Google My Business Series #6: How Review Generation Software Works

Welcome to The Determined Mom Show, episode 143. I am your host Amanda Tento and in part 6 of the Google My Business series, I discussed how to review generation software works.

You can have a link on your website that will go to a kiosk page and when someone leaves a review and it is a 1 or 2 Star review the software will ask them what went wrong and how to improve. 

Those bad reviews won’t be logged on the website but if they click on a four or a five Star rating, then they are going to be directed to your Google link or your Yelp link. Our software allows you to automate that and it will allow you to pick from the one with the least reviews.

Let’s say you have 400 Google reviews and you have 20 Yelp reviews. That’s going to allow you to build up those Yelp reviews and it’s going to direct people automatically based on the number of reviews that you have. 

You are going to be able to collect a ton of reviews and the more reviews you have as we spoke about in past episodes of this series, the more keywords that are going to be in your reviews for Google to choose from and that is going to overall give you a deeper keyword profile online in the local SEO and national SEO market.

So those keywords are very important and the more of those that you have in your reviews, the better.

Google My Business Series #6 How Review Generation Software Works

How can you get more reviews? 

So that’s where this review generation software comes in because it automates everything for you. It will immediately send out an email to your client. We can tie it to your CRM. 

You don’t have to enter them manually. You could have their review link filter out any negative feedback and be able to reach out to that customer before they leave a review.

So the more people you have coming through your door, the more you need that review generation service. So it’s very easy to set up. I highly recommend that you get some sort of review generation software, whether it be ours at TDM marketing or whether it be anyone else’s, it’s just something that you need to do.

If you’re interested in our software, just visit tdm-marketing.com and click on “Get more five-star reviews”. I am super excited that next week is our last episode in this series. Not because it’s the last episode, but because there’s just so much that I hope you have taken away from this series.

There are many things that you’ve hopefully implemented in your business, in your review responses, and in your review generation that are going to make it easier for you to grow as a business. 

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