Google My Business Series #5: How to Get More Google Reviews

Google My Business Series #5 How to Get More Google Reviews

Welcome to episode 141 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host Amanda Tento. In today’s episode, we are on chapter #5 of the Google My Business series and we’re going to talk about how to get more reviews. 

Now, there are two categories of businesses on Google. So you have your location-based businesses, which would be car dealers, salons, massage therapy, places, chiropractors, and electric stores and then you also have service-based businesses, which might be plumbers or a marketing agency but they could also have a location-based business. So those types of businesses are service area businesses. Maybe they don’t accept people coming to their office for example.

How can all of these different types of businesses get more reviews? 

Let’s start with a service-based business and let’s say that you may have some sort of CRM or email system. Every time you send an email, you want to have a link to your Google review page and I’m not referencing your Google My Business listing. There is a specific link to provide to individuals to review your page. 

So if you log into Google My Business and go home and then you scroll down, you’re going to see a little person icon, that’s kind of like looking up at the sky. That is where you can get your review link. It will say, “Get your review link”. 

So you’re going to click that and copy that link because that is what’s going to get people to go directly to your review link and leave a good review. You don’t want them to go to your listing and then have to figure out where the reviews are because sometimes it’s hard for people to find. 

Now, this takes them into the “compose a review” section. So this is important for every type of business but it’s also really important that you have that link on your website as well or on your Facebook page and maybe even on your invoices, wherever you interact with your clients.

Another great way to get more reviews is to have a follow-up system. So this system will send an automated email to a customer who has purchased from you. You can email them the real link to leave a review. You want to make sure that you’re allowing them to leave a review and the more you ask, the more reviews you will get. 

Another tactic for location-based businesses is QR codes. You can have that same review link opening up on your client’s phone while they’re standing there waiting for you to book an appointment or while they’re in the waiting room.

If you have those posted everywhere, they have so many different opportunities to leave you a review. If you ask, they will do it. You could even put it on the chairs with clear tape if needed. So then that way when they sit down they can leave a review. 

So just remember to ask for reviews as more reviews with keywords will also help to boost your website’s relevancy. Thanks and don’t forget to join our Facebook group.

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