How to Create Connection Through Customer’s Aspirations with Veronica Romney

How to Create Connection Through Customer’s Aspirations with Veronica Romney

Welcome to this episode 68  of The Determined Mom Show. I have a special guest, Veronica Romney, a marketing speaker and an online education specialist. She is amazing and will share how to create connections through customers’ aspirations with us today. 

I’m excited about this topic because it’s not something that is super commonly talked about. It’s more of a hidden thing. Before we get started on our topic, let’s go ahead and find out more about you and how you got working from home. 

Working from home is a newer endeavor for me because I like the last five years I’ve owned; I founded, ran, and then sold a digital marketing agency, and we had an office and a full staff and a lease, and all of that Costco run and the above. And then, once I sold it last summer, I fully transitioned out.

I was now back to working from home in October, being a solopreneur with many super-talented contractors that helped me here and there, but I’m back in the grind of being a company of one, and I love it. Different and going from having all that like. The burden and responsibility of the lease, the electricity, and everything you only think about once you have that storefront or office.

It’s such a difference. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have that massive overhead and monthly cost. Essentially, a worldwide pandemic. All of 2020. I’m grateful for the timing of the sale of my business. Grateful to be in a position where I can work from home pretty much uninterrupted for the most part because I have a door in a lock

I can’t promise anything beyond that, but it has been nice to be accessible to my family and still be able to pursue my ambition and aspirations and serve my customers as well. Congratulations on selling your business. Thank you. And also on selling it before the pandemic.

I also had the time to settle into your groove. Five months. It’s exciting, though, because it lasted, so December 2019 is when I found out that out of 650 applicants, I was in the top five to represent Tony Robbins and Dean Graziossi on stage.

I entered 2020 on such a high like this is the year, and I’m going to be on stage in the name of these massive brands, doing what I love best, which I’ve always loved speaking and teaching. I think of speaking as, Teaching. Like that’s really how I look at it. And then no one’s going anywhere. So everything has gone virtual.

Almost every business I can imagine, whether fully digital or part of the company, is digital. But everything has gone virtual and digital as of right now. So I’m doing, speaking from Zoom and workshops from Zoom and everything from, you know, this camera that I’m staring into right now; that’s awesome.

I talk a lot about that, and I talk about branding, personal branding, marketing, and just being authentic. But Tony and Dean do it on a different level. They’re talking about the power of self-education and online education like we’re seeing Masterclass. Then it was like linda.com and many online courses that are exploding on the internet.

And it’s the power of learning from somebody who’s done the thing as opposed to a professional teacher in a university or formal institution. And they’ve been doing it for 60 years. So now I go on their behalf on stages worldwide to share the message of the power of online education, self-education, learning from doers, and not necessarily even like studies, you know, people that study the material.

So it’s really interesting. It complements what I believe, and it’s how I’ve also learned a great portion of my marketing knowledge. I went to school; I got the fancy diploma, and. Marketing director for corporations three times over. But when you become an entrepreneur, you go to YouTube, university, Google everything, and then you realize you’ll start listening to the podcast.

You’re going to buy the courses; you’re going to go to the conferences. You’re going to start investing in your human capital. And Tony and Deaner are massive advocates for that. And so I also am aligned with that.

How to Create Connection Through Customer’s Aspirations..

I’ve launched thousands of things, like 12 years and running a marketing agency. And so I’ve just stripped it all down, and it’s like a three-part mini-course for $37. That is what I believe because. I only have a little time to give you 80 hours.

Like do you have time? I think the nature of consumption of education is also changing, and I think it’s important for your listeners, important for anybody that’s a content creator, to be able to put together content that’s not too consuming but also doesn’t overwhelm or overwhelm, but Right strikes that perfect balance in.

Like we want to be a modern success story and a modern parent. And so that’s the promise. If you want to know what Veronica stands for, you want to know what my business is like and why it is. This is because I helped the transformation from ambitiously frustrated into a modern success story, and I just happened to do that transformation through proper marketing, branding, and selling.

That’s awesome that that is amazing, and I love that you mentioned that. Having a business is like another baby. A hundred percent is it is. I feel bothered that you stress that it keeps you up at night. It’s the same crap, and it’s like the neediest baby too. It’s so needy. It consumes all of your thoughts.

And all the kids are like the, the real kids are fed, and they’re not fighting, and nothing’s on fire. At least I’m like,  I can get this and this done and that done and this. And especially if you have employees, then it’s just children too. Like, and I’m not saying that in a demeaning way.

The biggest tip I could give your listeners when it comes to tapping into somebody’s aspirations is that the thing with aspirations is that only some people are going to share what they aspire for. Like, if you think about it, there’s stuff that I’m willing to share with my girlfriends at a dinner table, or maybe my husband, and then there’s this stuff that I probably would never share with anyone, but that I think about or that I want to do, but I’m, I’m too scared to share it out of like fear.

Criticism: Who is she to think that way or dream that? How dare she? Right? So your customer has the surface-level aspirations they’re willing to share, and then 90% of the iceberg is underneath the surface. So it is incumbent on you to go and breakthrough like that barrier of, like, this is what you’re telling me that you want, but I’m trying to figure out what you need, not what you want, although I can deliver that too, truly like what is it that you need to go from point A to point B?

When you guys aren’t connected empathetically with shared aspirations, I have found that the best coaches or best course creators, digital product makers or speakers, or teachers are when you are serving and providing from a place of empathetic understanding. I have learned when I’ve done my personal seven levels deep, and then when I work with one-on-one customers or students, and I do their seven levels deep, it’s always like a delightful surprise.

It has now no longer become a surprise that we tend to share. At some point, their level five was my level four or somewhere along the seven levels. There were connections between us. And that is no, like at this point, and it used to be surprising, like now it’s not surprising at all. , you attract what you are.

And you attract what you believe and how you serve and present yourself to, you know, especially the online world. If you have yet to do the work to understand your aspirations, this could be very difficult for you to understand the aspirations of somebody else.

And that’s why I love working with mom business owners. As we all under, there’s just like this. As everybody gets it, I was spoken like understanding or like the kids in the room. You know, like it’s just like this thing, I don’t know.

I connect a lot with moms that are hustling and trying to, like, again, balance the baby and the business on the hips. But I’ve even noticed that I feel like. I’m starting to connect even more with women who left the corporate world to run the business because that’s exactly what I did.

And it’s just this shared understanding that when you were at the top of your game working for someone else and being safeguarded by somebody else’s business and brand, how devastating it is to feel like you must start over. All on your merit and your name with no safety net, with no brand, you know, leveraging cause it’s just you.

 I talk about that a lot with many women that have jumped from working for somebody else to being their boss. And it’s. It’s not a shared experience that everybody has, but if you’ve had it, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that. So it is interesting that moms come from all walks of life.

It’s nice. It is nice that I can run if my kids need me. If my husband wants to hang out with me, why not? Would you mind doing it at two o’clock? Why do we have to wait until nine o’clock, 10 o’clock, when the kids are asleep? Would you happen to know what I mean? Often as well, they’re in the middle of the day because.

My Facebook group is the same way. We just get authentic. Like, there’s a huge post to speak that was like, how can you be in the personal branding world but not of the personal branding world? And it was a good dialogue. Like, if you want to sync up with me socially, Instagram or my Facebook.

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