

I highly recommend it and I will put a link in the show notes for you to find it and then that way you have your next amazing book on your list that you should be reading. Have a great week. 

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