Clubhouse 411: How You Can Use it to Grow Your Business

Clubhouse 411: How you can use it to grow your business

Welcome to episode number 87 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I want to talk to you about Clubhouse, what it is, and what I’ve learned after being on it for a couple of weeks. So if you’ve seen Any comments or any posts on Facebook about Clubhouse, what in the heck is it? So Clubhouse is a new social media platform that is all audio. 

So, imagine a Zoom room where you can’t see anyone. You can go about your business and do your laundry and do all of the things, not wear any makeup, not have to do your hair, but really connect with other business owners that you can help add value to them and teach them things and you can also learn from them.

So there’s also a lot of other rooms in Clubhouse that are not business related, that are more lifestyle related and that kind of things, which are awesome as well. And the caveat there are a couple of caveats to Clubhouse, and one is that you have to have an Apple product cause it’s only on Apple right now.

So either an iPod or an iPhone or whatever, whatever type of Apple product you have, then you can join. And I assume it will be out for Android at some point, but I wanted to be an early adopter. Of course, I had a severe case of FOMO because I saw so many people with these amazing success stories of connections they’ve made and different things that have happened to them just because they were in the clubhouse.

I ended up looking up, and I have Xfinity Mobile, by the way, and I love it because it’s on Verizon’s network, but it’s a steal of a price, and they had an iPad, so I ordered the iPad, and it’s like four bucks a month added to my bill, which is amazing—plus $10 for the line. So I’m paying like 14 bucks a month for my iPad, and honestly, it was worth every penny because Clubhouse is worth its weight in gold, and it doesn’t weigh anything.

And I know. I get the analogy there, but maybe it’s worth the weight of my iPad in gold. So the second caveat to Clubhouse is that you have to be invited. So you have to know already somebody that’s in Clubhouse. They have to have an invitation available, and they have to ask you. My little workaround was that I gave a friend my phone number and tied that to my clubhouse account even though I have an Android, and I could still get the text for the confirmation.

So, That was my little workaround to that. And if you need an invite, I have a few available, so you can always reach out to me at amanda@thedeterminedmom.com, and I can add you. As I’ve been becoming more active, I’ve gotten to have some more invites. That is another thing. You initially get one invite, and you can use it right.

And then eventually, as you get more active, you’re going to start getting more and more invites, and you can invite more and more people. So there are a few sections to Clubhouse. You can search so that you can find people, and you can find clubs. So people are, obviously, people. So you can type in. handle, which will be at, and then whatever they have chosen for their grip.

And then you can also look for clubs. So clubs are things like there are French rooms if you’re learning to speak French. If you are, I’m reading through it right now. There are wine rooms; there are rooms for people from specific areas of the world. Pretty much anything you can imagine.

And I eventually want to create a Google My Business Club because that is my niche, and I love helping people with Google My Business. First, I encourage you to complete your profile, upload your picture and include as many links as possible. The clubhouse is amazing because, in your bio, you can include links, and you can have many characters in your bio, so it’s not.

Any other platform where you’re super limited to space. Some people have a crazy long bio with all kinds of links and that kind of thing. Another cool thing is you can link it to your Instagram so you can get more followers on Instagram. I’ve noticed that that has happened since I started in the clubhouse.

Another interesting thing is that whoever invites you to Instagram, I mean to the clubhouse, you will be permanently linked to them. So my profile says that Annemarie Gustafson nominated me, which is accurate, and I would; I’m very proud of that and happy. But if someone invites you, you don’t know.

Could you make sure that their business aligns with yours or their reputation? The other thing is I would recommend either just popping into a room and just listening and seeing how things go or how it operates, or you can create your private space and invite a couple of your friends to join you.

Chat and talk and see how it works and how you can unmute yourself and mute yourself and all those things. I highly recommend being on it. The things that I have learned in the last few weeks, and I haven’t been super active on it, I’m not going to lie because I’ve been distracted and busy and, and all of those things because we just moved, and we’re trying to paint and clean and unpack, so very interesting.

Very cool platform. I tend to avoid the rooms with the big marketing gurus in them because I’ve heard some crazy stories from them. And I feel like if I’m going to spend energy, I want to be learning from people who are experts in their fields, but they’re also smaller rooms where if I have a question, I could have the.

To ask a question. So that is an essential part of networking, being able to learn and also being able to get more clarification and understanding. So another very cool thing is that. You can invite speakers if you like. So if you are hosting a room and want other people to talk, you can ask them to be a speaker.

They can only decline if they’re in a position to talk, and they can still listen as an attendee or audience member, but they won’t be able to contribute to the conversation. So very cool. And I am trying to host a Google my business room every day-ish around 11:00 AM Eastern time.

And I know that’s a little bit early for the West coasters, and believe me, I feel your pain because I have lived on the West coast for the last six years, but I’m trying to juggle it around my schedule, so—Google my business room at 11:00 AM ish—almost every day. My goal is to spread awareness of Google my business and how businesses should be using it, how it can increase revenue, and sharing natural tips and tricks and advice and answering questions.

So that is how I show up on Clubhouse. You can choose however you want to show up on Clubhouse, but it is; I highly recommend that you go ahead and get on now and start developing your presence because it is definitely. An experience that’s beyond Facebook and Instagram. Beyond LinkedIn.

And the other thing I like about it is there’s no ability to like spam people. Would you happen to know? So like, it’s different than you can go and send someone a private message. All you can do is follow them. So on LinkedIn, I get dozens of connection requests and letters, and then they send the follow-up message, and then they send a follow-up message, and then they send a follow-up message.

And if I sat down and took time to reply to every single message on LinkedIn, I would get nothing done in my day. So that is one reason that I shy away from LinkedIn as my preferred platform, just because it is so, at this point, saturated with direct messages and things like, So, with that said, I hope that you will go, and if you have an iPhone or an iPad, download Clubhouse and join us.

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