Happy 3 year anniversary

Welcome to episode 184 of The Determined Mom Show. I am very excited about this episode because it is exactly our third anniversary. Our podcast started in May of 2019, and it is a passion project we make

Pretty much have no money from it, but I have enjoyed every single guest that we’ve had. I’ve enjoyed all of the feedback, all of the reviews, and all of the speak pipe feedback. I just absolutely love the audience. I love the guests, and I love them. Just sharing knowledge, whether it’s my knowledge or the knowledge of the amazing guests that we have.

Happy 3-year anniversary

So, very excited to bring you this episode today. And what we’re gonna do today is something a little different. I’m gonna recap the top 10 most popular episodes ever. 

And when I went through this, I was kind of surprised at which ones were the most popular. Sometimes you think, oh, this is gonna be the most popular episode because X, Y, or Z, and people have been asking me about this or something like that.

But it’s not what you expect. So I love it. And even one of our most recent episodes that aired in March is actually in this top 10. So it’s a very, very popular episode. Huge strides in beating out all of the other episodes. So with 184 episodes or 183 episodes, that is hard to do.


So let’s go ahead and jump right into number one, which is Episode 23 in this episode. We talk about how to get the most relevant reviews in your email to share on social media.

In this episode, I wanna tell you that we talk about Google alerts and how to set them, but there’s another tool that I’ve discovered since this episode aired because this was back in 2019. Called Talkwalker Alerts. So this is another alternative to the Google alerts that you will hear about in this episode. So enjoy it.

The second most popular episode is Episode 81. This one is called Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens. These are a few of my favorite things I shared with you. My top.

Favorite tools that I found in 2020. And this was a very interesting time for us because we had just moved like the week before and we were settling in and we moved across the country

It was just kind of a crazy time and also a crazy time in the world because of the pandemic. It was, you know, the first nine months of the pandemic had just happened and we had no idea what was coming.

We had no idea. Really what even happened that year, 2020 was a complete blur, at least for me. So this is a really interesting episode and the segment that I shared with you out of this particular episode, the anniversary episode, is based on AppSumo.

So this is my favorite, favorite place to get. Absolutely everything that you need for your business, and you can pay a one-time fee and you’ll learn more about it on this episode. So enjoy it.

Number three, which is my favorite because almost all of these things follow AppSumo. So basically I’m, I’m talking about 10 different things, and AppSumo, number three, and all of the other ones that came on here from four through nine are from AppSumo.

So, Let’s go ahead and dive in. So AppSumo is a marketplace of apps. So basically you go there and you type in like whatever you want, whatever kind of software you’re looking for. Like, let’s say you’re looking for webinar software or um, something like that. You can just go to browse and then click on the search bar and type in whatever kind of software you’re looking for. 

I’ve searched for CRM, lead, stock, and review, so I like stock photos and things like review software I’ve searched for. So you can search for so much software, um, depending on what you’re actually in the market for.

I would highly recommend going here before you go anywhere else because even if you do find something, there is a chance that. It will be on AppSumo, and you can get lifetime access to it for like a fraction of what you would pay. Even for a month or two, it is amazing.


The third most popular episode is Episode 99, where we talk about how you can optimize your own Google My Business listing. Since this episode aired, Google my business has now been changed to Google Business Profile Manager. This is how to optimize your own Google Business profile manager.

We’ve updated the location of the workbook, so you can go ahead and download that at the link in the show notes. And we’ve also added a course on optimization as well, so you can find that in the show notes as well.

Our fourth most popular episode is Episode 22 with Uma Beepat. She is an amazing woman, and we talked about how to be a conscious parent. This is an episode that I was, personally curious about, and having Uma on just opened my eyes to so much regarding conscious parenting and how it is

Very effortful like you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it. You just have to think about things a little bit differently. So, Please listen to this episode in full. I am gonna share a snippet of the basis of what conscious parenting is. Emma gives us a great example of exactly what it is and a great analogy for it, so enjoy.

The episode ranking number five is Episode 139, and this is the Google My Business series number four. Can you remove reviews from Google? This has been such a popular episode by far, the most popular from the seven Series Google My Business series. That we did. 

And the reason for that is because it’s like one of the most popular questions that are asked on the internet. Like if you have a bad Google Review, you want it done, you don’t wanna have it on there. I will go over whether or not you can remove reviews and go ahead and listen to the full episode because it’s. I’ve got a lot more information than what I am sharing here. I hope you enjoy it.

We are already halfway through the 10 most popular episodes on the Determined Mom Show. I am very excited to share with you this one, and it is Episode 157, and it is number six on the list. Why your website is not finished once the designer says it is?

This is such a popular topic because people don’t realize this, and it’s so important, absolutely critical to the success of your website, to the success of your business, and it’s also part of your SEO plan and also part of our proven marketing system that we have at TDM Marketing

One of the reasons why you can’t just have a website and leave it. Very important, and I hope you enjoy this episode. I hope you learn a lot from it, and definitely listen to the full episode of number 157 because there is a lot more to learn in this episode that I didn’t share here. 

Episode 161 is our number seven episode of all time on the Determined Mom Show. I kind of wanna give a disclaimer on this. It is all about TikTok and tools that I claim to have that we’re changing my TikTok game, but I’m gonna be completely honest. I totally fell off the TikTok wagon. I got more comfortable with it, and then I just got uncomfortable.

And I just stopped doing it for a while, so I’m trying really hard to get back on the TikTok horse. So, if you know what I mean. Hopefully, I will be there soon. I am still using these tools for my research and my content, you know, planning and all of those things

I literally have pages and pages of content planned out. I just have to actually push myself to record. If you’re in that same stage, two. Don’t feel bad. I am there too and I am there with you trying to plug through. I do wanna let you know that I have not been keeping up with my TikTok game. This was recorded in January of 2022 and it is now May of 2022

Definitely not keeping up. Had I been keeping up. I’m sure that my followers will get some traction. All of those things would be completely different, so I’m definitely recommitting to you all on this podcast.

The eighth most popular episode on the Determined Mom Show is Episode 113. We talk about 2021 Google search updates, what you need to know and how to tell if you were affected by these search updates. This is a really important episode even now that we’re in 2022. This was in the mid-summer of 2021, so mid-2021 that this aired

There were tons of changes going on at that. To be honest, there’s been a million more changes since then, but what I share in this episode is critical, and it’s that you need to track your keyword ranking. So definitely enjoy this episode and make sure that you take notes and take out of it everything that you can so that way you can help yourself.

The ninth most popular episode on the Determined Mom Show has been Episode 95. Check out the newest Google My Business features. You all love Google My Business, and I’m not going to lie, you know that I do too. Many of the episodes we’ve talked about so far have been all about Google My Business, and it is the number-one tool

On the internet, for you to be using. There’s absolutely no reason why you should be using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok, any of those platforms more than you use Google My Business because this is going to get you up in the ranking. So very important, and listen in for what the newest features were in March of 2020.

There’s been a lot more new features and they’ve even changed the name from Google, my Business to Google Profile Manager, so enjoy this episode. 

The 10th and final episode in our top 10 list of the most popular episodes of the Determined Mom Show has very recently aired, and it is Episode 172 with Lauren Guest, and she teaches us three things that we can do today to create financial unity in our marriage.

So this is a great episode, and I can see why it’s so popular because this is a huge topic for everyone, every spouse, and every relationship. We all. To work with money, we all have to, you know, buy things. We all have to earn money. 

There’s just so much to it, and this episode gives us three really simple things. You can start today, that will help you to have a better relationship with your spouse and also create that financial unity. So I get why this is one of the most popular episodes, and it is number 10 on our list today.

That wraps up the top 10 most popular episodes of The Determined Mom show of all time. So excited that you’re here listening and if you’ve gotten this far, I truly, truly appreciate it. That means that you are a seasoned listener or you’re a new listener.

Happy 3-year anniversary

Either way, I appreciate you. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to listen to the podcast, and hopefully you’ve learned something from every single one of these episodes and all of the other 183 episodes that we have

If you are interested in being a guest on The Determined Mom Show, please go to determined mom.com and you can click on Be Our Guest, the big pink button, and you’ll be able to fill out a guest form and be a guest. Thank you for listening. Thank you for listening to The Determined Mom Show. We appreciate it.

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