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 Learn How to Use Google My Business to Increase Your Revenue

Welcome to episode 59 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I will give you a. Sneak preview of the Google My Business Master course I just released.

The Google My Business Master course features every step I use to help my clients go from page six up to number one to three in the Google search results, and that is where you want to be. When you’re in that top three, you will see a dramatic increase in calls, website visits, and actual visits to your location.

If you’re a physical location, it will dramatically increase your IS revenue. This course consists of five modules. A lot of lessons, but they’re very short and very actionable, so you can work through them at your own pace and start ranking probably. I typically see my client’s ranking within about six to nine weeks.

So it depends on you, how much effort you put into it, and making sure you’re consistent. So enjoy the episode, and if you’d like to enroll, you can go to the link in the show. Without further ado, please enjoy the first two lessons of the Google My Business Master course. Hello everyone, and welcome to module one of the Google My Business Masterclass.

The first thing that I want to say is I’m so happy you’re here, and I’m so happy that you want to learn more about Google My Business. It is the most powerful tool for your business, not social media. So Google created My Business, and it’s an accessible business listing, and it allows you to set your hours, your website, your phone number, all of those things, and control the, you know, the changes and all of those things in them.

So you must stay on top of it and follow Google’s guidelines and all of those things. But Google my business is important because you can reach your ideal customers when they’re looking for your service. This is important for service-based businesses. So plumbing, heating, and air conditioning are the top services that can benefit from Google.

My business, however, coaches. Virtual assistants, all of those types of businesses, can also benefit. The reason is that if I’m searching for, let’s say, a virtual assistant in my area or near me, and no one has a Google My Business listing, then what you’re going to get is a bunch of organic website results.

That’s going to give them more than the answers that they need. They will need help finding the person they’re looking for. So by creating that listing, optimizing it, and managing it like you’re going to learn in this course, you can go to the top of Google My Business. So, The goal is to always be in that top three, which we’ll discuss in a minute of Google My Business, and be able to see yourself there and be the one that those people that are searching and binding you are finding and calling and visiting your website.

You always want to be in that top three. Let’s get it. Hello there, Amanda Tento and I am ready to get into module two with you. We will talk about search results and what they currently look like. This is going to change. I’ll be updating it as the Google search results in page changes, but I want to show you what they look like and how to research your competitors and see if anybody is managing their profile properly.

I’m going to go ahead and share my screen. So we will go right here, and I’m going to Google and search for, I know, a hair salon near me. I need a haircut, so this would be a good one. Hair salon. So all of these hair salons come up, and it tells you, whatever, this one has not updated their covid status.

Right now, hair salons are allowed to be open with many restrictions in our area. This particular business is either closed or needs to be managing its Google My Business profile. So this is the anatomy of a Google search right now. So the first thing you see is the map, and you’ll also see these three listings.

This is the snack pack and is Google’s most relevant suggestion. Now you can click on more places. And you can see that all of these show up. Now all of these are Google My Business listings, so it’s really important to note that if it’s not claimed, if you’re not managing it, probably not going to be showing up here on the first page.

However, I occasionally see random ones like this showing up for no reason; that is, they have no reviews. It’s probably not a clean listing. You can tell that it’s not a clean listing because it says own this business question mark. It doesn’t have any hours, and it doesn’t have a website, so they would really need to claim that business listing.

And we’ll get into that in the next lesson if I’m a hair salon and I want to know if other hair salons around me, like my competition, are properly managing their Google My Business profile, I’m just going to. And we’re going to look and see. They still need to update their hours for Covid, so that’s super easy.

This one does not look like a managed profile. That’s a good sign to me as a business owner because that means that, guess what? It’s going to be easy for me to blow past them when, you know, I start optimizing my profile. They do have a little update here about Covid. They have web results but have yet to post them to their profile.

They haven’t replied to any reviews, so that’s good. So all those things tell me that my competition could be at the top because they’re managing their Google My Business properly. That means it will be much easier for me as a business or you to climb to the top and blow past all of those.

So here is another one where they need to fill out the hours. They need the website; wondering if the owners even claim it. There are no review responses and no updates. Again, super easy to fly past them. This one looks like it is potentially claimed. They have their website and all that good stuff in there.

They have reviews. Perfect. They’ve got thoughts, but they need to manage their profile. I’m going to find someone that is managing their profile if that exists. Okay. This one is responding to their results or reviews. So that is one positive. I’m trying to find one that does update.

I do not see any of that update. Profile. It’s a shame because they’re missing out on so much business. It’s crazy how much this can influence your bottom line by doing. Okay? So I will do it because nobody’s doing it; I will show you someone I know who does it.

That is Angie from Harmony Photography in Gallup. So this is a managed profile, and she has everything filled out. She has tons of reviews. She’s replied to all of the reviews. I left her review, too, because she did my branding pictures, and I love them. So she responds to every thought, which is. This is what we’re looking for.

We’re looking to view her previous update. So the last update that she did was on May 12th, 2020, and she posted a boudoir photo. She posted a wedding photo, a wedding that she did; in March, she posted her funny, funny, promotion of giving everyone a roll of toilet paper, and she updates it often.

So you can see that all of these gorgeous photos that she’s posting allow her potential clients to see her business, but it’s also giving Google those signals like, hey, I am a business. I want people to see me. I am ready for business. I’m open to all of those things. So very important to keep up with that.

So this is an example of what we want to see from your business, and this is the kind of maintenance that will get you to the top. So, We’ll go ahead and wrap this up and get into module three, which will be about how to claim or create your Google My Business Profile. 


If you have any questions, let us know! Reach out to us!

If you want to grab the course and learn how to quickly increase your phone calls, website visits, and customer volume, sign up here!

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