How to Access Google Business Profile Now that the App is Gone

Welcome to episode 229 of The Determined Moms Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and I am very excited to be here with you talking about where in the heck can you access your Google business profile now that the app is gone. So there used to be a Google business app called my business. And I might even still have it installed on my phone. No, I think, yeah, I do. And it was a little like the little icon. 

Now if you still have it on your phone. You can just click manage on maps from there. So you could save that. App and not delete it. And then that way you at least have a very quick way to access your listing. Or you can delete it and then just go to Google maps. If you go to. 

The Google My Business app. It says Google. My business app is no longer available. Manage your business profile, view your performance and connect with customers directly on Google maps and search. Get notifications on Google maps. Learn more. If you click the manage on the search button, it’s going to take you to a list of Google business profiles. So if you have more than one, you’re going to see a list there.

If you only have yours, yours should be the only one that shows up or it’s. It’s going to pop up. All of the information about your business. If you’re on a desktop and you’re like I used to call nine dots on the top right-hand corner. And it used to pop up the little Google business icon. You can still do that. And click on it and what’s going to happen is it’s going to take you right to search.

If you click on the name of your business from the list. And it’s going to show you the options to edit on Google search. This. Handy because you don’t have to worry about it. Finding your listing or any of that stuff you could even go. If you’re logged into the profile, a Google email address, Gmail address, or Google workspace account. 

How to Access Google Business Profile Now that the App is Gone

That you manage your listing from. It’s going to take you. To your listing, if you Google it. So if you’re logged in and you just go. To a Google search. And you the name of your business, which I’m doing right now.

It’s going to bring up a search, but then it’s also going to show you. Search performance for this query. It’s going to show you your search performance. Oh, that’s if you have a Google search console, I recommend it. But if you scroll down, it’s going to say you manage this business profile only visible to managers. And it’s going to show you the name of your business.

How many ratings do you have, you’re just going to go ahead and click on the view profile. It’s going to bring up a box. A box. It’s going to bring up a whole bunch of little icons. And then some boxes underneath with new notifications about your listing. And your listing itself should show up on the right-hand side of your screen. So you’re gonna be able to see what it looks like.

And then you’re going to be able to see your service area, your cover photo, and all of your information there. So that’s how you can access it. It’s very easy. And I do want to point out that there is a little dropdown arrow on the bottom right-hand side of those icons. If you miss that, you’re not going to be able to post an update because they’ve hidden the updates.

Under that little arrow dropdown. So there are a few more. Icons that show. Show up. If you click on that down arrow. And add an update under there. So if you’re looking to add an update, You’re not sure. On that arrow. And that is where you can do that. A lot of things have changed in Google My Business in the last few months. Like so much, I’m moving away from Google My Business app.

And there are so many more but the performance metrics have changed how you can view them. There’s been a lot of glitches recently with reviews and leaving reviews. And if those reviews stay. If they’re marked as spam. I’ve seen a lot of businesses. Start getting reviews that are from local guides.

Which a local guide is. Something that Google promotes it’s a program. It’s literally. So you have an addictive personality. You may be addicted to leaving reviews because you get points. For being a local guide.

How to Access Google Business Profile Now that the App is Gone

So the more reviews you leave. The more points Google gives you, the more you can level up to the next badge. It’s almost like a video game. But I’m seeing that. A lot of. People are taking this kind of the wrong way and leaving.

Reviews for businesses that they’ve not legitimately visited, and that can be difficult depending on the kind of business you have, because that particular. A person is making it up and Google is not recognizing it because they are. 

A local guide and they’re trusted. So there are some caveats to every change and every new system, every new incentive, but I do not love the local guide program because of that. If you are having trouble finding how you can access your Google Business Profile. 

We do have a webinar available. That is a replay of one. I think it was in September that we did it because there were so many different updates and that’s when they were going to switch over from the app. From, the ex easy access on your computer too. Maps and search access. So you can go ahead and go to the-marketing.com and you’ll see a little pop-up and you can opt-in to watch that webinar. If you’d like. 

There is a charge for it. It was $37. It’s a one-time fee. And it is chock full of information. Like we go through, I think it’s like an hour and 20 minutes because we go through. Very detailed questions from the audience and just go through and solve every problem that comes to their mind during this webinar. 

I can fast-forward through parts of it. If you already understand parts. But it’s very valuable and it is full of all of the information that you would need. 

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