The Importance of Being Strategic in Developing a Business with Leah Hall

The importance of being strategic in developing a business and why multi-tasking can delay your success..

Welcome to this episode 76 of The Determined Mom Show. Today we have a very special guest, Leah Hall, who is a brand and marketing strategist, and she will share with us the importance of being strategic in developing a business and why multitasking can delay success.

We are very excited for you to be here and share your knowledge. Before we get started, I have one question for you: how did you get started in your business and be able to work from home and be with your kids?

I started my business officially after I left my corporate job. After ten years, I left in an ambulance because I was so stressed and overwhelmed. It was one of the most toxic environments I’ve ever been in, and I grew up in this firm, but, Waking up, being rushed to the hospital, and spending three days there was a big enough sign to say you have to do something different.

I had an infant child and a toddler at that time, and I knew they needed me. I wanted to be here for them and my partner. And so, transitioning into something that allowed more time with my family and financial freedom was key. That’s a crazy wake-up call, for sure.

Horrible wake-up call. A lot of women can relate to that. Maybe they have yet to get pushed to that very far edge, but they’re getting close, especially in this pandemic and with everything going on. Election, all of the things, it’s so easy to get there.

So yeah, it’s very easy because we as women are always moving, we’re always doing things, we’re always saving people and everything in the home and whatever. If we don’t listen to our bodies, like our body is telling us when we’re too tired, it’s telling us when we’re dehydrated. It tells us when the environment we’re working in or going into is wrong.

And we have to settle ourselves and listen. And it takes work. Like that’s why I ended up in the hospital. So it takes work. We have to be intentional about it. And it’s also hard to admit when you’re feeling that way because there’s a stigma around, like, you should be fine.

You must care for the house, the kids, and your job. I mean, that’s it. Like, oh my goodness, Like run your little world is what they’re telling you. Run your little world and not sweat about it. Like, don’t even drink water. You’re good; you’re hydrated. Just keep going.

That’s what they’re telling us. I have to chuckle at that cause. It’s unrealistic. But, so let’s talk about our topic. So how important is it to be strategic when you’re developing your business? Okay, so often, women in general, like we know we can do it.

Do we have to do it all? No, but. As women, we’re just built that way to manage many things, and many women carry the title of Busy as an award or something to be proud of. But being busy is not brilliant, simply because we’re, we’re wearing ourselves out much faster than we need to.

We can make mistakes along the way. We need to catch up on family time, make money for ourselves and our business, and build our clientele simply because we’re busy, and a lot of times, what we’re doing is we’re taking. Twenty-five things or five things. I’ll start with my all-time fave. We have five buckets of items we’re working on, each one being different.

It has no stepping stone to the next. It’s not leading our client on a journey. It’s not taking them to our product or services and not making us money. We’re just doing everything thinking, oh, I have five different ways to make money, and essential we’re. 

The importance of being strategic in developing a business and why multi-tasking can delay your success.

We’re doing too many things at once, so I help many of my clients take those five buckets and manage them. So instead of each bucket being different, we make it the stepping stone for their client journey. So we may start with their social media post. We may lead into their free resource. We may lead into theirs.

Email nurture sequence may then lead to some video or small offer. Still, each one goes from being five separate journeys into one streamlined and strategic journey so that the client is building the knowledge, liking, and trust with their audience and genuinely gaining the support of their audience and their community.

I want to support Amanda in whatever she’s doing. I want to be able to learn more about X, Y, and Z.  It’s being strategic helps us to make more money, save more time because time we, it’s more precious than money, and be able to enjoy this journey of entrepreneurship and not burn out in the.

I agree with you 100%. I love the bucket analogy because, and I even see this, social media is a bucket, but then within that, you have all the little buckets that everybody feels like they have to be on. Like I have to be on Instagram, I have to be on Twitter, I have to be on Facebook.

I have to be on Pinterest. So it’s really about being. I know who you want to talk to, knowing what you want to share with them. And so the first part is knowing your categories and your topics. Then each month, my clients receive a content guide with 30 prompts, where they can go in and complete the sentence.

And often, this is key for you if you ever feel like, oh, I don’t know what to type, sit in front of your computer, turn on your. Go into Zoom, and do a Loom; they work for business. And sit there and talk. Talk as if you’re talking to your best friend, your ideal client, or a previous client, right?

Then have it transcribed, or if you can do text-to-talk, have it, and you’ll have that content to use for your business. But so my clients use this, and that was just one key thing that I tell them is, if you feel like you can’t. You can just sit in front of the camera and read it aloud to finish your content.

So when you go into the content life cycle, start with a blog. Right. Could you write your blog? How many words or characters are we using in the blog? That’s plenty for an entire week, right? So then you can extract the information you need for your social media post, for your Facebook post, which is social media if you’re using Pinterest.

Guess what? You can now create a pin that goes back to that blog. So it’s not as difficult as we make it, but we have to be strategic. People often say, oh, I have to write a blog. Then I have to write a completely different email. 

You can go ahead and write it as a blog and then use that content. You’ll write so much information there that you’ll have data for that week and weeks. You can always repurpose it. So when you go from multitasking, it’s just setting that one, say, power hour for yourself, that’s non-negotiable versus the multitasking or the repurposing, excuse me, of using that content and then shuffling it out.

Your blog will have most of the content, but if someone still needs to read it, they still get those pieces along the way. That’s a great strategy, and I love that you said that even if you don’t have a blog, write it as a blog post because you can still organize your thoughts and get all that information out there.

Could you tell me what you are working on in your business that we can use now?

I am working on it. A few things. Good. Different time though. Not at the same time. Not time. She’s practicing what she preaches, which is good. It works. And you can focus. So the main program or intention I offer clients is branding with focus. And the focus is to follow one cause until successful. And even knowing that that’s what my programming is called, I still have clients that come in, and I’m like, ok, I want to do a.

And I’ll ask them which one has the most priority. And so I’m transitioning into more VIP days so we can pinpoint that one task, offer, and product they want to complete in one day. So you can get it done in one day and you can make money. You can make money even faster because we nail it that day.

And it covers your branding, it covers the strategy behind it. It covers all the pieces that you need to really be successful. So I’m working on transitioning from a six-month program into just VIPs only. And that’s, it’s fun. It’s also scary for me because I love working with clients for six months.

Like we build this whole relationship and most don’t leave after six months, they’re still with me, and the partnership continues. The other thing that will. Available for those who can’t do or aren’t ready to do the VIP day is the opportunity to get all of their branding and branding assets done for their business so that they can then take that on themselves and have it, so they don’t have to worry about designing what their social media looks like or their banners or their.

It was faded, but I could still see the outline, and she’s like, oh my God, it’s gone. Somebody took it. And I’m like, no, honey, no one took it. And so I showed it to her, and then I put it around her neck with a little Velcro, and so she started flying around the house, which made my day because it allows my children not to be stressed.

Not to be stressed knowing they must go to daycare, a stranger’s house, or what may be happening there. And so just knowing that. My son and my daughter are happy children. They’re spoiled. They’re rotten, but they’re pleased children hat, that makes up for it.

I could have missed out on that when I went to the hospital. I could not have come out of the hospital. And so that helps me push a little harder every single day. And that’s the number one thing about being able to work from home. That’s awesome. That’s a good story and a good reason.

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