Planning for 2021-Can it be done?

Planning for 2021

Welcome to episode number 75 of The Determined Mom Show. I honestly cannot believe it has been 75 episodes, but I love podcasting, which I have yet to picture myself doing.

So never say never, and try anything you think might be a good fit for your business because it just might be so happy—75th episode. Looking forward to 100 coming up soon, and that will probably be in. May, so that’ll be two years of podcasting and all those things. So anyway, let’s go ahead and get into the topic for today, which will be planned for 2021.

So I chuckle at this because all of us had plans for 2020. They all went out the window. So collectively as a world, which I can’t even believe that I’m saying that collectively as a world, everything that was planned for 2020 got derailed. That is, first of all, unprecedented. And second of all, it was terrifying, very overwhelming, and very uncertain.

And it still is. So as we go into our planning for 2021, how can we take the lessons that we learned from 2020 and the chaos of a year that it was, and really. A dynamic, flexible plan instead of a static, rigid one for our businesses will be the challenge. So first, I want to start with planners.

I am a planner freak and absolutely love the law of Attraction planner. If you have never used the law of attraction planner, The main reason that I love it is that there are not very many planners that start at 5:00 AM and go all the way up to 10:00 PM. My day can start between five and eight, so it’s tough to say on any given day, but I like having that.

The flexibility of scheduling something in the morning. Sometimes, I’ll do a podcast recording with someone on the East Coast, and I might do it at like six o’clock because it’s nine for them, and it just works. So I need to be able to have that early morning scheduling ability. And also I go to bed at eight 30 every night.

But if I don’t, I have something that needs to happen in the evening. Then that is also there for scheduling as well. So I love to have that. It also has a place for three priorities at the top of each day, and it also has a place for goals and birthdays, and it even has a little graphic at the bottom for you to drink your eight cups of water.

So you fill in this little cup and say that you’ve. So each week, it has a positive habit maker chart. And so the ones that are default in here are gratitude, love, meditation, exercise, and then there are five that you can fill in the blank on. So if you have any goals or habits that you’re trying to form, this will also help you track them.

It also has a weekly to-do list; you can separate it by top priority and foremost priority. And it also has a goal for the week and a reward if you achieve it. Now it also has a little section for notes. It’s like a bullet point background, and I think it helpful to jot down how that week.

The other thing that I love about it is that I am a huge proponent of the law, of attraction, and, you know, positive energy and positive thinking. So it also has a vision board built into it so you can open it and glue all your little pictures on. And I did that for 2020.

It didn’t. Very well, but I think it still needs to be done. But I love the fact that you can have that here. It’s always with you if your planner is with you, and it’s just an amazing feature. Then it has a whole bunch of goal planning and tools. So I love the Law of Attraction planner.

If you’re still looking for it, I Highly recommend it. You can get it on their website, just Google like log attraction planner, or you can get it on Amazon. So I’d fluctuate between where I get it, but this will be my fourth year of using it in 2021. So love it. And let’s see. The thing is that. Two thousand twenty-one stars on a Friday is good because that first Monday will be January 4th, so we can create the year with good, positive intentions.

I do not doubt that the coronavirus is still going to be. A considerable part of our life is at that point because a vaccine seems far away, and we must consider those things in our planning. Please take a look when you’re making your plan. You can use smart goals if you want, but consider making them flexible.

And what I mean by flexible is what are you going to do if this happens or that happens, or if you don’t meet your goal, or are you going to have another fallback to, you know, meeting that goal? Do you know if that goal is set in stone? I think there’s a lot of flexibility that we need to be building into 2021 as business owners and as moms and as, I don’t know, people,

It’s just crazy. The other thing I want to stress that we build into 2021 will be—mental health time. And the reason for that is that this year has been horrendous for mothers’ mental health, whether it be childcare, schooling, working, or having no one to watch your child.

So much pressure has been placed on our shoulders this year that we had to build a regular self-care routine into our calendars in 2021. And I know there have been many guests on this podcast talking about self-care and its importance. But if this year has taught us anything, they are right.

And I will have a massage and facial today, which I have never done. Well, I’ve gotten massages before, but I’m going to get a facial, which I’ve never done. And I wouldn’t have done it if I had not had my best friend buy me a gift certificate for my birthday.

It has been two years since I’ve had this gift certificate, and I have never used it. I am taking 2020 as the year of pampering myself and getting it done. I recommend scheduling a couple of hours a week so that you can be completely alone. I prefer getting up by myself before everyone else in the house.

So not only am I alone, but the house is quiet. And sometimes, at the end of the day, if things are crazy here and I need a minute, I’ll just drive somewhere and sit in a parking lot or sit at a park and relax. Journal or enjoy the peace because my house is never quiet, so I’m sure if you have children, yours is the same.

So, it’s not a bad thing, but it’s something that we as moms need to acknowledge that we definitely need a break from. Especially when we’re with our kids 24 hours a day, seven days a week, like now, the other thing that I would love if you would reflect on is how you plan your year.

You may be someone other than a paper planner person. I am a paper planner. And a Google Calendar person because I love having those reminders and things come through on my computer when it’s like 10 minutes away from something. But I also love writing and planning, using pen and paper, and seeing it in my visual.

I’m a visual learner, a visual person. I just wanted to let you know that you need to decide that. There are also online planners that you can use. It combines the best of both worlds where you get a pretty planner, and it will function like a paper planner where you can write things and do all that stuff, but it takes all of the property from your Google Calendar and puts it onto their.

So the one that I like to use for that is called Artful agenda. And there will be a workbook for you for 2021 goal planning; you can grab the link there. I also want you to focus on what you struggled with in 2020. Most likely, it’s the pandemic and all the changes it forced on our life.

I want you to think about it in terms of your business, like where were the weak points? Where were the points where you realized that you had a weakness in your business or overlooked something or something like that? There’s nothing wrong with having them; everybody has them, so it’s just a matter of.

Thinking about that, thinking about what exactly it was, and then trying to find solutions to it in 2021. So I would love it if you would join me in creating these intentions and trying to figure out precisely what you need to do to meet not only your financial goals but also your spiritual, emotional, family, and health goals.

If you’re trying to change your habits, I want you to think of them more as a habit and less as a goal. And an awesome episode is coming up on December 30th, and you will have to check that out. But it is all about approaching 2021 with amazing intentions, setting resolutions, and changing your habits.

So it’s an awesome episode, and I would highly recommend it. And. I will have it for you on thedeterminedmom.com. You can head over there to grab your 2021 Goal Planner. I had this for 2020, and it was great. It helped many people plan out and answer many of these questions, like what was profitable, what went wrong, what went well, and.

Nobody anticipated that everything we planned in the first three months of the year would go out the door for the rest of the year. So this one is gonna be a little more flexible. It will allow you to build that flexibility into your planning and all of those things. So, I hope that you enjoy it, and I hope that you were able to take something away from this episode no matter what it is, no matter how small, I still hope that you took something away because I feel like we all need to refocus and just reframe our minds and.

Reset for 2021, lower our expectations, but also increase our intention. That’s the best way that I can frame it. So I hope you have a wonderful week, and thank you for listening. This episode of The Determined Mom Show is brought to you by the Google My Business Master course. This course features six modules and 18 lessons that will walk you through step by step how you can master Google My Business.

And get a ranking in your industry for the locations you want in six to nine weeks. This course is robust, and it features step-by-step instructions. You can always access it at tdmmarketing academy.thinkific.com or go to thedeterminedmom.com and click on Google My Business. As a thank you for being a loyal, determined mom, and show listener, you can save 20% by using the code podcast.


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