Energy Management: The Balance of Flow and Strategy with Jen Mons

Energy Management The Balance of Flow and Strategy with Jen Mons

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Mom Show. I am here with the amazing Jen Mons from Jen Mons Coaching, and Jen and I have known each other for a while. She is just an amazing healer. She teaches so much amazing stuff on her website and her Academy. She has many things going on, but I want to let her tell you about some of those things.

I’m sure many of your listeners can relate to this, but I’ve always been someone who’s had an overachiever type of personality. I love to thrive, create, and maximize; I think life is in many different areas. I’m a graduate of a military academy. I was in the military, an engineer, and then at the age of 28, about 15 years ago, I had a life-threatening.

Experience with the birth of my first daughter. That then sent me down the path of holistic healing. So I started my coaching practice about 15 years ago. Before that, I worked as a corporate executive for ten years. That holistic health coaching career ended up evolving into becoming a yoga teacher and a meditation teacher and doing energy work, eventually becoming a certified life coach.

A couple of years ago, I shifted in 2018 from coach to business owner and then decided to train and certify life coaches and energy intuitive to help women create their purpose and take it to prosperity. So it’s been a 15-year evolving career with many ups and downs, challenges and blessings along.

One of the things that I’m passionate about is the idea that; I like to use the word transmuting. Transmuting is taking the energy of something and highlighting and inviting women to explore this new idea. And I do work specifically with women; I’ll speak to women, although it can apply to anybody. 

But the idea is that we all have programming and experiences for which we create survivor strategies and start to recognize. Some limiting beliefs or a core wound. It depends on the understanding that made this programming. And often, it’s something that we’re young, and I see four types of limiting beliefs that are the most common.

One would be around the idea of unlovable or only lovable winning. So we put a condition on it. The other would be unworthy or only worthy, placing a condition on our worth. When I look a certain way, when I marry that guy, when I get that degree, when I make that money, that one would be mine.

The other one is, just around being supported, like feeling unseen or unheard. Sometimes this feels like abandonment or rejection, and the other is a need for safety. Usually, something happens in our life. I only know people who get away with something happening, like just an event.

It doesn’t even have to be like a traumatic event. It’s just something where as a child, we create a belief; then, we need to show up a sure way to feel the way that we want to feel. And so we create a survivor strategy that sometimes serves us well and is masked. We don’t figure it out until later on in our life. 

We become unbecoming, and what we learn to come back full circle is the one thing that we were missing is the one thing we usually become, which, really when we get to that next level of healing, is the thing that we always were. 

That’s where energy management comes into play. Is that really from that perspective, it, when we look back through the lens of our whole life, like the thing that we always knew that we wanted to do or that was easy for us or you know, that lights us up is what already are because you can’t create something that’s not within you.

I like to encourage women to run their businesses to run it from a place. True alignment. Proper alignment to their soul, their truth. What, it’s the same word. Whatever resonates for a woman, but their purpose and to let go of the hustle and the grind and the distraction in the over busyness and comma, there’s always the, and knowing when to discern alignment.

When we can start with energy management and first take care of ourselves and remember, it’s a remembering of what’s, what our values are, what’s important to us, and what is in alignment with us.

Energy Management- The Balance of Flow and Strategy with Jen Mons

If we can create the foundation there, then we become a thriving business owner in the being, not just the doing. In terms of inviting people to step away from the idea of time management, because I, you’ll hear people say, I don’t have the time for that. And the truth is, we all have the same amount of time.

Like we all have 24 hours in a day. So no, there isn’t one person who has less time than another. It’s how we choose to use our time, which is about using the energy that helps us create alignment to action. 

But energy management is the perspective of only choosing what is aligned. Something can sound like a great idea, but it might need to be in alignment with you. A partnership with a person, um, a collaboration with another woman, could sound amazing. It may not be the right fit, and that doesn’t make it wrong. And so often, we get into doing what we think we are.

The first invitation is anytime you notice yourself thinking that you should do something, immediately stop and step back because there’s nothing you have to do. We get to choose whether we should really give our power away as we put that word. And we were coming back to the place of choosing from, a place of alignment.

Starting from the place of what’s in alignment for me now, you ask the energy question with other people, which is an excellent question because there’s a lot to unpack there. And I just recorded the Embodied Healing Self in my podcast, around the wounded badge of empathy.

Because many people may start to learn and understand that when they’re exhausted after hanging out with people, they may discover that. Or what we have heard as called an empath or empathic. And so we take on other people’s energy. There are a couple of things to unpack around that, and it is the invitation to do our inner work because there’s a reason that we’re showing up either consciously or subconsciously exhausted.

Remember that limiting belief we’re not seen or heard. It subconsciously creates us taking on too much of somebody else’s experience. So there’s the need to be seen, heard, and also just the need to be supported—a lot of taking on, people-pleasing, and believing that we’re lovable enough. And so the answer to your question is that there’s a subconscious reprogramming that I spoke about in the beginning that we’re not even aware of.

Here’s this tip that I want to share with the audience that we’re all experts. This is in some way. There’s usually a relationship in everybody’s life. It’s either your relationship with money, a relationship with a partner, your relationship with your job, your career with your health, and your kids.

But some relationships in your life are more work than others. It’s. A little bit off. It seems like this subconscious belief we have underneath shows up as rejection, abandonment, not being lovable, hopelessness, Nazi, and not being heard. It keeps showing up repeatedly in different ways. And it’s not about the money, the partner, or the job.

But what we do is create subconsciously what could also be seen as a kind of survivor strategy to overcome the fact that something is uncomfortable in our life. There’s a pattern that shows up if we stop and give this gift space and permission to acknowledge this. Then we can choose to shift it.

So there’s this idea of creator consciousness versus consumer consciousness. Where we’re consuming, we’re just doing and taking and creating. You have to have space for creation. And the more abundant I became in clients and also financially. Still, if we’re too busy, and this is where energy management comes in, if we’re too busy because we have, we’re in scarcity that we think we have to hustle, then there’s no space for anything new to come in.

There’s no space. Even new clients or money, it’ll come. It’ll just be uncomfortable. So there is another, and that’s what energy management is, creating the space for things to flow energetically. So we have to make the space for wine or herbal tea or whatever, you know, So it’s kind of that, give a perspective. 

So energy management is getting super clear on what’s important to us and being okay with saying no and yes to only the things that matter. It’s being aware of how our energy shifts around other people, noticing when it happens, and noticing which relationship reflects back to us and our life.

It doesn’t just happen overnight like it’s an unpeeling process. An unbecoming process. So it requires compassion and just being gentle with yourself because it can start to unpack a lot. And just noticing, oh yeah, the first time I felt, you know, unworthy or the need to prove myself was at age seven.

And then I happened to get at 12 and 15, and 18 and 20 and two, and it just kept happening differently. Having support in that process too, whatever that looks like. A friend, a coach, a healer, a teacher. For some people with very traumatic experiences, a therapist must fight for support because we’re never meant to do any of this alone, and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am without the many mentors and healers.

Because she’s reflecting on something within you, I call it a trigger or an activation. A trigger would be more trauma-responsive. So there may be a behavior pattern or something that she’s doing that’s triggering a past traumatic event, which in that case, there are so many levels that could be, you know, you would need.

A person would need support in that. And activation is when we choose to lean into it and move forward. And that’s when the shift can happen. In the case of what you’re speaking about, there’s, and this is very common, there’s a person who we get that uncomfortable feeling, and we feel exhausted.

What we can do as individuals and take personal self-responsibility is being. Like, what’s like happening here? I mean, having a conversation with a part of us that’s feeling exhausted. Like what is it like, I’ll give you four steps that there’s a process called non-violent communication.

There’s a person in our lives reflecting on us that we were uncomfortable in some way. And if we can use the process with ourselves to understand what we’re, that we’re seeking, or that we need, we can unpack what that limiting belief probably is that keeps showing up.

So if that makes sense, there’s something I would invite you to lean into around what’s, what is your experience that’s happening because it is easier to avoid the incident; however, it will likely keep coming up. Yeah. And, and you’ll, you’ll always be tired and, you might even notice that you feel that way around other people.

So it’s about just the self-work of slowing down and being curious about when I felt this way the first time. So I feel this way around her, but what do I notice? When do I feel this way in my life? When was the first time I felt this way? And really, could you be clear on what that is? The experience created a belief pattern, a program that keeps showing up.

Where can people find out how to work with you? 

I have two websites: Jen mullins.com, j e n m as in Mary, o n s. Dot com and I only do private mentorship, and those women would be willing to go from purpose to prosperity through my soul wisdom imprinting technique that I’m getting trademarked.

But it’s taking a woman through who’s willing to do the inner transformation work, who’s interested in becoming a coach, learning coaching skills. Our program is currently under review with the ICF, so balancing that flow in that structure means, for me, integrity. Core competency and coaching ethics, and then taking that to prosperity through business alchemy.

So my private coaching is only specifically for women doing inner transformation work. I want to impact the world and shift from the healer to the coach to the business owner. And then, I have the Embodied Soul Coaching Academy. So Embodied Soul Coaching Academies is the URL for that. It, it’s a three-semester program.

It is my private coaching program, but it’s in a group format. Our next, I’m still determining when this is going live, but our next enrollment opening is June 21st on the summer solstice. And so that’s a three-semester program? It’s 220 hours. It’s a 13-month program. It’s an investment end of time and res financial resource.

So those are the two places where you can find me. Both have Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts embodied by Soul Coaching Academy or Jen Mods. Awesome. And I have the podcast, the Embodied Healing Self Podcast.

I’m new to Clubhouse, and yes, I am. I’m diving in and intend to create my group on Clubhouse. So I am unique, I am on, I’m a newbie. But yes, I’d, I’d love to grow more. I love the platform and the short interactions I’ve had, and I intend to set up a weekly meetup on Clubhouse for Embodied soul.

It just embodied the soul because that’s embodied. The soul is about. for those of you that are like, well, what does that mean? It’s the idea that, that we are not just physical, but that we have a soul, we have a spirit, and that you may have heard of it in terms of like your higher self, or maybe for some of you, it’s, it’s just divine love from God.

It’s very; it’s that energy of living our truth. So without the stories, the embodied soul is coming home to our reality. And letting goes of the stories, the attachments, the busyness, the hustling, and all the things we do. This human, uh, you know, as humans having our life experience, but being in that place of like, what am I here to be?

Because whatever that is, you commit to that, you show up in that way in every area of your life, and it’s a lot less work. That’s alignment. Yeah. It’s rather that it’s becoming healthy, not just eating healthy and working out To the point where it’s ingrained in you. It’s not something that you have to work towards anymore.

It’s becoming truth, integrity, and unconditional love, which starts with each of us. If you have a clubhouse, I’d love to come to your room; invite me, send me a message. I’m new to it. I know that you’re the guru on all of these. These new business things. So yeah,

I’m already connected with you, but I look forward to following you and seeing what you’re up to. Thank you so much, Jen, for gracing us with your presence and providing all this great information about energy management flow and strategy.

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