How to Trade Busy for Better with Tracy Morgan

How to Trade Busy for Better with Tracy Morgan

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Mom Show. Today we have Tracy Lynn Morgan of Tracy Lynn Morgan, and she is a productivity, behavior change, and personal growth coach.

Today we’ll talk about how to trade busy for better, and you’ll give us three questions that we can ask ourselves to reconnect with what matters. This is so important right now. Like, I can’t even stress the importance of this. It’s just nuts this year. We are doing all the things, wearing all the hats, and the work we are all doing is amazing. 

How did you get started working?

I am a productivity consultant improvement consultant, and I was in corporate for years and, when I had, when I was pregnant with my first baby, I was actually on a contract in Canada, and my husband was here in the states. And it came time to have my baby because I couldn’t fly anymore.

I had to end that contract. And I always had this vision of returning to corporate, that world. And I came back at 31 weeks, and we had our baby two weeks later. Wow. And it just rocked my world and everything, I thought. That envision for myself completely changed. And I had this kind of day of reckoning.

I say because we spent five weeks in NICU, and bless all those NICU moms. And the nurses and the staff and I was driving in one day, and there was a flood on the road, and I had this point where the water was filling up on the road and in my mind, and I was like, nothing will keep me between my baby and me.

And I think I got there obviously safely. But it changed everything. I was like, everything that I thought I was. And this vision I had for myself was not who I was becoming as a mother on that journey. I had to do a hard stop and reset. And we went in, and my husband and I re-looked at our vision, what we wanted for ourselves, and kind of that path that we had laid out for our lives.

I used my training, like, vision, strategy, and productivity, to rev. That is my direction, and these are helpful for moms. Cause we all evolve and transition. And it’s so important to be connected with that, set the life up you want, and then bring that into your day.

I started to do, is a package that knowledge and that wisdom and that experience really of what I was doing in corporate and bringing it home to moms that were purpose-driven moms building their business from the ground up and reconnecting with the life that they truly wanted to live and the motherhood that they envision for themselves, what I do now help purpose-driven moms step into that and design days that work.

And what you said is what we all experience with our first child. This shift happens, and I always talk about this. This is like the most magical moment I’ve ever experienced because, one moment, you don’t have a baby.

And you don’t have that huge burden of responsibility for this baby. And then the next moment, like there’s a moment when that child is born, and your entire life changes forever. It will never be the same, and it’s such a magical moment, and you can’t. You can get it again, like with the second and third co-child, but it’s still not the same as that moment when you become a parent.

I completely understand what you’re saying, and I think we all, as moms, can relate to that and have that feeling and having that plan for what we thought we were going to do after we had the baby, and then realistically, like, oh, that’s not going to work for me. And that was the big moment.

And isn’t it? The irony is that you enter one of the busiest times of your life. And where, you know, you enter into motherhood, and maybe you have a business on the go, or you’re, you know, you’re bringing in that experience and who you were and, and integrating it in now with these new roles, and you have no time to think, and that’s when you do need to.

You know, have that space to be like, who am I becoming and how do I want to embody that in my day, and what’s my vision for that? Yeah. And we don’t even have time to think through that. And then all of a sudden, we wake up, and our day isn’t working for us, and our life is going in this direction, and we’re like, I don’t feel fulfilled.

This doesn’t feel right to me.  And so my whole hope is to help empower moms and women to re-take that time mm-hmm. as they go and have that as part of their practice to make sure that they’re completely synced, that their life is integrated, that their whole is reflected in their day and what’s most important to them in their business, in their home life, you know, as a mother, in your, your other related.

There are all the things that it’s not necessarily that you have to be much more productive and get so much more done. Sometimes the actual root issue is that you need more to do. And so it waters down your productivity. So this is where I like to back it up and start to look at that inside that input to productivity and hone in on what is most important to you.

What do you want to focus on and bring into your day, and focus on that top 20%? The Pareto principle here is 80 20 rule, where if you could figure out that top 20%, that’s going to make 80% of the impact in your life and start there set that as your definition for a good day, knowing that you have the important things covered, then the rest is icing on the cake.

Then you can slide in those other things as you need to if you can get to them, but you know your bases are covered, and you can have a little bit more ease in your day. 20% are connected and most important to you, then that’s where you start to get that meaning and that fulfillment in your life.

You don’t have to do that every week, but when you’re connected to that, you. And if you’re not, then you revisit and say, in this role, what’s most important to me? Who am I? What’s my vision going forward? And then the second question is, why does that matter to me? So that’s bringing your values back in.

And when we live not congruently to our values, it causes that internal friction and struggle. So if we can connect into why that’s important to us, it also helps give us—motivation and inspiration when the going gets tough.

How to Trade Busy for Better with Tracy Morgan..

And we are more likely to stick with it. What are the top 20% on your essential list? Not your to-do list, but these are the things that will move your needle and help you stay consistent and feel good about your day and add that meaning and purpose back in.

Do you suggest going through them and picking one thing that would make you happy from each? Is that a good place to start if you accomplish that one thing from those six categories each day?

And even back it up to a week; a week is a great chunk, right? Because maybe, you know, you don’t want all this pressure. This isn’t a pressure cooker thing. This is, I sit down at the beginning of each week, write those six rolls down, and say, what are the keys? The most important things I want to get done this week will make me feel at the end of the week.

It was a part of me; I was a better mom to express myself holistically: all the different parts and roles of myself. So even two hours a week was enough for me. And I would say if you’re starting, you may have more time, you may not, but choose an amount of time that you can, that you have a certain, like a high degree of confidence that you can do so you feel good about that.

What’s most essential for my business to move my needle? It is a better word because it just gives you all of this power and control over, you know, what you need to do and how you’re using your time, which a lot of us feel like.

Please feel free to follow through with something that works for you. Then you can grow it. , you start to change your identity and squash those beliefs that are in your way and aren’t serving you anymore.

And you replace them because you’ve made progress, you’ve proved to yourself that you can do this, and then it’s a snowball, and you can start to do bigger things, and you can start to challenge yourself and feel comfortable and confident in that realm.

I thought that I was like Tracy Morgan. This sounds very familiar. And then I realized, oh, he’s the comedian, right? I have enjoyed this episode, and you’ve provided so much value, even to me. So if no one else gets value from it, you can at least rest assured that you’ve provided me some value that makes a difference for me too. 

If you have any questions, let us know! Reach out to us!

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