How Google Reviews can Change Your Business

Welcome to episode 185 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and we are gonna talk today about how Google Reviews can change your business, though I wanna give you some different stats. Give you a little bit of information about Google reviews, and then we’ll go ahead and talk more about them

The first thing that a customer does is search for a business. Even if they find out about you on Instagram or Facebook or TikTok or wherever they’re going to search for your business name. The second thing that they’re gonna do is what do you think that is? They’re gonna read your reviews

If you have a lot of reviews, that’s a great thing, and if it’s a lot and you still have a high rating, that is even better. So, Would you pick a business with a few reviews or a lot of reviews? Most likely you’re gonna pick a lot of reviews, and 99% of customers choose businesses that have more reviews

It’s very, very important that you focus on getting more reviews, and you can bury unwanted reviews. So if you have negative reviews, the key to getting rid of them is really to get more positive reviews. 93% of customers read online reviews, and 85% of those people trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations

So that means if they’re asking their mom, their sister, their brother, their cousin,  or their friend for a recommendation, they’re going to trust Google. And Google reviews almost as much as they trust their friends and family. The next thing you need to know is that 49% need at least a 4.0 rating before they’re gonna choose a business. So if you have a rating below 4%, it’s like 3.9 even.

That is not a great rating and most people are going to opt away from your business. So if you’re even getting people to Google your business, and then your competitors are also showing up because they might be running ads to your name, they might be doing all of these things, but if you’re showing up and your competitors are showing up on the same page and you don’t have a great review, Volume, and rating, then those customers can easily jump over and become one of your competitor’s clients.

 How Google Reviews can Change Your Business

On average, consumers read seven reviews before trying a business, so. On Google, this is another thing that’s important to note, is that you can sort a business’s reviews by ratings. You can sort from lowest to highest or highest to lowest.

I always do lowest to highest, and I’m sure most people do. I don’t have any stats on that, but we all wanna know what went wrong with those visits and what went wrong with the information that people are putting out there. Like, why did you have a bad experience? And another really important part of that, Did the business owner respond to that negative review

And if they did, how did they respond? So if you are not responding to your reviews and especially your negative reviews positively, then. You are likely to lose more customers. Very important to make sure that you’re responding to them in a way that is proactive, positive, not accusatory, not defensive, and offers a solution within that review

The solution should always be your direct phone number. For them to get in contact with you as the owner of the business. That should always be the solution, so that way your future clients that are looking at your reviews can also see that you’re being proactive, you wanna solve a problem, and you don’t want that impression of your own business is out there and you wanna make sure that that client has a great experience

Very important. 90% of customers say that they would leave a review if they were only asked to. How often are you asking your clients for reviews? Let’s take a minute to just meditate on that for just a second. How often are you asking for reviews if it’s, sometimes that’s not good enough? If most of the time, that’s not good enough

You should ask every single customer for a review now. There are ways to automate this so you’re not asking the same customer over and over and over if they’ve already left a review. So review generation software will help you to mitigate that experience for your customer because if they’ve already left a review, you don’t wanna keep asking

Very important reviews will actually help you get your SEO up and it’ll help to push your site up on search engines and that will obviously, Result in more business, making sure that you’re getting reviews, making sure that you’re responding to those reviews, and making sure you have an automated system in place to send those review requests to customers and during their high, and I talked about this in a previous episode

And you want to make sure that you’re hitting that customer up for the review at the appropriate time. So there’s something called a buyer’s high, which is when you’re so excited about your purchase that you can’t even think about anything else, and you’re also not busy. I know that sounds silly

For a hair salon, and I also use this on a previous episode, so if you listen to that episode, excuse me, while I repeat myself, the hair high is the day of the haircut or the hairdo because we all know that we can’t get that same result by ourselves at home. At least I can’t, and. Pretty much no one that I’ve ever talked to in my entire life

So unless they are like a hair stylist themselves, there is no way to recreate that. So the best time to get them is after their appointment when they’re already home, like maybe an hour after. So then that way they have time to go home, look in the mirror, go to work, look in the mirror, wherever you wanna hit them when they’re still having the hair high for appliances

You wanna wait until the appliance is. Ordered and installed and you know, working and they’ve used it a few times and they’re having that experience, that’s when you’re gonna want to request a review for something like that. For a car.

 How Google Reviews can Change Your Business

You’re gonna wanna wait until I would suggest like the Monday after, so that way they have a chance to drive it, to work, to show as many people as they can about their car and brag about it and, Continue that high that they get when they first drive away

You wanna give them time because they’re probably gonna do all the fun things in their car, and Monday is a great opportunity for you to kind of interrupt their workday and make them think about their amazing new car again.

Recommend that for cars and you are the best determinant of when that sweet spot is for your business and your clients because you know what your buying experience is and you can determine that

When that sweet spot is, the great thing is our review software does that, and it allows you to set the exact length of time between appointments or you know, after they purchase, for you to send that review request either via email or via text message, whatever it may be. So then that way you’re not missing that perfect sweet spot opportunity.

If you have any questions about Google reviews, Google Business Profile, formally known as Google My Business, or anything else, review generation related, please email me at amanda@thedeterminedmom.com. And I hope you enjoyed this episode and I will see you.

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