How to be a Conscious Parent with Uma Alexandra Beepat

How to be a Conscious Parent with Uma Alexandra Beepat

Welcome to episode 22, The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. In this episode, we have the amazing Uma Alexandra Beepat, the owner of Lotus Wellness Center. Welcome, Uma, and I would love to get started with you, telling the audience about your story and how you got started.

“Well, I own Lotus Wellness Center in Northern Virginia. It is a metaphysical wellness center, so we do everything from; massages, reflexology, and Reiki to more intuitive things like tarot cards, hypnosis, and past life progression. I have a master’s degree in Healthcare Management, and I worked in the hospital healthcare field industry for a long time when I was married. I’m no longer married, and we moved.

I knew I had to do something, and I found a scholarship I had received and went to school for Massage Therapy. So that’s the start, and it went from me working in one room in my house, then finally the center that it is now, and that’s taken place over ten years.” 

Wow. That’s an amazing story, and the thing that I love the most about it is that I’m a big believer in manifestation and putting your intentions out there and then just waiting for that answer to come to you, and I think that is such a powerful story. It was clear that it just came, unfolded, and happened for you. And that’s so powerful. 

Tell us more about conscious parenting and what that means to you, and how we as moms can shift what we’re doing into being more conscious while parenting.

“That’s a great question. So the first thing is that our children are not here to follow our schedule. They were born. If you went on this all-expense paid trip to Fiji, right? It’s so exciting, and then you get there and get stuck with this tour guide, and they have their agenda about what you need to do. It doesn’t make for a pleasant experience. 

So that’s the first thing about the first concept of understanding conscious parenting. It’s looking at your child and saying, okay, how can I help you? What are you here to do? What’s going on for you? The very first thing I did for my children was I did soul plan readings on both of them.

What you’re trying to create this experience that is amicable to both parties, meaning you, the parent, and then the children, and that you all can express your individuality and how you want to live your life together.” 

That sounds amazing, and I hope I can figure out how to do it, but I have this innate desire always to want what’s best for my kids, which every mother does, and I feel like I don’t know how to express myself or maybe execute it. I think that’s the best way to put it. Like how do you manage that? Want what’s best for them and guide them, not boss them around.

“It’s a fine line for sure. So we have rules in my household and conscious parenting. So it’s not like, well, you can do whatever you want, fly off the roof. There have to be rules, one rule for example that I have, what I do have is if we go to a grocery store, if you want something, you ask me for it, and if I can’t get it for you, that’s it. That’s the end of the situation because I have the money. 

So you are here for your experience, and when you start to look at life from that perspective, you become more of a conscious parent because you realize your whole life is not about your kids, your husband, your partner, or your job. It’s about me and am I enjoying this experience that I’m having.”

That’s a great point. It helps bring clarity to people’s lives. So what other tips do you have about conscious parenting? 

“Okay. One of the things I would tell other thing I would tell people is to not look at your kids as kids, and that might be a little bit bold for some, but let me explain. I get a lot of clients at my center that bring their children to see me.

Cause if the children are acting out and they’re seeing psychiatrists and psychotherapists, and they’re still acting out, they bring them to me. Then I always get these emails afterward. ‘you fixed her, or you changed him,’ and the thing is, I don’t feel I did any of that. Many kids don’t get heard, so they lash out and act out. 

So when I’m around children, mine and other people’s children, I don’t look at them as kids. I’m only seeing them as a being. Treat them like beings that are here on this planet. They’re visiting, and you want to make them comfortable such as ‘How can I help you? Do you like your room?

You know, I never even asked that I painted this room without your permission.’ I mean, I said earlier, like all of us, want our kids to be happy, I think, and at the end of the day, It’s just that motherly instinct and sometimes not knowing how to get them.”

Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for all of the amazing value and knowledge you provided. Thanks to our readers and listeners, the retreat program sounds amazing, and the soul plan reading sounds amazing for even yourself or your family. Have a wonderful week.

If you have any questions, let us know! Reach out to us!

Uma is a Spiritual Teacher, an Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Mediumship mentor and Author of The Awakened Life published by Balboa Press Publishing. Uma is the owner of Lotus Wellness Center in Northern Virginia where she provides classes in spiritual development and energy healing and private intuitive consultations.

Uma holds over 40+ certifications in metaphysical studies which include titles of Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Theta Healer, Access Bars Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Aromatherapist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Tuning Fork Practitioner, Bach Flower Consultant, doTerra Advocate, Certified Life Coach, Certified Angel Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Reflexologist and Licensed Massage Therapist among others.

She is the Creator of The Intuitive Mentorship program which is an eight-month program for spiritual and intuitive development.

Uma’s belief is in the power of self-healing and analysis. She empowers people to seek the truth for themselves and mentors them to achieve freedom from fear and limiting beliefs to stand boldly in their authenticity.

Email: uma@lotuswellnesscenter.net

Phone: (703) 369-6762

Website and  www.lotuswellnesscenter.net

YouTube: Lotus Inspiration1111

Instagram: umalotusflower78

Facebook: Uma Alexandra Beepat

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