How to Stop Stress Without the Extra Evening Glass of Wine with Lane Kennedy

How to Stop Stress Without the Extra Evening Glass of Wine with Lane Kennedy

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Mom Show. Today we have a very special guest, Lane Kennedy, and she is a call maker and also a longevity coach. Today’s topic is stopping stress without an extra evening glass of wine. So I can relate to that, and I’m super excited that you’re here to share with all moms who are moms, business owners, teachers, housekeepers, and financial planners. I don’t know, whatever else.

We are driven, determined mothers. Could you identify that completely? I know that these last nine months, ten months, whatever it is now, you know, it’s, it’s been tough and challenging for so many of us, and I keep reading in all the periodicals or online.

There is a 60% increase in that nightly drink. And this is not the time to be drinking, I hate to say it, because that extra drink, that extra drink, um, we may think at the moment it’s going to alleviate the stress, but long-term the effects are so much worse.

Having that extra glass of wine at night becomes more disruptive to our internal system. You’ll want to have it around four o’clock or dinnertime, like cook with it or something. Right. Could you just change the habit? So you’re just having it a little earlier and having one glass. You don’t need to have a whole bottle. Yeah. I mean, I know people that do. 

It makes me appreciate and enjoy the school system so much more, but now that I’m doing everything, taking timeouts is more important. Like I schedule them into my calendar when I am just not available. There are two adults in the house. Like my husband, he’s working from home too. I go through my calendar and time block and then leave the house because I know that if I don’t leave the house, I will still get caught on.

That’s what one strategy that I’ve used and taught a bunch of my clients is just inserted. Calendar breaks where you physically leave the house. And I’m not talking about like going grocery shopping. Mm-hmm. , I’m talking about going and getting a cup of tea and walking around the block or your neighborhood.

The appropriate age. Of course, you won’t do that, but you could tag it with your partner. You know, like, I need to leave the house. And he’ll love you more for it, or she’ll love you more if you take that time. 

We can’t help it. We can’t help ourselves. So it’s like we have to put these protocols, like safety protocols, in place. The thing with the wine is that, you know, everybody is just reaching for that because it does give that little bit of space or that edge, but, or that release of the border. But you know, when we think about the long-term effects of alcohol, it can become addictive.

Your mind has these neural pathways that want to get into the loop. And so once it gets onto a circle, it gets excited about it. So we’re feeding it, that loop. So it could rest peacefully. It could be, um, enjoy the moment; it could be right. You, it’s whatever will make you feel filled up, juicy, or delighted.

The other thing that I have to encourage people is, like, just to drink water. Because more ladies are drinking enough water, the other something I’ll plug is eating an apple or fiber. So you know, you’re like, oh, but it’s after bed.

Because we are under so much stress, stress is the killer that no one talks about. No, nobody, nobody talks about that. They talk about cancer; they talk about diabetes, but if you look underneath the hood, stress.

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