My New Secret Weapon For Creating Content

Welcome to episode 163 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I wanna talk to you about my new secret weapon for creating content. And I don’t mean just blog posts, I don’t mean just website copy or social media posts. This particular thing, to the tool I will say, has everything that you could even.

Possibly imagine writing and I’m gonna go through all of the different things that it does and you will be astonished. I have tested it on a few different things that I’ve had to write in the last few days. One of them being meta descriptions for my website. And it writes an amazing meta description. 

You tell it, you know, a couple of different words and it will produce a meta description, you know, with those words that make sense. Like I wrote, it’s. Just blowing my mind. It’s making things so much easier as far as SEO and so many other things go. So I wanna go through it. This tool is called Word Hero and I got it on AppSumo, and I think it was a little bit more than most of the Sumo apps. I think it was around $89, but it is a lifetime license.

I think this is gonna pay for itself within the first week or two, just because of the amount of time that it’s gonna save. So I’m gonna go through and read you some of the things that it can do. So they have it all broken out. And for business, it will help you write book titles, book descriptions, brand name ideas, marketing ideas, product benefits, product descriptions, product names, start elevator pitches, startup ideas, startup slogans, and startup value propositions.

For marketing, Amazon product descriptions, blog conclusions, blog headlines, blog intros, blog outlines, blog topics, cold emails, emails, and subject lines. Explain it like a professor. 

You put in a topic and it will explain that topic like a professor does like super, you know, big words, educated language, crazy. The other thing that’s crazy is it says, to explain it to a child. So if you have a difficult concept that you need to explain to someone, you can put it in there and it will break it down into, you know, the understanding of a child. It’s insane. So Facebook ad copies, FAQs, generic emails, Google ads, and HSO copywriting formula.

That’s a hook story offer. Lists, which I’m not even sure what that is, but it sounds interesting. It says listicles are great for blog posts, videos, and social media. So I guess it’s just like lists. I don’t know. Offer ideas, quotable quotes, and SEO descriptions, which is the thing that I’ve been using for the last few days.

Website about us and welcome emails. Now, that’s just two of the five different categories that they have. Social media, personal opinion, video ideas, video titles, social media, post ideas, and video descriptions In writing tools, it has an AIDA copywriting formula analogy, provider, bullet point expander, and content rewriter.

So it will, um, rewrite your sentence differently. And then it has another new improved content rewriter two. I’m assuming that that does a better job, but I’m not sure. Descriptive expression. For example, provide a grammar corrector PS copywriting formula. So that’s a pain agitate solution sentence expander and tone changer.

So if you have written a sentence or you’ve written a copy and you can’t figure out if it should be friendly or if it should be formal or whatever that tone should be, this thing changes it so crazy. 

My New Secret Weapon For Creating Content

And then under miscellaneous, we have cutter letters, fictional story ideas, and a personal LinkedIn bio. Poems, product reviews, Quora answers, and song lyrics. Like, what the heck? This thing can write song lyrics. So if you are like me and you have to write a lot, but you don’t love writing,  this is the most amazing tool that I’ve ever found. I am a huge Sumo app person, and that’s obviously where you’re gonna get it.

If you use the link in the show notes, you’re gonna get $10 off. So that is a great bonus for you. And it is just, oh my gosh, it’s so cool. It’s amazing. So I wanted to share it with you because I know there are so many different types of business owners in this community, and there are so many things that this tool can help you do.

I hope that you enjoy it. And again, I wanna tell you what it is. It’s called Word Hero and you can purchase it and I don’t even know how much it is if you purchase it, on their website. Let me see if I can find out. Okay, I am going to see it now. Nope, maybe not.

Okay, so the pricing without App Sumo is $29 per month if you pay annually, and if you pay monthly, it is $49 per month. Let me tell you that. You better just buy it on AppSumo because it’s $89 for a lifetime membership, um, or lifetime access, which is insane. I. Like $89 once versus $49 a month if you pay monthly.

That’s crazy. So definitely grab yours. I don’t know how long it is on AppSumo, let me check that. Okay, so. It doesn’t say when it expires on AppSumo, so I would assume that it’s gonna be there for a little while. but they will send you a notification and let you know when it is going to expire if you have it in your cart.

So definitely at least go put it in your cart for when you have the funds to buy it. But I am absolutely in love with this thing and I hope that you find it. Useful and hope that it changes things for you and gives you more time back. All right, thank you, and have a great week

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