SEO: Step Two in Your Proven Marketing System

Welcome to episode 199 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and I am very excited to be talking to you about step number two in your proven marketing system, which is SEO.

If you have not listened to episodes 195 or 197, go ahead and make sure you go back and listen to those.

You don’t have to listen to them in any particular order, but it’s definitely important that to get the idea of what we’re talking about today, you go back to at least episode 195, which is an overview of those six steps.

Get you more customers easily in a proven marketing system. So that’s what we’re talking about today and SEO is the topic. So SEO is one of those things that is completely overwhelming to most people. Because there are so many components, there are so many components to it. There are so many aspects on the page, they are off the page.

There are just so many different things that go into SEO and SEO is search engine optimization for those who are not sure of what it is yet. And if you’re just starting. Everybody starts somewhere. So I totally had no idea what SEO is. About six years ago, seven years ago, when I was working as a manager at a credit union, I didn’t care what SEO was.

I had no inkling about what it was. I had no use for it. When you’re a business owner when you have your own website, that changes dramatically. You need your website to be able to be found by the people that are searching for the things that you offer, whether it is services, whether it be products you need your website to be found, and you do this by optimizing the content.

Mainly it’s almost all content. I will say. It’s almost all content by optimizing the words, the pictures, the. Plugins everything that’s on your website in order to get that information out there, get Google, loving your information, get Google, understanding what you want to be showing up for what services you’re offering, and get you into that search ranking.

SEO: Step Two in Your Proven Marketing System

We want you to be on page one, obviously because like they say, It’s on page two that is basically never going to be seen on Google cuz people don’t go to page two 97% of people do not go to page two of Google results.

I do it often just because I’m usually doing research for a client or for myself on keywords or on what is ranking, but most people don’t go to page two.

So in this proven marketing system that we’re talking about over this series, your website is the cornerstone. Your website is where everything begins. Your website is also where everything ends. So that’s where you want people to either start on your website or end on your website, whatever it might be.

You always want them to go back to your website. With search engine optimization, you can manipulate the content of your website. And this is gonna be words you’re gonna, make sure you’re paying attention to your keyword, count your titles, your. The website name, for example, the title of each page, the title of, your subtitles, everything you need to pay attention to.

You wanna think of each page on your website as its own world. Every page has its own little world, and you wanna make sure that world is complete, make sure that world is spinning correctly. And as long as you do that for every single page on your website overall will be healthy.

It will be seen in Google’s eyes as optimized and ready to be presented to a. Google is not going to show your website. If it’s slow, Google is not gonna show your website. If it’s not mobile-friendly, Google is not going to show your website. If there is very little keyword content on it. I’ve seen a lot of websites in the last year that are basically the content created by an agency that’s not necessarily versed in SEO.

And. What happens is there’s just nothing on there. It’s just fluffy keywords about we’ll, do this for you or we’ll do that for you, but it doesn’t actually talk about the problem that the customer’s having. It. Doesn’t actually talk about the services, which is what they’re going to be searching for.

It doesn’t talk about any of those things. So there’s zero content on the website that would give Google any indication that it should be ranking. So I’m not sure. It’s just not possible to rank with a website like that. So it’s really important to make sure that you are giving the right signals for your website.

In episode 197, we talked about your website, talked about some of the different options for hosting your website. We didn’t actually talk about hosting options, which maybe I should talk about. Now. But my recommendation of choice is that you can manipulate everything about the website. You can control every single aspect of every single part of your website in WordPress and not wordpress.com by the way.

This is where it gets a little complicated. And I think I have an episode somewhere that details all of the intricacies of WordPress and the differences, but basically a little overview is what you would want. 

SEO: Step Two in Your Proven Marketing System

First, start with your domain. Obviously, you need to choose your domain.I always rec I always buy all of my domains and names cheap, so I have them all in the same place. Very affordable. Usually, you can get a domain for five bucks or three bucks if they have a sale or something. So you’ve got your domain name and part pro choosing your domain name is also part of your SEO.

So for example, if you are a chiropractor in, I don’t know, Houston, Texas, right? If you choose the name of your company, which could be like Smith family chiropractic, that’s great. And if someone’s searching for your brand name, they’re going to find it. 

However, if they’re searching for a chiropractor in Houston, you could literally buy the domain chiropractor in Houston and you would get a lot more traffic initially just by choosing the right domain name.

So that is also part of the SEO process. So if you’re starting from scratch, this is a great episode for you to listen to, because you’re going to be able to get that right foundation from the beginning. Okay. If you are not starting from scratch, don’t worry about that. Part of it. It’s still possible to rank, but it’s easier if you have a great SEO keyword in your domain name.

So skipping ahead, we’ve chosen our domain name. We’ve bought it and you can combine domain names, in a million different places. Again, name cheap is my favorite. The next step is going to be to choose a hosting platform. This is basically, so you’ve chosen your address, which is your domain name. So you think about a house we’re building.

So we’ve chosen our address. We’ve purchased the land for our domain name. Now we need to, I guess we are more likely to rent the land. So we’re going to rent the land from someone. So we need to rent the space on the internet to present our home. Our home is going to be the website. So we’re presenting our home on a plot of land.

So we’re purchasing this land. So the host of your website is going to. The person you’re purchasing this plot of land from in my preference is always a dream host because their customer service is amazing B they are very easy to build on C you can get a VPN, which is a virtual or a VPS, sorry, a VPS, which is a virtual private server.

For the cost of. A shared server on another host. So with a shared server, you’re sharing a website, you’re sharing a server with many other websites. So there could be a dozen websites on the server with you. And if their performance peaks one day, your performance is going to drop because they’re gonna be plugging up all of the traffic.

With a virtual private server, you get a dedicated server. That’s just for you. You can call, and they’ll allocate a certain amount of space for you. And you can build as many websites as you want within that space. You’ll have a certain capacity, all of that stuff, but you are the only one on there. That is what I always recommend because you don’t wanna have to reinvent the wheel.

You don’t wanna have to move hosts. You don’t wanna have to do all of that stuff over and over until you find the right thing. It’s better to set things up correctly from the beginning. So again, I choose a name cheap for my domain purchases, my dream host for the hosting. And then now you come to installing WordPress.

So you can just install that right from the dream host. They’ll install it for you. You just log in right there, they create a login for you, and then you are ready to go. So now you have to choose a theme. The theme that I recommend is Divi because it’s very easy. It’s very user-friendly and it’s no longer super bloated like it used to be.

So it doesn’t take up a lot of resources like it used to, but it’s also. Very visual for someone that hasn’t built in WordPress before. It’s way easier than the Guten blur Gutenberg editor. It’s way easier than Elementor. It’s way easier than thriving. It’s just very easy to use. So I recommend that we build all of the customers, our cl.

We build all of our client websites in Divi because we can easily provide tutorial videos. There’s so much information out there. If you wanna make a quick change on YouTube how to change something. Very easy for ongoing management as well. So now you have your website set up, it is very important to note that every single title that you use for a web page is important.

Every single subtitle is important. All of your text is important. Everything about your website is important, your image sizes, your image type, your. Image, everything about your image, your alt text. So the alt text is the text that you put in that your alt text is the text that you put in that describes the picture or the video that you’re putting in.

All of this is incredibly important. Your meta description is also important. Your meta. Is the little tiny description that you can actually put in using one of the SEO plugins, either Yoast or my new favorite Rank math

Thank you, Jess. Rank math will allow you to, edit your meta description and it will allow you to choose what is going to show on the Google search engine for that page, Google doesn’t always choose your meta description to use, but they’re going to pull some sort of excerpt from your text and you wanna have control over that because it’s going to give more information about what you should actually be.

Saying about your website or about that webpage. So there’s so many different components of SEO that are really important. So it is important that you make sure that you are doing the right things for your business and for your website, from the beginning, instead of having to go back and, either hire someone to go through and clean up a mess or to try to clean that mess up yourself.

So a very important part of yours. Proven marketing system is step number two, which is SEO. If you have any questions about it, if you need any help with it, we are here at TDM marketing to help, but the goal of this is really education. So we want to help you to learn what these steps are in a proven marketing system.

Because I’m just tired of seeing businesses, spinning their wheels on social media and just not getting anywhere and thinking that they’re doing the right thing and it’s just not working for them. That’s not true. 

So we want you to know the truth. If you would like to download the six marketing musts that are guaranteed to get you more customers, you can go ahead and do that. The link is in the show notes and looking forward to talking to you for the next episode. See you soon.

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