Learn How To Start Your Own Profitable Google Business Profile Agency

Welcome to episode 225 of The Determined Mom Show. I’m your host, Amanda Tento, and I’m so glad that you are here listening today. I wanna share with you that we are creating a course right now, and it will be released in December. On how to start your own profitable Google Business profile agency. 

The reason that we’re starting this is that we are almost at full capacity for our agency, and we know that there are so many other business owners out there that need this help, right? They need to be in the top three. They need to be managing their Google presence. 

They are not doing so, and it’s costing them thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. That’s where you come in. This course that we’re creating is geared towards virtual assistance or any type of agency that would like to add Google Business profile services to their lineup.

Google Business Profile Services are very, very profitable. And we are going to walk you through right now, or should I say, I am going to walk you through right now the anatomy of this course, How to start your own Profitable Google Business Profile Agency. We’re going to talk about it. Why Google Business Profile Services?

We’re gonna talk about pricing. We’re gonna talk about the time commitment, profitability, and also how to scale. In recent months, our agency has started taking on, I should say, in the last six months, our agency has started taking on businesses that have between 100 and a thousand or more listings and being able to help them and optimize in bulk.

Their listings and manage and bulk their listings. We’re able to, we’re now able to create these updates, create so many different things, and it is a very profitable niche to be in. We’re gonna talk about all of those things. We’re gonna go into, in this training, every single aspect that you need to know about adding Google Business Profile Services to your agency or your service.

We’re gonna talk about the anatomy of Google Business Profiles, you’re going to get a mini course within the overall course. And we’re also gonna talk about services, products, reviews, review generation, review responses, photos, and videos. We’re gonna talk about all of the different types of posts.

We’re gonna talk about photos, and geotagging best practices for posts or updates. The different kinds of updates you can do. We’re gonna talk about the text of every single update and what should be in it. You get 1500 characters, we wanna make sure that we’re maximizing that on every post. We’re gonna talk about calls to action.

Learn How To Start Your Own Profitable Google Business Profile Agency

We’re also going to talk about tools, and the tools that we use, and we’ll also include lots of different resources and tools at the end. In the last module. You’ll have access to everything that you need. This is going to be a one-stop shop.

You’ll go through the course, set up things, and then you can get going within probably, I wanna say, a week of completing the course, if not sooner. We’re also gonna talk about a map view versus a search view, which is something that’s changed in recent months that has had a tremendous impact on visibility and access for business owners. We’re gonna go through the maps view on desktop, the maps view on mobile, and also the search view on both mobile and desktop.

We’re gonna talk about reporting. There are two tools that we like to use for reporting for our clients, and one will show them their local rank within a certain mile radius of their business. The other one is more of a detailed metric-oriented report, and that is our favorite report to use, but it gives them a really good snapshot of what our progress has been over time.

It also gives them an idea of what is working, and what’s not working. It shows them reviews that are responded to, and reviews that aren’t responded to, and we’ll also include examples of good results. Bad results and we’ll have sample reports and case studies included for you to use in your business For prospecting, there are so many different ways that you can get clients.

There’s traction marketing. There are different tools that you can use. There are cold emails and cold calling. You can focus specifically on a social media platform if you wanna do that. Cold messaging.  There are many different ways to get clients. 

Learn How To Start Your Own Profitable Google Business Profile Agency

Most of our clients now come to us just because of the reputation that we’ve built up over the last few years of helping people to grow their businesses. So that’s another way of getting clients. But we’ll go through all of those different ways.

We’ll have all of the different tools that you can use, everything that you need to get started is going to be in this course in the tools and resources section, which is going to be the last section. We’re going to give you discounts on the tools that we currently use.

We’re going to let you know. What tools training will be provided on how to use every single tool within the relevant module? We’re also going to give you resources, we’re going to give you a tracking sheet so you can track all of your posts. You can track all of your clients, you can track everything that you need, all within one tracking sheet.

We also have a folder system that we’ve created that will help you to keep track of clients, not only keep track of them but communicate with them within that folder system. And you can share a file folder for photos that way they can just drop any photos that they have that are relevant to any content that they might want you to post on their listing.

And we also have a proprietary sheet. We send this to every client when we get started. We want to know what their special hours are for the year. It takes the client about five minutes to update, but it gives us all of the information that we need to know to help them to keep their profile updated for the entire year.

Very important, very underrated, and very important that Google. Those businesses that are keeping that information fresh, keeping their clients abreast of any closures of any vacations. All of those things help Google to know and trust your business. If you are interested in this course, it will be coming out very soon this month, and you can find out more about it @tdmmarketing.com.

Forward slash course. Thank you so much for listening, and we hope that you enjoyed this episode and we hope that you become one of the newest Google Business Profile Agency owners. Thank you and have a great week.

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