How to Optimize Your Own Google My Business Listing

How to Optimize Your Own Google My Business Listing

Welcome to episode number 99 of The Determined Mom Show. First of all, I cannot believe it. It has been 99 episodes and very close to two years, just a few days away from two years that The Determined Mom Show has been inspiring and helping moms just like you to market their businesses, improve their lives, and so much more.

Today I want to share how to optimize your Google My Business listing on your own. I had an idea a couple of weeks ago, and many people out there have reached out to me about optimization, but they have not pulled the trigger. They’re on the fence about the pricing or on the wall about not knowing exactly how we do it.

The Google My Business Optimization Workbook. So it goes through every step of our proven Google My Business optimization method that helps get you moving up those rankings and really showing up for the customers you would like to show up for. This is an 18-page workbook with every detail you need to know to customize your Google My Business profile.

It also includes three bonuses: messaging, so you will learn everything you need to know about messaging on Google My business.  And you will also learn, and you will also learn all of the different post types. So you’ll understand exactly what they are and the purpose behind each post.

So that’s extremely exciting. The other thing is I have a little resource library there for you for my favorite tools and the Google My Business Master course. Very excited about that. And to learn more or to sign up, you can go to tdmmarketing.com and scroll down to the bottom where our services are listed, and you will see the second column over the Google My Business Optimization workbook.

So excited that this is finally done. It has been a passion project of mine, and I am happy to share it with you. Let’s move on to what will happen in the next few weeks. As I said, this is episode number 99, so next week, we will have episode number 100 airing on May 5th. So starting this weekend on Saturday, May 1st, we will have our optimization services on sale for five days.

For just $100. So that is taking $37 off of the current pricing. I hope that you will take advantage of that because it is such a great deal, and you will be able to effortlessly, um, you know, optimize your profile and get into the best shape that you can so that way you can start managing it and get up there and start outranking your competitors another.

Very exciting that’s going to happen is that next week’s episode is going to be my husband interviewing me about the podcast for the last two years. So he is my biggest supporter and my sounding board for everything I do in my business. And he’s just been there every step of the way.

So it’s going to be very exciting to share. With you, all, get his take on how he’s seen the business and podcast evolve over the last two years. And I’m excited about the clubhouse talks that we have. Every Friday after the episode airs, you can check in the Determined Mom Show Club on Clubhouse to see when the room is for that Friday.

Every Friday, we will discuss this week’s episode, doing a q and a with every podcast guest in a clubhouse. Join us for that. Please, as always, leave us a review on iTunes so we can reach as many other mom business owners as possible and help them grow in tranquility and wealth, multiplying those precious moments. I hope you have a great week.

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