How to Start Rolling in The Revenue

Welcome to The Determined Mom Show. I am Amanda Tento. And I have the lovely Andrea White here and she is the CEO of Elite Business Coaching.

Thank you. I am super excited to be here”

I’m very excited to have you because we are going to talk about something that everybody needs to know. We’re going to talk about how to start rolling in the revenue. If you can imagine yourself saying that, like your Tina Turner rolling in the river, that would be great. And that way, it’ll get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Andrea, tell us about you and how you got started in coaching.

Thank you. I cannot believe it has been almost 17 years of being a business coach and consultant and I initially started just as a single mom needing to bring in a little bit of extra money. I have, I haven’t stopped since then. My son is now 27. He just turned 27 Last week, and my youngest is 18. And they both play travel basketball. So that, you know, requires some extra funds.”

“And so I have had the opportunity to travel really across the United States, working with the federal government, nonprofits, individuals around just a variety of topics around business and public health. I’m a little bit of a public health nerd, believe it or not, almost 17 years in.”

That is amazing. I think it is great to see that, like I’m in that I’m like five years in, right? So I love seeing women that are much further ahead and knowing that like, Hey, I’m still doing this, and I’m not only doing it, but I’m absolutely 100% successful, I’m happy my life is how I want it. I can do what I want when I want. That’s like that’s our ultimate goal when we start our own businesses.

It is, one of the things that I always like to remind my clients is, especially now with social media, you can get caught up in thinking your business has to be one way when it is your business. I have always used my business to serve me in the way that I needed to, I needed it to serve me and my family at that particular time. Sometimes I’ve been full-time in my business, sometimes part-time in my business.”

“Now that both of my sons are older, I’m getting ready to make you know, another pivot in my business in terms of being able to really dive in, you know, really, really deep. And so I just like to remind people, you know, your business is your business and to make decisions based on allowing it to serve you in the best way possible.”

That’s awesome. I think that’s a great reminder. It’s going to be great for us as we continue on our journeys. And as we watch you on your journey. I know that there are some very particular things that you want to share with us today. And I know you have a few things in mind. A lot of those are centered around revenue, and how in the heck are we going to get it rolling?

Yes. My coaching and consulting practice primarily works with solopreneurs. And there are three primary things that I work on. That’s making sure that my clients have strong lead generation, that they’re able to attract raving repeat customers, and have consistent leads in sales. And so when we talk about consistent leads and sales, we focus on making sure that there are four sorts of elements around rolling into revenue that is a consistent part of their businesses.”

How to Start Rolling in The Revenue

“Shall I dive right in? Working with people in starting and growing their businesses, I always take that approach, like, let’s take these concepts. I’m going to introduce you to these concepts. And then based on those concepts, I want you to make some decisions, and then I want you to take action. 

And so I want to encourage your listeners to do the same thing. The first thing that’s important as we talk about rolling into revenue is option number one.”

“Number one, you want to always work on increasing the number of new customers that you have coming into your business. To stay in business, we have to always, always, always be working to get our business products and services in front of new people.”

“And so that’s our cold audience. Can do things such as, of course, growing your email list, or your text messaging list, whatever strategies you have around that 10 tips to checklist, a guide, etc, to get people into your sort of, I like to call it your ecosystem, get them around some shape, form or fashion.

“You work on increasing the number of new customers in your business. Of course, by default, that means that you’re going to be, you know, bringing in additional revenue into your business, and bringing in new customers into your business is something that I encourage my clients to do, as we normally work in quarters. And so you know, quarter one, what’s going to be your strategy to work on bringing in new customers into your business, quarter two, quarter three, quarter four, so forth, and so on.”

“Then, you know, based on, you know, once you get these new people into your ecosystem, of course, then you want to take care of them, you want to nurture them, you want to incentivize them to become a paying customer. That may look like, of course, a coupon or a discount to buy one, get one free, etc, to move people from strangers to paying customers.

“Of course, one of the biggest ways to shorten that purchasing cycle of going from stranger to customer is video. And so, you know, whether that is recorded, video going live, etc. If you can make that leap to get comfortable using video, you can shorten the length of new people getting in front of you and swiping their cards with you. So ADL shortens that knowledge and trust.

Quick question about that. May I ask, How you feel about Tiktok and Instagram reels and things like that

So I just joined Tiktok I was fighting it, I was fighting it, I refuse to lip sync point, and dance.”I’m not doing that. And so I’m new to tic tac. I’m not new to reals so much. But I will say, based on Zuckerberg, Mehta, is really pushing the reals. reals, reals, reals, reals. And so you know, you want to be mindful of that and know that, from the business standpoint, if you’re making a real, they’re gonna push you hard in, in the algo. 

“You know, figure out a way to get on that train and ride that way while you can. Yep. Tic Tac, I’m still, you know, like, I’m doing it. You know, I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. But I love reels. I think about them differently for some reason reels. But I will say that Zuckerberg is putting a lot behind reels in trying to compete with tic tac. The more you can sort of ride that wave, you can probably get a good investment out of that return on investment.”

How to Start Rolling in The Revenue

Okay, then so your priority and rolling in revenue is to work on consistently increasing the number of new customers. I recommend having a strategy for each quarter. Change that strategy each quarter. Number two, if you want to have mechanisms in your business.

To increase your average cart value. You want to make sure that as people are purchasing from you, regardless of what type of business you have, you want to naturally think about what is a complementary product or service to whatever somebody, you know, put in their cart, from your website, or however they’re shopping from you.”

“I like to think about, you know, if you’re selling journals, you know, there’s this nice journal for $30. And they put that in their cart. And then the next thing is, why not add these beautiful sets of pins for $10? And then you might go now, I don’t want those beautiful. “

If you don’t want the beautiful set of pens for 10, then maybe you add one pen for $5 or $2? Or what have you?  You want to naturally always think about how you can bundle things. How can you create automation in your store, or on your website, where it, you know, automatically offers something that complements the initial product or service that people came to your site for.?Sometimes people like core products, or core services that they offer, or you might have, you know, a wide catalog of things.”

“You want to be able to mix and match. But helping people to, you know, sort of increase what they came to spend with you is the other way to increase your revenue. So you always want to work on increasing your average current value. And again, like, as you know, I’m working with people we create, you know, monthly calendars, and we may have, you know, week one of the month, you know, this is what we’re ronna focus on for this week.” 

“The complementary products and services to that are these two or three things, second the week of the month, you know, there’s just gonna be our core product service, etc, etc. And so that’s a nice, easy way to kind of organize yourself. And you can do that in a way where you can kind of have yourself planned out, at least for a quarter or two.”

“Then the third way to roll in the revenue is to actrease their frequency of sales or increase the frequency of you making offers to people. And very often, as business owners, you know, we have these great ideas about our business, we have a vision about what it looks like to have a successful business.”

“But when it comes to selling, we’re like, you know, I don’t want to do that part. So you have to get really cole with selling. Of course, I always recommend for people to thit ink about when you’re selling. You want to sail according to your brand. According to your values. You might have boundaries for yourself, things that other business owners may do, you know, you don’t want to do.”

“But you also want to be aware of what consequences that may be for you. But that’s all in deciding for your business. But we have to get and grow in our confidence to sail. While this is number three in terms of increasing the frequency of the offers, you know, the frequency of your sales. It is the one that people probably fight the most. What that means is, you know, we talked about number one, increasing the number of new customers, maybe you’re growing your email list, your text messaging list.”

“What that can mean is, you know, maybe two times or maybe even three times if it’s a busy time of year, you’re making offers to your list. Sometimes people make an email list and they never contact that list. Or they only contact that list when they do have something for sale, which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. You want to have really good, clean, you know, fun entertainment information. etc, as well as sales.”

“Using your email list, your social media posts, even paid advertisements, if you’re doing partnerships and collaborations, you want to think of, you know, how many points of reference Can you place in those spaces that make referee his for me, or I have this for sale. And so just thinking really strategically about how often you’re going to make offers to people.”

“The more you do it, if you have great products and services, people will raise their hand. So, by far, that’s the one that people are, you know, most nervous about feeling like, if I’m making lots of offers, people are not going to like me, or they’re going to unsubscribe. And so you do have to find that sweet spot, I will admit that you do probably have to do a little bit of testing to see what boundaries your audience has.”

“But I say, you know, at a minimum, probably twice a week, making offers, whether that’s in your social media posts, in your stories on your reels. If you’re doing, you know, running ads, and certainly to your email list, like a lot of money can be made in your business, just from your email list. But that can only happen if you’re making offers.”

That’s something I think, as we get comfortable, there’s like a, I feel like there’s a zone where we get comfortable, you know, like e’re comfortable. We have our services, at least this is like me, right? We have our services, we have everything in place, we have our offers, and we know exactly what we do. But we’re kind of tired of talking about it, right? 

Like, how much do we have to say about it? No. But you know, sometimes there’s that little bit of burnout. 

So what do you suggest if we have that, like, burnout? Like, we love what we do, rather than offers? Do we love our products? But you know, maybe I’ve done one too many interviews, or I don’t know what it is. But one too many Tiktoks?

“I don’t know if this quite answers your question, but I wanted to things that I really, that helps me is to think about, you know, once a quarter or so, just having like a personal retreat, thinking about, you know, maybe the quarter coming up, or maybe even the quarter after that. So maybe I’m thinking two quarters ahead. Now, this is certainly something that I actually have my client, and they can choose to do it, however, they choose to do it.”

“But, I actually, you know, take a lsonal retreat with my business planner. I think about you know, so say, where are we now, March? So let’s think about June, July, and August. I’m gonna think well, June, you know, what service, you know, do I really want to sort of ramp up in Junehen based on what that service is, that’s really going to be my focus in terms of salesfers for the four weeks in June. But maybe each week that looks a little bit different.”

“But because I’ve stepped away, and I’m not actually in it. June? the way and I’m actually in it, I’m not in it, I can think a little more creatively, creatively. So I might say, This is my core service that I’m going to focus on in the month of June.” 

“Week one, it looks like thishese are the images. These are maybe the hooks that I’m going to use. These are the hashtags that I’m going to use. This is the primary offer, these are some of the other pills that may not have anything to do with the offer, but may lead to the alpha through the call to action.” 

“June, this is going to be my core service that I’m focusing on. So I came up with three or four different hook captions, and different ways to talk about the offer. I might pull in testimonials from, you know, when people you know used it last June 1, but because I’m not sort of functioning and thinking about it right at that time, it allows me to really bout the same products in a different”

I see that. I love that. I absolutely who doesn’t want a day alone? Like hello, at least my kids are still young. So they’re like 11, nine, and four, so they’re like, all up in my head to like, kick them out before we started recording. 

 Really good when my son. When I say like a single mom, I’m talking about a single mom for real, like not a lot. and things of that nature. You know, either, you know, have somebody to come stay with them, you know, I had to get to a point where I would, you know, and this was, this might be a lot, but you know, going through therapy.”

At the end of the day, it’s not going to, you know, damage them in any kind of way, it’s going to teach them about boundaries and things of that nature. But I know, once a quarter or so, you know, I’m going to the holiday and down the road. And just for the day, you know, and ready to come over, I have a sitter to come over. Yeah. You know, I’m planning out the next three to six months. And reallye end of the day, it really was fornyway”

“That is the trick that I use to, you know, to be able to think about my products and services in a new and different way, is really, you know, beategic about taking time to plan. Sometimes we get so busy in our business, we’re, you know, we’re like looking down in it, and we’re open out. Yeah, and you have to be strategic about that as well.”

I’m glad you shared that. That’s amazing. I’m totally taking notes, this wis whole podcast, and I’m gonna have to listen to it again. So that way, I can take the notes more accurately, but I lov. So I was gonna say, Do you have any other? Is that the three are the main three? Or is there anything elsthose e you want to share? 

Is to increase prices. When I first started working with people, we actually had to start there, usually, because most people are under charging. And a lot of that undercharging their money mindset and their money story, and not really understanding their valuheir own value oeir products and services typically, the first thing is, you know, like, I have a client now that makes handmade bath bombs and shower bombs, like handmade.” 

“Depending upon what you order, you know, she can put some ingredients in and to help with things like congestion, right is and things of ,that nature. And I’m like, You got to understand that it is powerful, like custom, custom. Custom is handcrafted. Like there’s, there’s mega value in that. You want your prices to reflect that. Instead of you know, and this is very common, people think, Oh, if I charge too much, no one’s gonna buy.”

“Well, you have to put yourself in front of the right people. And then you also have to message your product in a way where people will see and understand that value. Typically, we start off with probably increasing prices, depending upon where people are. But overall, when we’re talking about rolling into revenue, you probably want to at least think about a price increase at least once a year, if not, twice a year, depending upon your products and services.”

“But the key to that is to understand how much it costs you to be in business. And then what kind of profit do you want to make, you know, for the year or however you sort of plan yourself. But increase?in pran ices, at least on an annual basis, is the fourth way to increase your revenue and you can think about how to increase your prices based on what you want your brand to say.”

“If you want to be a value leader like Walmart, then own it, claim it I’m a value leader, this is my mojo, this is my lane This is my price point. But certainly be conscious about that and don’t choose to have a value price. says because you’re afraid to have premium prices. If you want your prices, if you want your brand to be a value leader, then you want your prices to reflect that.”

“But if you want to be, you know, a premium type business, then, of course, you want your prices to reflect that. And so again, that goes along with thinking about what you want your brand to say to people. And so you can think about that as well when you think about raising your prices at least once a year.”

I love that. And I love that you have a system for it. I think the fact that you have you’ve given us a system for absolutely everything that you’ve talked about, you know, without even working with you. I can’t even imagine how awesome it is to work with you. I’m just saying. Like, yeah, like, if this is what we’re getting on a podcast, like, what are we going to get once we work with you. That’s amazing. I love that. You’ve given us all kinds of different little systems and bout tare o go into my calendar and make some retreat time and all kinds of good stuff.

Just, I’m just gonna recap them in one quick swoop. So number one is to increase the number of customers that you have. Number two is to increase your average cart value. Number three is to increase the frequency of making offers. And number four is to increase your prices at least once a year.”

I love that at least once a year. Add that in. That’s awesome. I love it. And do you have any other little titidbitshat you want to share with the audience before we wrap it up? 

I think especially as solopreneurs. And I think also, especially with all of the things that are going on in the world today, I want to encourage people to and I’m talking to myself, as I’m saying is, to not give up. The dream that you have for yourself for your business and your customers as well, was planted for a reason.”

“The world deserves to be able to experience whatever it is, you know, that you have been given. And you have the responsibility to share that. And so sometimes you may need to take a step back. Sometimes you might need to take a little bit of a break. Sometimes you might need to take a nap. But the point is to get back up and realize what wasn’t working. And you know, and then try something different.”

“But you have what you have for a reason. And you have a responsibility to share that with the world. Because it was given to you for a reason. And so keep showing up. I choose Grace over grind. I just did a tictictacout that. The other day I chose Grace over grind. When I’m tired, when I’m exhausted, when I’m frustrated, I take a break and retool, rethink, re-strategize and get back up there in the next day or so.”

That’s awesome. I love it. That is very inspirational. I love it. I love it. So, Andrea, where can we find you online?

Now I am at Elite Coach Andrea across all social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, um, about to retool my LinkedIn for a different audience, but you can find me there as well. And then I sometimes posted on YouTube, but mainly Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn, and now tick tock is free.”

“You can find me. I would love to have people to follow me. I am on my Facebook business page anywhere from two to three times a week with live business tutorials. Have a Facebook group the solopreneur blueprint where we do PJ’s coffee and coaching Saturday mornings at 9 am. Eastern Standard Time.”

“The ladies, mostly ladies that are joining you know, are having a really good time. We’re fresh faces. I don’t record it. But we can all see each other. Ask questions. I don’t come in with any content.”

“As I answer questions, social media reviews, website reviews, recommendations, that kind of thing. And then I do have a little kit that I wanted to invite your listeners to download. And it’s marketing and selling in one hour or less per day. All done for you. All you have to do is fill in based on your business products and services. And they can get that at Elite Business coaching.org For slash one-hour marketing.”

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