One of My Secret Spots For Finding Podcast Guests and Podcasts You Want to be a Guest on

Welcome to episode 167 of The Determined Mom Show. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of my business friends asking if I know anywhere that they can be guests on podcasts. There is a secret, secret tool. Of course, I’m all about the tools that I think this podcast should be called, tools you should be using, or something like that.

But anyway, there’s a secret tool, not super secret, but it’s very available on the internet, but a lot of people just don’t know about it. It is a podcast search engine. And it is called listen to notes, so L I S T E N N O T E S.com. And what it allows you to do is search for podcasts. So for example, if you want to, I don’t know, find a podcast in the wedding industry, which is a recent search that I did.

One of My Secret Spots For Finding Podcast Guests and Podcasts You Want to be a Guest on!

You can just literally enter the wedding industry in the search bar, which is something that I’m doing right now, so I can tell you how it works as I do. And then it’s going to bring up episodes, and podcasts.

You can do curated lists or playlists or interviews. So super cool. So if you’re looking to be a guest on a podcast about the wedding industry, what you’re going to do is just click on the podcast. And you can see each different podcast, you can see an estimate of their listenership.

You can see what they rank in. So like right now I’m looking at wedding industry insiders. So this is all about. Things for the wedding industry professionals, and it is in the top 2% of podcasts and it has a listening score of 40. So the listening score is like out of 100.

So the higher the listen-to score, the more popular the podcast. So it’s very interesting to see all of these different scores. And if you are a podcaster, you can go on to listen to notes and claim your podcast.

One of My Secret Spots For Finding Podcast Guests and Podcasts You Want to be a Guest on!

That will also allow people to message you if they wanna be on your podcast. And it’s very, very interesting and just a cool place to kind of. Find podcasts and just find interviews and find topics that you wanna listen to, learn, comment on, anything like it’s just such an amazing array of uses that you can use it for. I hope that this episode is like two minutes long.

But it does. It’s not about the length of the episode, it’s about the content of the episode. I hope you found this episode very helpful. And again, that tool is gonna be in the show notes, but it’s called listen notes.com, and it is free. I’ve never paid a dime for it, but I’ve used it so much. So I hope you have a great week.

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