How to Run Your Household like You Run Your Business

How to Run Your Household Like You Run Your Business

Welcome to episode 134 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and today, I have Dr. Sarah Allen, who is the Executive Director of Neuropsychology at the Brain Behavior Bridge. 

I’m excited that you’re here to talk about this today but first I would like you to give our audience a little bit of a background about you.

I’m a Pediatric Neuropsychologist by trade and so I study brain-behavior relationships and I was doing that for over 15 plus years. Long story short, the pandemic realized that I wanted to contribute back to the world in some way and a lot of my schoolwork had shut down. 

I started thinking about parenting, thinking about my life and the things that I had been through and what I wanted for my children, what I do for my clients, who I do a lot of parent coaching with, and really what my methods were and why we do things the way we do. After that, I wrote a book called Raising Brains where we talk a lot about how to raise these happy, successful, connected kids. 

I have two kids, myself, 9 and 11, a boy and a girl and so it’s just really fun to come full circle and be able to offer some parent coaching options for my clients. I started a course to ensure that everybody had some ability to become more skilled and successful at our other jobs, such as motherhood, etc. 

How Can We Run Our Households Like We Run Our Businesses?

When you have goals, you have objectives, and you have things that you want to meet but we never really translate that into the home environment. So, one of the major concepts behind raising brains is to start to think about what skills my kids need to build and how do I put them on kind of a chart or a graph so that they can understand where we’re going and this is important for a couple of reasons.

One, because kids are little brains. If he asked me, I like to think of all the little kids as little brains and we have to start looking at them and thinking about what these little brain needs to learn and what can I teach this little brain. and when you take that perspective, it does a couple of things but once we were looking at those things, we’re trying to find skills and where our kids need to grow.

So that’s the first thing that I always recommend to make your household run a little bit more like your work environment because it also lets you know what you’re working on. 

How to Run Your Household Like You Run Your Business

The Glow and Grow charts are designed to help you get that idea of growth. So it should be everybody. These are charts, these are not new charts. They’re just used in slightly different areas. You can Google a Glow and Growth chart and get some ideas. 

I wouldn’t put more than two or three things under each side and I think that’s a big key. I’m sure there are lots of things that your kids can work on and that you can work on but you really just want two or three things and then once you’ve met those goals, you want to put two or three more on. 

So just think of the top things that you really want your kids to do a little bit better and also don’t forget to think of the things that you’re doing well and that they’re doing well. 

Cause I think those are also really important to highlight and in those things, when you’re talking about the glows, it’s essential for your kids, that you talk about who you want them to be because kids become who you tell them that they are.

This is so amazing. You’ve given us so many amazing ideas and I mean, if anyone that’s listening to this podcast applies this to their household. I think they’re going to see an immediate shift. I’m also going to be applying for it, which I’m excited about but what do you have coming up and how can people contact you? 

We have coaching calls that you can come on and ask your questions and you get this great mom community, which I think is also helpful you can also visit my website if you wish to reach out to me at brainbehaviorbridge.com. 

That’s going to be supportive and I love that you brought up the community too because there’s nobody that understands moms like other moms. So I love that and thank you so much for sharing all of this with us.

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