How to Launch Your Strategy and Follow Email Best Practices with Jena Bagley

How to Launch Your Strategy and Follow Email Best Practices

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Mom Show. I have with me an expert advocate manager from AWeber. She is Jenna Bagley, a mother of three, and she helps people with their AWeber accounts.

As the advocate manager, I help people teach their audiences about email marketing, why it’s so powerful, how they can get started with AWeber, and how we do email marketing in a very powerfully simple. I teach people, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs, how to jumpstart their email marketing strategies.

A lot of people are intimidated or overwhelmed, or they need help knowing where to get started. And let’s be honest, most people who started their business, Did not start thinking, Hey, I want to become an email marketer, they have to do email marketing as part of their marketing strategy, but it’s not really why they became a business owner.

And so part of our mission at AWeber is to do about 90% of the work for you so that we can leave all that fun stuff and all the things you’re passionate about to your branding, logo, content, and personality. 

She mentioned taking 90% of the work away from you with AWeber. I vouch for that because I. just in the beginning processes of switching from mailer light to AWeber, and all I had to do, and I’m going to tell you this, I have probably 30 lists in my mailer light account.

So what they did was they imported all of my lists, all of my landing pages, all of my automation, all of my emails, literally everything. All I had to do was send them an email with my username and password for mailer light, and then that’s all they set up. They set up all the tags, and it was just amazing.

I had to do nothing except for a need. Part of our mission is doing 90% of the work for you is having a great support system, and we have our 24 7 customer solutions team, and they’re amazing. They’re there to help you get started, answer any questions, give you advice, and troubleshoot, but we also offer an amazing service: our free migration services.

You hit the nail on the head. We will move everything over for you. If you are already doing email marketing, and kudos to you if you are, but you want to give AWeber a try, we will do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll move everything over and ensure you’re set up for success. And if you have never done email marketing, while there might not be things to migrate, we will still help you set up and start it.

And we have a ton of amazing resources. Support and education are really at the forefront of who we are. I’ve been very impressed so far with everything. 

I’ve domadeirect sales. I’ve owned my own business. So as I said, I’ve done and seen a lot of really cool things. I found my way to AWeber, and it’s an incredible company. We’re based in Pennsylvania, and until COVID happened, we worked out of our headquarters in Chaon, pa, a suburb outside of Philadelphia.

And we have about a hundred employees. And for the last three months, we’ve all been working remotely due to all the stay-at-home orders and whatnot. And about a month ago, they announced that we would be a 100% remote-first team. And that’s exciting. So we are adjusting from working in our office daily to now at home.

And I’ll tell you, we. Missed a beat. It’s incredible. We are very collaborative. We do a lot of video meetings, and we have a lot of great communication tools. So we are all successfully working from home and have been for the last three months, and that’s where we’re moving into the future. I have my home office now, which is great, and no more commute saves some time.

So it’s been a great, positive experience. Many companies will be shifting into that permanent, virtual setting because they probably see that people can be just as productive at home. And it also saves the company a lot of money regarding leases and rentals and that kind of thing.

And there’s so much benefit for the flexibility of everything, just being able to like if your. Crying or something, or anything your kid needs help with their homework. Like you can actually go and do that and then come right back and get right back to work You. And I’ve been really lucky.

My kids have been great, and they know when mommy’s working that they need to knock on the door or they need to not even come to me, and my kids are a little bit older, so I have a 14-year-old, a nine-year-old, and a six-year-old. So they understand Mommy has to work here. The hours that she’s going to be working, here are the hours that.

Time is set aside for them. My husband is a gem, and he is great. And right now, our kids are at camp for the next seven weeks, making things easier. And I want to point out another thing that came to mind when you talked about no commute. I’m like, okay, so none of us have an excuse to, like, not exercise now because our commute, like, that’s when we where we were commuting in that time, we don’t have, an excuse like, what are we doing with that extra 30 or 30 minutes or an hour or whatever, however long it took you to get there.

That’s my thought because I know I need to reallocate that time.  And it’s easy to get stuck in blurred lines, right? So when you’re working from home, it’s like, what’s helped me is that I have very strict times.

I work from nine to 12 and one to five, and I try to turn off work when I’m with my kids. So that’s helped me. Now is that a perfect system? No, it’s not. But we’ve tried to do some like fun things together. So like, at lunch, we’ll all take a family walk, or when I’m done working, we’ll take a family walk, and then that way too.

Family time plus exercise is killing two birds with one stone, which has helped us and ensured that we’re still spending quality time together, even though we’re spending more time together. We want to ensure we have those intentional times allocated to the family catching up on your day.

We eat dinner together every night too, so when you set kind of boundaries, I feel like it helps, especially with this kind of new reality of, or at least for me, for working from home and having, the family here it’s an adjustment I think for the entire country. And at least of them, those who have shifted to that work from home, and also the kids at home all the time.

That school was a nice babysitter, but let’s go ahead and start talking about email marketing, how we can get started, and what we are going to do. What are the steps that we need to take? Understanding what email marketing is and why it’s so powerful is important.

When we have customers and potential customers, we want to stay top of mind. We want to stay in front of them because people are often going to find us, and they’re not ready to take action or engage or make a purchase, but they like what you do. So you must capture their email so that you can connect with them over and over and over again.

 And, email marketing is, it’s the practice of building a relationship and building trust over time so that when they are ready to engage, take action, or purchase, they’re coming back to you because you’re in their inbox. Tell one person at the table something you love about them, or maybe we’ll do this; what do you love about yourself? The fact that we have sit-down dinners every night has opened up like communication for us, and we’ve gotten closer over the last few months. So that’s been a really big blessing in our life. 


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