How to Drive Targeted Buyers to Your Website with Tim Zhang

How to Drive Targeted Buyers to Your Website with Tim Zhang

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Mom Show. I have the amazing Tim Zhang here, and we will talk today about how to drive targeted buyers to your website. Before we start, Tim, I would love to hear a little about you and how you got into the world. Into the online space and how you got into helping people to drive traffic.

That’s a good question right off the bat. I was starting strong. Let’s load the question. Years ago. So I used to be an actor for most of my life. I started acting when I was still in high school, got myself an agent, and went to acting school, yada yada. I was 1920. I started booking acting jobs.

I’m like; I’m going to be an actor forever. It’s great. And then, I reached my mid-twenties.  I had a quarter-life crisis. I’m just like, do I want to do this forever? Because I, when you’re an actor, it’s yes, you’re working on shows and stuff like that, but it’s not as consistent.

You may book a couple of gigs a year and still like waiting tables and doing all this other stuff. It’s because I know I can do more with my life. I know I was smart enough to do more, but I have yet to gain experience in anything else. So with experience or knowledge in anything, what do you do?

You become a realtor. Yay. And so I became a realtor. It took me a little while to get my real estate license, about half a year where it’s ground down. I started getting into real estate, and my first year in real estate was so difficult because I got into real estate being young and an artist.

Most people that get into real estate in their thirties, forties, or whatever they have, like a network, are looking to buy homes and are moving. I had no one in my circle looking to buy a house, and I live in Vancouver, a very expensive city. And all of my friends are young, broke artists.

It’s its high-ticket closing sales program. I got my shit together, and I joined the program, and it was. Life changing, and anybody who has never invested in a coach or bought any programs for me, I don’t know if I want to work with you. Cause you have; there are so many limiting beliefs to break.

And literally, the first two weeks of that program were breaking false beliefs about money, about, about business, about everything. And that just completely changed my life. And having learned sales and closing and mindset and all this other stuff, I’m like, okay, that’s cool. Real estate is not that interesting anymore because when I first got into real estate and started reading real estate books and, being a realtor, like you first get your license gun, I’m going to build like a kick-ass team.

I won’t be a millionaire, just selling houses left and right. And then once I got into the online space and saw how he was doing his business and learning about marketing and copywriting, how to get leads and stuff like that. And it’s okay; this is way more interesting. But I stuck around real estate for a couple more years just because I got a license, which was still my first year.

I didn’t want to throw that away. And so I kept real estate but knew that. I wasn’t going to be around forever. To short story long, I left and started my marketing agency after three years. And then that, that also had a lot of like education for me. I learned a lot during that time.

At least for me. It’s especially if you know how once it clicks in for you once you understand the process of creating offers generating customers, building lists, and all this, like business marketing. And it’s okay, you know how to do it. Why would you stop? You get to a point, and it’s you get it, and it’s easy.

So you have to take action. I love it. So for everybody listening, the thing that you’re going to do after this episode is take action. So what you’re going to learn, you’re going to go, and you’re going to take action.

Could you tell us how to drive targeted buyers to your website?

If you already understand this, ah, I get it, that thing, you have to implement it. Cause if you’re not in, if you, if this isn’t making you a ton of money, you’re not implementing it properly. And if you haven’t heard this before, this will change your life.

I promise to be with you. The. On the internet and in real life, it doesn’t matter, but I’m only talking about the internet. There are only three forms of traffic. That is it. Three forms of traffic that you borrow, traffic that you buy or slash rent, traffic that you pay money for, or there’s traffic that you own.

The traffic you borrow, you render by, and traffic that you own. That is it, then, and let me break this down for you. So if you are new to the internet marketing game, I can translate this into something you already understand. So let’s say you’re promoting a movie. I’m Tom Cruise, right?

And I’m coming out with a movie, and oh my God, this is amazing. And the new mission is impossible, which is great. I’m promoting it. What do I do? I. Work. I borrow other people’s audience. I go on. Let’s say, Jimmy Kimmel. I go on entertainment weekly. I go on. These people already have where your dream audience is.

We talk about the movie and stuff, your insane stunts, and stunts that I’ve done. And everybody’s watching Jimmy Kimmel. Oh, I’m going to go check out mission impossible, dead reckoning part one in theaters and watch Tom Cruz try to kill himself to entertain the rest of us.

And that is Tom Cruise, boring traffic to get people into theaters. Now, a way that you can. How can you leverage this in your day-to-day business? The people are ready. People were your dream audience, your dream buyers. They already exist somewhere. They are either on the internet or in real life.

Suppose everybody goes to your coffee shop every single morning. Talk to the coffee shop owners like, Hey, can we put can we do a collaboration and, put a sign here right at your front thing saying, Hey, if you use a discount code, coffee being 25, get a pro, get 25% off of buying my thing.

That’s it. That’s your tedious traffic in day-to-day life now on the internet space, which is so much easier. There’s a lot more potential, right? We do collaborations. We do joint ventures. We do JVs, right? So where on the internet are your dream buyers already congregating, right? Working your way in means adding value.

You are not paying money for it. So what does that mean? So on Twitter, you are building a Twitter audience, right? You’re adding value to that network. And so you are, you’re creating high-quality content and interacting with people, talking to people that have your dream audience and like making comments, making engagements, and then they’ll eventually start following you.

Local mom groups add value, right? And start networking with the moms out there. Do collaborate with a group. Lead it to do like a Facebook live or something like that, where they already have an audience, right? And you can get into podcasts, get into Amanda’s podcast and have all of their entrepreneurs listening to you and be like, ah, all of a sudden; you now have an audience you can tap your message into.

So that’s borrowing traffic now. There’s another example. People, a lot of people, don’t understand this. SEO is just borrowing traffic. SEO is you’re boring. Google’s, you’re borrowing traffic from Google. Google’s keywords that they’re already people are already searching for. And you’re just going in there working your way up now.

Pay traffic, paid traffic is when you rent or borrow or rent or buy other people’s traffic. So instead of going into, let’s say, Jimmy Kimmel and getting on the show, you are doing influencer collaborations, right? So instead of me coming in here and telling Amanda, Hey, I’d love to give your audience some content and stuff they find valuable.

So many people can say, Hey, come on to my website. I’m doing a show. If I’m not capturing if I’m not capturing the audience that is coming into my traffic source, I have nothing. Suppose I have a pizza shop. I have a pizza shop and say, ” Oh, come in and try Luigi’s pizza. And then you come in. Oh, Hey, get a; if you put it, give me your email and then give me your email, and I’ll give you a 15% off your next order or something like that.

Is now traffic that you own because with an email, you can build your list, and you can retarget that list for a lot cheaper money, right? If you go on, you go on a shoe site, right? You opt-in, and it is a, Hey, give us your email, and we’ll give you a 10% off coupon for buying your first pair of shoes at the shoe store.

You didn’t know it. You didn’t know it. That’s right. And right. And now they’re making threads because they’re tapping into an audience already on Twitter. Like people already use Twitter. But they’re not going to buy Twitter because Elon is crazy. And they don’t want to spend the money. And they know that there’s an audience of Twitter users that want to leave Twitter.

And get into six figures. And once you’re at six figures, you can work on your second one and start automating your first one. I love that advice. And you’re talking about only working on LinkedIn, for example, or only working on Twitter or wherever your ideal audience is. You’re only going to focus on that one.

I love that idea of just doing one at a time. Again, it’s just having coaching, a blueprint, and guidance from people. And this is all stuff that I’ve learned from. Guidance and people having that is important because a good example is, I’m starting a business.

So, I need a website. But it depends on your business, right? There’s a lot of, I think. Natural inklings that people end up falling into. They assume that’s the right way to go. They believe that’s, Oh, I better have a social media page. I better be on Twitter and like Instagram and all of these things.

No, that’s not the case. I have a client where I just went through their analytics with him the other day. And they got two sales from social media last year, and they called 184 from organic search right from SEO and I’m like? You don’t need to do social anymore. Just focus on other things.

Like you can reallocate that. Person to be doing something other than social posting because it costs money. It’s not making you money. And that’s, that part is more into just making data-driven decisions, like everything in business, it should be based on data and not how, Oh, it’ll be like this no, test and look at results and measure.

Your customers have a problem that they need to solve. Can you solve it? And do they believe that you can solve it? That’s it. So let’s say if you are if you have. So let’s say that’s why the bribe has to be something worthwhile and valuable to this customer right now, this minute. And so if you are doing e-commerce first purchase 15% off, 20% off, whatever it is, you can, that’s immediate.

Like value, right? So if they’re interested in your stuff, they’re going to enter that email and they’re going to buy, if they’re going to buy anyway, might as well just, here’s the 25, 20% off, whatever. If you’re selling anything else, it could be a book. It could be a; it could be a checklist.

It could be speaking directly to your audience, your dream audience. My dream audience is somebody who already knows what a funnel is. They already know who a funnel is and what a funnel is. So I could offer a bribe of Hey, here’s a funnel template, right? Here is a funnel checklist, right?

Before you launch your next funnel, before you create your next offer, it could be someone that already understands an avatar, right? Oh, here’s a high-ticket avatar worksheet for you. If you don’t know what that is right now, then this person would not want to buy it. Your bribe has to be something that speaks directly to the avatar that you’re targeting.

And also, it has to have enough value because this is a bribe. I’m bribing you for your email for me to market to you in the future. You can do that with any email marketing software now, right? As long as you, there are tons out there.

That’s awesome. That was my, that’s what I like to do. That’s my preferred method of bribery or data collection if you will. But I wanted to see if you preferred any other method. So that’s great. Just an ethical bribe. Yes, that’s all it is. I was going to ask you about the Dream 100.

So let’s talk about the Dream 100. The Dream 100 is a concept popularized by Lord, forgive me. I can’t, I love giving credit because I know I’m the inventor of nothing. None of this is, has come up to me. I don’t remember the guy’s name. I like everything that I’ve learned. Like I, I. I have a hard time coming up where it’s from, but if you look it up, you’ll figure out where it’s from.

I didn’t invent it. So the Dream 100, the idea is you’re making a list of the Dream 100 groups, people, keywords, wherever it is, wherever your dream audience is looking at right now. So if you are, let’s say if you are a, let’s say, a local business, if you’re a local business, if you’re a plumber, whatever, what is your dream?

You can talk to one hundred other local businesses, your dream, 100, pardon me. You dream 100 keywords that you can be a part of your dream. One hundred local blogs that you can be a part of. What is your dream? 100 Facebook groups that you can be a part of, right? Just make a list of the dream 100 places that your ideal customers are hanging out at right.

Now, your job is to get in there; you could work your way by offering a ton of value. Or buying your way in, right? So if your audience is more locally targeted, there are tons of local blogs if you’re doing B2B, right? Local, like local news things, right?

Local news stories, journalists, right? You could do press releases. And collaborate with a lifestyle columnist or local news bloggers; they’re all blogs now. Newspapers are doing that.

Cause you can either work your way in or you can buy your way in, buy your way in as faster, but doesn’t, but you don’t need to have money to start getting your way in. And sometimes, even ads get overlooked. Like I know, I don’t even look at the ads on Google. I look at the organic, and it could be; I don’t know if it’s just me because that’s what I do, but I always just.

Overlook the ads, and I go to the organic, right? It’s definitely like I’ve done Google ads as well. And so it’s a thing for me to where it depends on what I’m looking for. Like I can always tell when people run Google ads on broad keywords or phrases.

Or just a messy phrase? And it’s, Oh, this is what I’m looking for. But, like your ad copy is less relevant. I might click on a to see but for me, I think it’s in a perfect world; you’re doing both.

So you or your primary area of focus is on Google, right? You’re doing SEO and you’re doing ads, right? If your main Facebook. You’re working your way and building your organic audience, and building your organic group plus your running ads. So in a perfect world, you’re doing both.

Or even more, as you said, you can do many different things once you reach a certain level. Methods of traffic, but I would do both paid and free on one platform until you’re past six figures, then look at a second platform as you scale your first platform.

Cause once, cause money is just speed, right? Once you start running ads and once your offer is proven, it will be so fast. That’s very true. It is. And that’s one thing that many, at least, my clients struggle with. I want to pay you to do this, but at the same time, I need clients right now.

And it’s like SEO is a little slower. Google business is a little faster. Google ads are more instant, but they cost a lot. So it’s like always explaining those methods to them and how we can work all three of them to get a path to—all of the traffic they want. 

Google is pricey. Google. Especially depending on the industry, like attorneys and refers, you’re talking 40 per click. An attorney is the one targeting class action lawsuits that they’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars for one click for a very specific class action.

So they’re hiring other people to do more things. But if you have the time, go slow and work your way in, right? Send out emails, right? There’s tons of training out there on organic outreach, right? Strategies, cold email strategies, right? And be like, Hey, you’re not selling them anything, right?

Reach out to a blog post that asks if you can do a guest blog, especially if they’re local. And they need, they want more content like. If they’re getting even a couple hundred hits, a couple of hundred hits a month, and you’re giving them more free content for them to use, it’s a win for everybody.

And of course, in your article, you’re going to link back into Oh, this is my business, this is my offer, and that’s an essential part of, as far as that particular person, their content creation, sometimes it’s hard, to continuously come up with content, especially for a local blog or something like that.

Please stop it. If you’re selling like a jam, right? You’re not knocking on doors to sell your spot. If you’re selling a jam, you’re knocking on doors at grocery stores to see if they’re willing to carry this through inventory for their audience.

It makes so much sense. And that’s a great analogy. Stop trying to sell your shit. Oh, I have; I have a gadget here. Do you want to buy this gadget? No, fuck you. Go to the grocery store next door and ask, Hey, are you willing to carry my fidget spinner at your front desk? Yes. Way better.

That reminds me of the purses. What is that? 31 or something—the bag. I don’t know. I never bought one, but one of that purses, like multi-level marketing things. Okay. So you have the purse lady, and she’s just selling it to her friends like one on one. But then she gets the idea to host a purse bingo.

And that’s where it all happens. It’s like bingo but multi, like multi-level marketing. If you have a good product, the problem is that if you think about what we just talked about and applied, how can you apply it to multi-level marketing? You can; that’s the thing that multi-level marketing does, they target people.

Get a free digital edition of my book, which answers it’s really; I wrote this book mainly for coaches who are, again, finding winners and helping them win more coaches that already have a super busy coaching business. Still, it’s more offline, and they still need to build a scalable online profitable model.

And they could be more tech-savvy. And I simplify everything. That coach, because it’s, it can be daunting if you’re not tech-savvy and Oh my God, what is all this other stuff that I have to learn now? I want to coach people, make an impact, make them lose weight, quit smoking, midlife crisis, careers, and all that.

Mumbo jumbo is there’s an easy way. That’s awesome. I must get this book, even though I’m not a coach. But I love that concept of an easy way. Your book is the easy button for coaches. Is that right? For easy control for the nontechie coach struggling to get on the internet.

Awesome. So if that’s you, go and download the book right now. Thank you so much, Tim, for being here and sharing your wisdom with us. We appreciate it. And we’re all going to download your book right now. Sweet. I’m looking forward to it. Awesome Thank you so much.


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