Google My Business Profile Now Using Text Message Verification

Welcome to episode 169 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I wanna talk to you about something that is a very, very recent update to Google, Google My Business, or Google Business Profile as it’s now called.

It’s a very, very interesting and important update. So recently I have claimed two new businesses. And both of them required text message verification. So instead of the traditional, we’ll mail you a code and you’ll get it in five days.

And you know, all of those things, they are now requiring that you receive text messages on your phone and that you verify it through text. So it’s basically like how Google does every other kind of verification, email, login, and all of the other things that they use this for. 

Google My Business Profile Now Using Text Message Verification

They send you a simple six-digit code and then you put that in and they review your listing, and then shortly after that you are verified. Why is this better than mailer verification mail? Almost always gets lost in the mail.

I can’t tell you how many times people have said, I’ve requested my postcard, my verification card a dozen times and it’s still not coming. Well, the option before was for you to let Google know and then they’ll look.

Request pictures, right? And that only works for a business that actually has a physical location, so it doesn’t really work for everyone. Both of these two businesses that I recently set up are botvice-based businesses, and they don’t have a location thawherestomers can come to visit them.

So most likely this particular verification method, the text message verification method, is only for service-based businesses. I have not set up a local business from scratch in recent weeks. I cannot say for sure which way it is, but it’s an amazing update and it will truly, truly help to eliminate that postcard lost in the mail syndrome that we all get from Google.

So this is a great update and I hope they will continue to improve things and continue to make it easier for businesses to have a Google My Business profile and to manage it. I hope you have a wonderful week, and I will talk to you soon.

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