How Gratitude Journaling Can Change Your Life

How Gratitude Journaling Can Change Your Life.

Welcome to episode number 77 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I want to talk about gratitude journaling and how it changed my mindset and perspective, and I hope it’s a practice that you can pick up as well.

So let me start by saying I love notebooks, journals, and pens, and if you ask my family, I own a crazy amount of pens in all different colors and styles: Ballpoint, gel pens, everything. And the reason for that is that I love the feeling of cracking open a new and using a brand new pen and writing in it.

And we are in the middle of a massive movement across the country, and I’ve been finding dozens of notebooks that have partially written in them. Like the first 20 pages are written in, the next 100 are empty. And I realized I might have a notebook pen problem, but that’s off the topic.

What I used to do, what I started doing that helped me to change my mindset, was I would sit down before I did anything else. So, I have a morning routine where I go down and make coffee and smoothies. I tell my husband good morning, and then I come upstairs, and I will start work. Well, what I do is I will take my gratitude journal, and I will write ten things every single day that I’m grateful for.

The caveat is that I already have the first five things, and then I’m writing about the second five things as if I already had them. So it’s stuff that I don’t have that I want but that I want to manifest into mine. And it is such a powerful practice. Doing it every day will change your mindset and allow you to go back and look through the year.

And I always like to start a new journal if I still need to fill it out or if I have filled it out at the beginning of each year. So you can look back through the. And say, oh my goodness, I forgot that I was thankful for that. Or I forgot that I have this goal, or whatever. And you can go back and see, you know, what things have you been able to manifest in your life and what has come true?

What goals have you reached? That kind of thing. So it is such a powerful practice, and if you need journaling, prompt. There are many of those available. I know Julia Busby has a lot of great prompts, and I will set a link to her website, but there are so many different prompts out there.

You can Google it if you want as well. There is not enough to say about this amazing practice of g. I will read you a few examples from my gratitude journal on May 13th, 2020, that have come true. So in my nothings that I don’t have yet. Thank you for a smooth move back to Pennsylvania and for finding us an amazing property.

And that has come true with a house beyond anything we could have asked for, and it has everything that all of us are looking for in a property. So very excited about that. I said thank you for the safe passing of my grandmother. And that also happened, so she was able to pass on peacefully.

And thank you for letting me see my dad again because he is also ill. So these things are all literally coming true, which is fantastic. Thank you for getting my degree by December, and actually, I finished it in August, so I was three months Earl. No. Ooh, I can’t count. That’s like five months early and, no, four months early.

 Sorry about the math. And thank you for all of our bills being paid. All of these things are true. We’re paid ahead. It’s such a fantastic place to be in and to look back and say, okay, you know what? I wanted these things and made them happen; the universe helped me. God helped me.

Whatever your belief system. Just knowing that that help was there when you needed it and that all of the things fell into place that needed to fall into place. What a blessing it is, and I highly encourage you to grab a journal, a blank journal for 2021, or even start one now. There’s no reason you can’t start one now, and go ahead and write down five things you’re thankful for.

You already have five things that you’re thankful for and want to have as if you already have them. I know this is not a typical episode. It’s very short. And very to the point, and I’m sure you hear a lot of echoes because I’m in my office, but all of my things have been removed, and we’re moving in three days.

So that’s why it’s so echoey, and yeah, so I hope you take this episode and do what you can to grow into yours. Best year ever in 2020. This episode of the Determined Mom Show is brought to you by the Google My Business Master course. This course features six modules and 18 lessons that will walk you through, step by step, how you can master Google my business and get a ranking in your industry for the locations you want in just six to nine.

This course is robust, and it features step-by-step instructions. You can always access it at tdm marketing academy.thinkific.com or go to the determined mom.com and click on Google My Business course As. A thank you for being a loyal, determined mom. Show listener. You can save 20% by using the code podcast.


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Check out Julia Busby’s Journal Prompts here.

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