How to Love and Close More Sales on Discovery Calls with Michelle Marie

How to Love and Close More Sales on Discovery Calls with Michelle Marie

Welcome to The Determined Mom Show. Hello everyone, I have a special guest, Michelle Marie, from Put Your Passion to Work. She helps women find their passion and monetize their businesses or monetize their passion. She also helps coaches and service-based entrepreneurs as well. So today, we’re going to be talking about today, which is discovery calls.

Before we start, I want to learn more about you and the audience to know a little about you. So how did you start working from home and doing what you do? “Everyone knows this about me, but I am not a full-time coach. I’m a coach part-time because I’m a network engineer by trade. So I still work a 9 – 5, but I can work from home primarily outside my home office.

I’ve been with the same company for 18 years. So almost half of my life and I’ve built this career. Maybe two and a half to two years ago, I got my bachelor’s degree and then went back to school for my master’s degree, and I still wasn’t feeling fulfilled. 9 to 5 jobs can pay our bills, giving us benefits and all these things that take a lot of work to walk away from.

 I decided to pursue my passion, and that’s how my entire brand was born. Put Your Passion to Work and through the life coaching that I’ve received and working through like what my passions were because I have a lot of them.

I realized that there were sprinkles of helping, training, and leading others throughout my life. I was a VP for a women’s networking group inside my company. I ran mentoring circles, which are just like masterminds. I did career coaching through that role and position, which was all voluntary for a nonprofit.

So, what if I monetize this? I love to do this, and I used to say if I could get paid for this in my company, I would be so happy. So I created it on my own, and now I’m a business coach and strategist for women like me who want to find and pursue their passion beyond their nine to five, not necessarily leave it. However, that can be a goal as well to find like five hours in your week to build your business and make additional income or replace your income.

I don’t know if you know this, but the average millionaire has seven different income streams, so I asked myself and my husband how many we have, and let’s increase that. So this is another way to pursue passion and monetize.”

How to Close more Sales on Discovery Calls

How to Close More Sales on Discovery Calls

So to speak with my one on one clients and students, I noticed this repeating pattern that people were dreading discovery calls, and discovery calls are basically like a consult call. 

The best way to look at it is meeting someone face to face or through Zoom online and basically pitching your services or learning more about that person. Hopefully providing a little bit of value in exchange for their time and energy in basically trying to get paid, customers and clients. So I was doing a lot of one on one coaching and I realized like everyone is either afraid or they don’t like the word sales and they’re dreading discovery calls.

The first step is to change your mindset and start looking at them like these exciting and beautiful opportunities to connect with someone who’s interested in speaking with you and learning more about your offerings. That right there is a huge step when you’re talking about learning how to love and get good at discovery calls. 

You never know who that person may refer you to or they could themselves become a potential client someday. I’ve had that happen a lot with people that I’ve interviewed on my own podcast, I’ve had that happen at networking events. However, the most important thing really to remember is that they book time with you.

So you are already the expert in their mind and they might be just as nervous. So do what you need to do to get your energy up so that you’re not being like shy or nervous. I want you guys to be just as excited as Amanda and I are when we get on our discovery calls and look forward to connecting with somebody.

I’m going to give you guys three simple steps that you can do to start converting more of your discovery calls into sales. Some of that does not even include getting the sale before the call ends. So the pressure is off right now and you already said it, so step one is building rapport.

Building Rapport

So my biggest sales tip is serving your potential clients by providing a little bit of value and then asking permission to go into that sales conversation if time runs out. Then you can have a follow-up process via email or in another social media, like DM or something like that. 

I can say to the client that I can help him start to scale your coaching business to five figures or we can work on the three top organic marketing strategies for your business. So you can get your next five clients and then I would show them or tell them a little bit more about my offerings. 

Just backing up that first step though, before we get into all that stuff is building rapport and the pro tip is to smile. Sales pros say that smiling, when you talk can make you really relatable and it’s 40% more to increase sales you can hear when someone is smiling over the phone and you can hear it in their voice when they’re excited. So that’s how I want everyone to approach discovery calls right off the bat by building that rapport and smiling.

You can just give them information and say, what are you thinking? What are your thoughts? You know, are you ready to invest in yourself? What would it take for you to take the next step with me? Because I know I can help you. 

I Help

That leads into step two of the discovery call conversion is using an “I help” statement. So after you’ve built that rapport, it’s really time to put that person’s mind at ease by reiterating their pain point or their reason for booking the call with you. So that can sound something like this. “Amy, I see you booked a call with me today. You’re feeling overwhelmed.

You just don’t know where to get started with your online business. So tell me more about that.” Then you stop and then you listen and you go back and forth, ask a couple of follow-up questions, then your “I help” statement comes in and it’s time to say something like, “You know, Amy, that’s exactly what I teach step-by-step in my program.”

The main thing too is to remember this and it’s that you sell the solution to the problem, not the product that you sell. So if you’re very clear on how you solve your customer’s and clients’ problems, then that’s all you really need to talk about to get people excited to work with you.

Sales Wrap Up

In the last and final step of the process where you wrap up the call, you will reiterate your “I help” statement. Now here’s where the flow of the call is going to come into play. If it went really well and you are feeling like this is your perfect client and you want to offer, you can say, I’d love to work with you again. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about pricing, then I want you to ask for permission to send an immediate follow-up email, and then give the link to your work with me page or like your checkout page.

 All this was, it was a normal conversation with someone who contacted you for your services. You never got pushy and asked for the sale. You never made them buy before they got off the phone but the more that you get to practice in doing them, the better you’ll get.

If you have any questions, let us know! Reach out to us!

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