How to figure out a Client’s personality and use it in your Marketing and Relationships

How to figure out a Client's personality and use it in your Marketing and Relationships

Welcome to episode 18 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and today, we will talk with Vickie Musni. She is a certified Personality Trainer. Welcome, Vickie. I love everything you do and think you have much value to share with our audience today. So go ahead and get started. Tell us about yourself, like your background, family dynamic, and how you became a personality trainer.

“The short story is everything started at my wedding. My husband and I got married in 1996. We’re just going to be celebrating 23 years coming up very soon. At our wedding, people came up to us and said that video that you guys had was the coolest thing we’ve ever seen and in 1996, people didn’t have phones that operated as cameras and most people didn’t have scanners.

He had just made a video because he had finished animation school, and anyhow, that snowballed into us starting to do videos for other people and then eventually full videography. We’ve essentially been in the wedding and event industry since 1996.

Currently, I have four kids total, but back then, in the process of that, my role in the company changed and evolved with our parenting stage. So when our family started to grow, I took a big step back in the family business, I was coordinating weddings, and he was doing video. We did a lot of collaborating and working together. I started to get involved in an organization called MOPS, Mothers Of Preschoolers, and that’s where I started doing a lot of speaking and teaching and teaching survival skills.

I love public speaking, so I signed up for a personality course I found online. I drove to it and spent three days immersing myself in this professional speaking course. So in my head, I was going for public speaking. Still, I was immersed in personalities and realized I needed to embrace my personality and everything I did. Then as a speaker, when speaking to audiences, I have to understand that my audience has all four personality types. So I better be able to tailor my presentations to somehow speak to every personality type. 

Then I asked myself, what if I started taking what I knew about personalities and putting it with what I was doing with my husband and our business? Because by that point, my kids were a little older, and I was much more involved. This was like 2008, and I was the one doing sales and meeting with clients, and it was this big light bulb moment for me.

If I understood the person’s personality type I’m doing a sales meeting with, I could change how I communicate with them and hopefully connect with them better. I could sell them a bigger package, some ad-ons, maybe have a better relationship with them, and learn how to serve them. Better, earn more referrals because I did an excellent job by meeting their unique needs.

So then, from there, I started getting asked to speak to little local wedding groups, and then I started speaking at national conferences. Then I’ve done four or five international appearances. So yeah, it’s been super fun, and it just kind of, one thing led to another. So now I feel like I’m in a unique place because I have two things going. I have the local business that my husband and I still run, which is still in the event space, but we’ve shifted away from weddings.

Then I have the Personality Training, which teaches other business owners and sales professionals how to understand themselves and their clients, so it’s really fun. I get to have my feet in two different worlds and build my schedule around my family life, which is also really important to me.” 

Wow, you have a great story. Thank you for sharing how you’ve gotten to where you are. Again, I think it’s just an amazing journey and background. So I know you’re going to share with us some insight into personalities and how you can identify personality types. Is that right? “Yes, there are some great Personality tests out there. It helps you identify and measure the 20 most common strengths and the 20 most common weaknesses for each personality type. When you are honest about where you are in that, it will give you a pretty good picture of your personality type. 

Given your personality, the goal is not to become a different personality. It’s to understand yours and learn what those strengths and weaknesses are and train yourself to move beyond your weaknesses, to really work on those areas of personal growth and then focus on living in those strengths and then eventually then learning what I call learned skills, which is picking up the strengths of the other personalities that don’t come naturally to you and saying, Oh, I’m not naturally good at this, I need to work on this and continue to mature. So not that you’re trying to change your personality but that you’re trying to learn things that may not come naturally to you.

When you know your personality, when it comes to clients, there are certain personality types you love to work with that you want to try to attract.” That’s great. I never even thought of attracting a personality type. We mainly talk about the ideal customer avatar; like mine, moms own businesses, but within that, there will be moms with companies I will work better with. So it’s exciting. I never really got into that, and I’m happy you are here and sharing that with us. Thanks again.

If you have any questions, let us know! Reach out to us!

Vickie Musni is a Certified Personality Trainer, international speaker, and author. She and her husband live in Reno, NV with their 4 teenagers and also run a local trivia entertainment company together. She loves raising kids in and around the family business and has had all of them participate in a personality training workshop, attends Toastmasters with her, and even co-host at some trivia events.

Having 23 years as a business owner, almost 20 as a mom, and 10 as a personality trainer, she has an endless supply of stories and examples of how understanding personality types can help you in every area of your life!

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