How to Release Control and Overcome Your Delegation Fears

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Moms Show. I have the amazing Jamie Van Cuyk here. She is the owner of Growing Your Team and her official title is Lead Hiring Strategists.

Jamie’s recruiting company assists businesses to figure out where to make changes and how to improve things. So she takes all of the hiring work off their plate. She starts with a thorough virtual hiring process and if businesses want to, can lead to a final physical interview meeting with potential candidates.

Businesses want to know how to release control and overcome their delegation fear. Hiring can be an emotional and time-consuming process for business owners. Business owners can feel very overprotective of their business, so it can be hard for them to trust someone to be a part of the business. 

The benefits outweigh the possible negatives as a growing company will need help. The best way a business owner can look at it is that someone is taking the work off my plate.

 It’s important to remember that your competitor had to hire as well because if they are making more than you then they are not doing it by themselves. So if you want to expand and increase sales then you must hire.

What can we do as business owners to make sure we’re making the right hires?

How to Release Control and Overcome Your Delegation Fears

So the first thing is to become very clear on what it is that you need. What I see a lot of times is businesses wanting to advertise a title that’s too broad or too general a title. You have to make sure you know the right person and some agencies can even help you find the right

Communication is Key

You have to feel comfortable delegating work and that starts with communication. You have to know that they are doing what you need done and a lot of times that comes through communication. 

There’s sometimes you’re going to have team members come in and they’re going to do a task and immediately finish it and then it’s done but then there are other tasks where the work takes time and the work takes multiple touch points. 

Project Management Tools

Project Management tools like Asana, Monday.com, ClickUp, etc help with managing your business and employees. It lets you know they’re working on it or there is progress being made. It creates transparency and it builds that trust instead of doubt, so it adds accountability.

For my company, we use ClickUp to assign tasks and I can see when different things are being done. I can get that status update without having to jump on a call or send an email, which removes that back-and-forth conversation. 

It’s those kinds of ways you use project management tools, you can also see status updates and have that method of communication without actually having to be talking to each other. 

New Trends in Hiring and Starting a Business

Individuals nowadays are into job hopping and trying to climb the corporate ladder. They’re leaving because they’ve identified that their current job just isn’t doing it for them or there may not be a foreseeable higher position. 

Some other reasons could be that their current job takes them away from family time and so they are looking into either finding a job to work from home or building their own business. When people want to apply for a job, If they’re not seeing a match, they’re saying no and they’re not applying.

How to Release Control and Overcome Your Delegation Fears

If they see a match they’re applying and so it’s a good thing to be very clear with your needs because you’re more likely to get people who are right for your position throughout the hiring process.

How Job Descriptions are Done

So we have a quick company overview, which is no more than three sentences long but we make sure that those three sentences are powerful for describing what the company does, who they serve, and the culture. Then we go into a job overview, which once again is typically three sentences long. 

It’s one sentence that does a quick overview of the roles and responsibilities. Then the next two sentences describe the person we’re looking for. So we use sentences that start with the ideal candidate for this position so that it paints the picture that they are the right person for the position.

Then we go into bullet points of the roles and responsibilities. I say no more than 20, but if we can get less than 15, perfect. This is because people aren’t going to read a huge list of bullet points but we want to make sure that we give them an overview of their job duties. 

So if there are things that are important that they need to have before coming in, like certain education, certain years of experience, the work hours, stuff like that are for the requirements. So what is required of them before they come in and then what is required of them on the job and then if the company offers benefits, quick bullet points to say, here are the benefits that we offer.

Jamie also left a golden nugget: “You need to be specific because if you talk to no one, no one’s going to apply. It’s like with marketing, not everyone is your target audience. You have to speak to your target audience specifically”.

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