How to Plan for 2022 Without Letting Yourself Down

Welcome to The Determined Mom Show. The only marketing podcast dedicated to guiding mom CEOs into tranquility, and wealth and multiplying those precious moments. I am your host, Amanda Tento and today I want to talk to you about how to plan for 2022 without letting yourself down. I know that we did not intend to let ourselves down in 2020. We also did not intend to let ourselves down in 2021. However, this pandemic had different plans for the entire world.

So everyone’s plans sort of pivoted because of the pandemic and it forced a lot of businesses to go online. Things that they’ve never done before, such as setting up online stores, as opposed to having a physical store. There are so many ways that this shifted and the reason that I want to talk about planning for 2022 without letting yourself down is because you deserve to know that there is no reason that your goals have to be set in stone.

How to Plan for 2022 Without Letting Yourself Down

Make your goals flexible and say to yourself I can pivot and I can make it happen in a different way. So it’s a goal but it is a goal that can shift at a moment’s notice and the actual execution of the tasks that are going to accomplish that goal can also shift at any moment.

 It’s very important for your mental health, especially because we all know that the past 2 years were not great for our mental health going into 2022 as I’m recording this, the pandemic does not look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. So, therefore, it’s important to make sure that you have that flexibility built into your business, built into your personal life, and know that whatever happens, it’s okay. 

Know that while reaching your goals is really important that you should never ever sacrifice your mental health in order to get there because it’s not going to be as easy to repair your mental health, as it is going to be to earn that money back. That can always be money, which can always be earned back. If you don’t set up those expectations correctly and you focus on the wrong part of your goals it can be very upsetting, so let’s talk about setting goals for 2022. 

What kind of goals should you set? I would love to encourage you to set mental health goals and you know those types of goals are going to be very personal. For me, a mental health goal would be to lower my medication. For example, I like finding things to do that I can get off of my medication, finding different outlets that will help me to lower my anxiety and lower my OCD triggers, and things like that. Those are all really important things that I can set personally, as a mental health goal and I’m sure that you in your life can find certain things that you can set too. 

How to Plan for 2022 Without Letting Yourself Down

One other mental health goal that I can think of is to make sure that I’m having alone time. I need a lot of alone time and with three children and my husband and my business, I don’t get a lot of it. So I need to make sure that this year I’m getting that alone time.

So just so we know your spiritual health, whatever your religious beliefs or non-religious beliefs, you need to focus on having that connection or thought or just meditation with your creator or your higher power but you need to really spend that time.

So setting those types of goals, like how much do you want to meditate or pray or anything like that? You could also consider journaling as a spiritual practice. So set some kind of goal; like I’m going to journal at least three times per week or I’m going to meditate every day, those types of goals and you can keep track of them if you want. 

My favorite planner is the Law of Attraction Planner and it actually has a place at the bottom for you to write in different goals. You can write different tasks to track each week and you can just make a little tick mark and see how you do. It’s a great way to kind of keep track of yourself. There are also plenty of apps out there that you can use to do this as well. 

The next kind of goal that you can set is physical, who doesn’t want to be in a better physical condition I’m not talking about losing weight. I’m not talking about gaining weight. I’m not talking about any of those things. I’m just talking about being in the best physical condition that you can be for your particular lifestyle or for your particular body.

So you just want to treat yourself and your body as nicely as you would treat other people. So you want to try to think about yourself from a standpoint of like, how do I want to go into the next year 2023, Do I want to have more energy? Do I want to be eating better food? Those kinds of things are what I would consider physical goals. 

Emotional goals are going to be something that’s a little bit trickier and again, sort of like mental health. It’s very, very personal but for me, an emotional goal would be making sure that my boundaries are set in stone. I don’t want anyone to be encroaching on my boundaries. 

So I’ve learned over the last six years, what my boundaries are and what I’m willing to tolerate and what I’m not and over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time enforcing those boundaries and I just need to make sure that they are ironclad in 2022 for my own emotional stability. You need to make sure that you define what is going to make you emotionally happy. You know what’s going to make you happy and where you are going to find joy.

So if you have goals for your family, you want to make sure that you set those, maybe their educational goals, maybe their travel goals, maybe they are household goals. Any of those things qualify under that family category. 

The next thing is going to be work goals. So if you are a business owner, you obviously know that 2022 is going to be an interesting year to set goals for. So when you do set those goals, keep your family goals in mind I know one of the goals for our family for this year is to help our daughters really grow the little business that they started and I think it’s going to be an amazing family project and being able to work together as a family.

I really want to encourage you to just really take some time and reflect on 2020 and 2021 and understand that being flexible is the name of the game. So I want to encourage you to have a planner picked out for 2022, I would encourage you to try out the Law of Attraction planner. I’ve used this planner for the past four years and I absolutely love it. It has a vision board and it will help you to track and see how you’re doing and how you’re reaching those goals.

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