Welcome to episode 230 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and I am here to share with you today. Five hidden secrets in Google business profiles that will change your business. I like to call these Google Businesses Hidden secrets A gift from Google.

Because what happens is Google is the largest search engine online and they’re giving you space to tell them. What you should be ranking for, who should be finding you and what problems you solve for those people.

And they’re giving you direct access to put this information into their algorithm, into their Computer system like, hello, this is a huge gift from Google. Do not take for granted these secrets. The first that we’re going to talk about.

5 Hidden Secrets in Google Business Profiles That Will Change Your Business

Number 1

Number one is going to be locations. You can put in 20 different locations that you would like to target for your Google business listing. Google is just guessing where you should be showing up based on your address. You can target your most valuable clients where they live, and where they hang out. That kind of thing by completing this. I always recommend that you do it by zip code. So that way you can be super specific about what areas you would like to be in. If you were to put Tacoma, Washington, for example, 

That’s going to give a huge area. For Google to pull from. But it is all up to Tacoma, your ideal client, most likely not. You’re going to have certain zip codes where your ideal client lives in certain zip codes where they don’t live. So why waste that targeting on someone that isn’t necessarily your ideal client? So number one location.

Number 2

Number two is your description. You have 750 characters. That you can use to describe your business. Things that you want to include in that description are what you do. Who you help, and how you serve them. And where you serve them. Very important things to include. And you want to make sure that you’re using great keywords that people are searching for in this description because this is going to take you.

Past your competitors. It’s going to help Google to understand who you should be ranking for and what search terms people are using to find you or people would use to find you. So do not neglect this description. There are so many businesses out there that just don’t fill it out at all. And that is a huge mess because you’re missing out on one of the biggest permanent Gifts from Google.

Number 3

Number three is updated. If you are not posting regular updates. You are missing out on being able to give Google a daily. If you want to update about your business. About who you’re serving. What you’re doing. News and your business, what products you have going on, what services you have going on. For any events that you have coming up, there’s just so much opportunity in updates that it’s just crazy if you’re not using them. 

This is where we get our clients the most traction in these updates because we’re using keywords. We’re trying to use as many characters as possible. Where applicable, there are 1500 characters that you can use for each update. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s not a Twitter post, it’s way more than a Twitter post. And it allows you to give enough information. 

About a particular topic or service or product that Google is going to get more information from and display it to the right people. Huge gift from Google. So updates. If you’re not using them, we recommend a minimum of three per week, which is what we do for our clients in TDM marketing. Google. 

Suggest that you do a minimum of one per week. And if you don’t do them, You’re going to get an email and Google’s going to say it’s been a while since you’ve updated your profile. Would you like to post now? I do it. So whenever they send you a prompt, that means that it’s been more than a week, do it. 

Number 4

Number four is services. Do you have the ability to put your services into Google? You can put your pricing, you can put. Photos, you can put all kinds of information in there. And it allows you to also tie them to the categories that your business is listed under.

This is huge because it is going to allow you to pinpoint whether or not you’re the right person. For whoever is looking right. I was searching for it. Services the other day for electricians that install. Particularly video doorbells, for example. 

5 Hidden Secrets in Google Business Profiles That Will Change Your Business

And if you were to have that. On your listing, if you’re an electrician, then I would probably call you before I call anyone else because I want to know if an electrician has experienced doing that.

It’s something that they do and if it’s already on there and I don’t have to call you, talk to you about it. Figure it out, then you’re going to get my call before anyone else. So just an example from my real-life circumstances, but it’s a great example because it shows you how you can stand out. You may not think of offering that service. Whatever it is in your business. Is unique for individuals. But if you’re offering it on your listing and someone else’s not, you’re more likely to get that call.

Number 5

The last one and not least is the product. So you can also add products to your listing. Even though I’m a service-based business. I have a lot of my services listed as products. And the reason for this is because then I can add a range of pricing.

I can add photos, I can do a lot more with the product listings. Then I can whip up the service base listings and I just find it, very graphic, very visual, very easy for people to understand those services, especially if you have flat rates. 

If you have set rates, even if you have a range. You don’t even have to list the cost of your product. You can just set a link right to that product. This is good for any business that sells anything online. So if you have any type of product that you have online, you can set these products to your listing. And if you like, have a hundred products. 

How am I going to get those all in there? I recommend you to sit down every Monday and do 10 a week. That way eventually in about 10 weeks, you’re going to have all of your products in there. You’re going to link directly to the purchase page of the product. 

Make it super easy for people to buy from you. Very effective. All of these five hidden secrets are on Google Business Profiles. Or Google, my business is going to change your business. If you use them. I see typical results for our clients in about six to nine weeks where they start getting into that top three, they start getting a lot more phone calls, those kinds of things. 

It’s not an overnight thing, but it’s way more effective than social media. And it’s going to get you where you want to be. As far as revenue. A lot quicker than posting on Facebook, and Instagram. Twitter, all of the things. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you have any questions, please email me@amandaatthedeterminedmom or mandated-marketing.com. And you can also visit our website, which is the-marketing.com. 

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