Rachel Pedersen Shares Her Best TikTok Tips

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. And I have the most exciting guests that I’ve ever had on my podcast. And you even beat John Lee Dumas for me. Thank you very much. Welcome, Rachel Peterson. She is the queen of social media. 

Thank you. Sorry. I’m interrupting. Because I’m so excited. I am excited to be here. Thanks for having me, Amanda. 

Yes. Thank you. I saw the up email come through and I was like, yes, please. Yes. Please let her say yes to being on the determined mom show because you are the exact person that we need on this show, especially to talk about TikTok, but not only that definitely. 

Being an inspiring mom, and entrepreneur for all of us. Hello, your book covers all of those things that have been coming up in my feed. They are amazing. So I love it. 

I’m so excited to be here and hopefully, a few people will listen and take some action from what we’re gonna talk about today, cuz oh my gosh. There’s so much possibility. It’s really exciting, especially for moms.

You are the bravest TikTok mom that I’ve seen and I love it at least for me, especially with body image and all of those things. Aren’t really talked about, but you’re bringing them to the surface is so important. Especially, to me, I actually was just telling my husband about you. And I was like, look, her belly looks just like mine. 

Rachel Pedersen Shares Her Best TikTok Tips

I was like, wait a minute. And he’s oh, that’s so cool. And I’m like, yes. I love that. So I know you have a new book out. It’s called I’m the boss.

Reclaim ownership of your life, build your dreams, and ditch the nine-to-five. So tell us a little bit about that before we jump into the conversation.

So this is really interesting. And a lot of people have been asking about that. We’ve actually been trying to bury the I’m the boss book. So most people don’t know. I did not do a good job of marketing.

Can I just move really fast? That book came out really fast in 2019 and it’s just resurfaced. And I’m like when you look back on your old, like videos and podcasts and work, and you’re like, Oh, my gosh, this is mortifying 

That’s how I feel about the book. I’m the boss. So pardon? No people are finding it. Okay. So just real fast. I wanna share this, cuz it’s important. Done is better than perfect. 

That book was the prime example of doing. The thing is, we launched that book. Like quietly hosting or sharing it at an event. And in order to do that, we had to list it on Amazon and suddenly a bunch of new copies has resurfaced. And that book is really short.

It’s I wanna say 60 pages and we were selling it for $7 and it was just meant to be like an associate to support the event. And people are buying it now. And I’m like, oh my gosh, like my daughter’s name is misspelled in that book. It is missing a lot of the stories and the heart.

It’s pretty bare-bones. It’s not the worst book, but I will say there’s a part of me. That’s it. Both. I have to be excited and proud of my old work, but also I’m way more excited about our new book that’s coming out, not until September of this year. 

How big was your team when you wrote the one in 2019?

Exactly. So like you did not have the bandwidth to do the kind of book that you put out now.

So yes, but it’s still a good book. It’s got actionable steps. It just doesn’t have the same heart in it, so people can feel free to buy it. but you’ll see the brutal reviews on Amazon. That I’ll be honest. It might have been deserved.

I didn’t deserve that. You’re so nice when you’re helping honestly, like seriously, think about it though, when you’re helping moms or women or anybody. To empower themselves to do something different with their lives. There’s no way that I can get a bad rating.

Unless you just copied it from someone else, which I know you didn’t do.

So obviously, there’s no way that it should get a bad rating. Yeah. But yeah. I wanna talk about TikTok, cause this is obviously your sweet spot in the marketing industry and very interesting. You turned me onto YouTube shorts, which I had never, I didn’t even know that YouTube did short videos.

I was like, oh, they all have to be five minutes or more, like in order to even register on YouTube. But I love that you are using this repurposing method, allowing us to create content and all of those things.

So tell us a little bit about YouTube shorts, but then I also wanna know. How much time do you personally actually spend recording content in a week?

Really good question. Okay. Two parts. I’m just quickly compartmentalizing in my brain. First, I love leveraged content. I feel like every single mom needs to fall in love with leveraged content because we don’t all have time to just create content for 10 hours a day. 

None of us being a parent instantly disqualifies that as an option. So what’s interesting is every time that I create content, I thought, how can I make sure this reaches and supports and serves the most number of people with one piece of work? 

And so what I love is we found this workflow where I create in TikTok and then. Now I do this the lazy way. Some people say it’s less efficient. I think it’s fast. It takes me like five minutes to do this. So I created it in TikTok, I use a platform called Snaptik app to remove the watermark. 

It will slightly Dessy the audio. I’m giving everyone a heads-up, but for me, done is better than perfect. And then I have the ability to use it on IG reels, YouTube shorts, Facebook reels, Pinterest story pins, and so on.

So forth. Like it keeps going. For me, that’s extremely leveraged. So one piece of content can serve in multiple places. And I love YouTube shorts because it’s the first, like really big innovation on YouTube in a while. And it’s forcing us to think okay, what can we create to reach the audience?

Now there are pros and cons and I’ll go fast too. YouTube shorts. YouTube is still figuring out the algorithm and who to serve what with YouTube. Once in a while, your YouTube shorts will hit the wrong side of YouTube and totally serve the wrong audience. So that’s really good to keep in mind. So once in a while, a video will hit, as all the teenage boys need me to say more.

And then okay. Versus like TikTok and IG do a pretty good job already of serving your content to the right people based on what it’s about the caption, and the hashtags you use who engage with your account. YouTube still hasn’t really figured that out. So it’s a little rough, but it’s still worth it.

So for example, one TikTok that I uploaded that I wanna say had five figures worth of views. So successful, not the most successful, but decent. I uploaded it to YouTube. 60 seconds to repurpose it into YouTube shorts and it got 660,000 views. There are a lot of upsides and a lot of potentials.

A lot of people are actually only building their YouTube channels with repurposed and simply using YouTube shorts. So there’s gonna be a lot of possibilities. So I’m just. Posting there. The second part of the question.

How much time do I actually spend creating content each week? Okay. Real fast. Before I share this, I wanna make this super clear in case anyone’s oh my gosh. I create for every single platform, we are active everywhere. Which is a lot.

Rachel Pedersen Shares Her Best TikTok Tips

So in case, you’re like, oh, this sounds super overwhelming. Just remember that. All platforms and I don’t teach people to do that cuz it’s a lot. Yeah. So I create for myself and I also create for a client five times a week who has licensed my image and my per who I am. I’m their ambassador and they pay me for that and that’s the metric. Cool. 

I love metric. Cool. By the way, I have been using them for years. They’re real. They have the best reports on social media. Google my business is my main business and those are the reports that I use for Google my business reporting because it’s amazing.

They also just unlocked scheduling YouTube shorts. So that’s huge and that’s gonna make everything easier. So I created two different businesses. Every single day, Monday through Friday, I don’t create almost any content ever on weekends because I need a break. It goes up to me. 

I would just create all day and then never see my kids and never clean and stuff. Cause I love creating so much. If I am in focus mode, no calls are booked. It takes me three hours. From start to finish to create everything for my business and Metro cool. Each day, Monday through Friday. 

That’s 15 hours a week. So 30 hours a week, essentially. That would be, are you combining the three struggles? 

That’s not bad. That’s not bad at all. 15 hours a week for two. It’s technically three whole businesses cuz I have two businesses. And that’s for all platforms. So that also includes three to five emails a week, and three to five YouTube videos a week. Most people don’t need to keep up that pace.

You’re on a little different level than us right now, but we are all going to be there soon, someday. And we’re excited.

And when we get to that point though, we’ll be creating 15 hours of content every week. 

I may not have to create that much either. I hope I can do it. Because I test every platform. There are probably three platforms I would just drop tomorrow. If I didn’t teach ’em.

That’s awesome. I love it. And, oh my gosh, I watched the one, the TikTok of you and your dad, like doing the. That was so funny. That was like the best TikTok I’ve ever seen, honestly, because you guys were like, Like when you were, when it was like and then you would point to each other oh my, yes, it was 

That was really fun. It was hard to get him to say yes, cuz he was like, I don’t wanna be in a TikTok. And I was like, but dad, like you’re newly single you’re on the market. Like you never know. Yeah. You’re watching. 

That’s a definite very, that’s a way to market your dad I guess. The other TikTok goes back to what we were talking about the mom’s belly and, the Mombod was the bathing suit to the dress. Like you did four or five of those in a row. And I absolutely love that.

 And I am so new to TikTok that I would be afraid to like, And I see this and I see the pattern, when you just scroll through your TikTok, I see the pattern of okay, here’s you’re wearing this shirt, like for five or six videos, and then you’re wearing this shirt for five or six videos. So you just literally create the content, put it up there, and then just put it in that order, whatever you record it in. Is that right? 

So one thing I do that really helps. So you know, how the hardest part of creating content is. Getting a quiet space. Getting the right space, and making sure the lighting is decent. My lighting isn’t right yet in this office, but I’m still gonna create it there. 

You can tell it’s just not quite, it’s fine. It’s not my ideal lighting yet. So getting your lighting, getting your background, getting the quiet space, making sure you like your outfit, your hair, your makeup, that you feel good, your mindset at some point.

Yeah. So when I’m. Space. And sometimes it’s in the in-betweens. I literally batch and draft tons of content for myself and metric. So last time I checked I’ll actually check it now, cuz I think it’s fascinating. I hope TikTok doesn’t play out loud. Okay. For metric. I have 71 drafts. Ready? 

From when. I look and feel my best. So then if I wake up one day and I’m just like, I’m just feeling emotional today. I can literally tap into drafts. Doesn’t really use ’em in order but I can just pull on ’em at any point, I have 530 drafts myself. So goals. Yeah. 

So anytime we have a date night or a time where I’m like, Ooh, I look good. I feel good. I’m excited. If we’re waiting, I’ll literally just pull up my phone and record like 10 talks while I’m waiting. Guests come over or whatever, and then just draft them and I’ll worry about ’em later. So helpful too, to just know you can draft it. 

So the other thing that I love that you do, and I find myself getting hooked into this is like, when you’re like literally sitting there on life, like putting on your makeup and just like brain dumping what you’re thinking at that moment. I absolutely love that. 

And I think. I don’t know, it’s just something that’s totally new to me. And, but it’s very addictive and especially because I wanna hear everything that you say, especially and I’m sure that helps a little bit, but yeah, I think it’s amazing. 

Here’s why I do that. So everyone always likes the marketing angle and that’s great. And marketing’s awesome. And sometimes I’m like, where’s the space for me to just be? And I think we all actually feel that at times, I just wanna just be, and not attach expectations of how many people are gonna be here. 

What value am I going to bring? And so I realize that these mornings and I do it almost every morning as most people know. Usually between usually. Eight and 10 are when I do it. It’s when I’m doing makeup and just quickly getting ready. 

And it’s the best time because it removes all the pressure of performance and metrics and results. It just is. Yeah. And if there are seven people, cool. And this morning there were, was it this morning?

I think it was yesterday. There were like 200 people just on for a little bit and it didn’t stay that way and that’s fine, but I. That’s wild. But I don’t change or try to perform or impress people in the mornings. And it’s just really wonderful to just warm up for a video for the day and life. I’m just being, and I really like it, I 

I think it’s a great, great opportunity, honestly, to get to know you and how your brain works, cuz obviously your brain is fabulous and all of our things are amazing. I think it’s a great opportunity to get to know you and really understand how you think about social media and how you think about TikTok and all of those things.

I think it’s just amazing. So I really love that and I hope you continue it. So if there is a vote, like if you’re ever on the edge of should I keep doing this or should I, is anybody really watching? Yeah. Keep doing it. 

I love it too. Cuz I get unfiltered questions. From really applicable ones. Sometimes there are really wild questions you’ve probably seen in the mornings. Sometimes I’m like we’re not gonna answer that. That’s not. 

Like, it’s like, when you go like this like you’re reading and then you’re like, I’m like 

Show us your feet. No, but I really like that. It’s just this chill environment because when I’m not in teacher mode or podcast mode or stage mode, Even though I’m a high-energy person. I’m a pretty chill person.

I think it captures the, between really well. Yeah. And it’s a time when a lot of people can come on and ask questions that I don’t normally get the time to answer. And I’m excited about it. Yes, it’s cool. 

I love that. And just so the audience knows in order to do that, you have to have at least a thousand subscribers.

And then once in a while, it gets unlocked for people before that. And once in a while, it gets unlocked for people after a thousand. So that’s good to keep in mind.TikTok changes when they roll out things with no rhyme or reason. 

Awesome. Okay. I love it. I really truly appreciate you being here and I would love for you. I already follow you on all of the things and all of the channels and everywhere that I can. But tell everyone where they can find you. And obviously TikTok is one of the hot ones, but 

Okay. So the easiest place to find me first is just my website. Rachel peterson.com. That’s all E and a D and my last name. And I’m pretty sure all my social media accounts are linked on my website, which makes it easy. 

And there’s a bunch of tutorials and resources and different things there. So you can jump in, get everything that you need. And if you just wanna go straight to social, I’m pretty much Mrs. Peterson on every platform.

Awesome. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here with the determined mom show audience. I know that everybody is going to love this episode and love everything that you’ve shared with us. So I truly appreciate you, 

Amanda. Thank you for having me. I’m really honored that you’re inviting me to be on this podcast and I get to do this and talk to the determined mom audience.


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Rachel Pedersen Shares Her Best TikTok Tips


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