Google Business Profile: Step Three in Your Proven Marketing System

Welcome to episode 201 of  The Determined Mom Shows. I am your host, Amanda Tento. And we are gonna talk today about step three in your proven marketing system, which is your Google business profile. 

This is a huge deal. Your Google business profile. If you do, or don’t have one. Accounts for 33% of your Google ranking. That is a huge number. That’s like a third of your Google ranking. And the rest of it is all just like little bits and chunks of things. 

So if you don’t have a Google business profile, Please go claim it today, go create it. Whatever you have to do, make sure that you have access to it. If someone created it for you five years ago and you have no access to it, you need to figure out how to get access to it.

Requesting that from Google, it’s incredibly important. It’s a very powerful tool and you must do it today. So let’s go ahead and start with a little review. If you haven’t listened to episodes 195, 197, or 199, go ahead and go back to them. You don’t have to do it right now. You can do it after.

You’re done listening to this episode, but it’s really important that you at least start with 195 because we’re talking right now about the six steps to a proven marketing system that easily gets you, customers, our goal for you and for all of our clients as well as to get you set up with a marketing system where you don’t have to rely on social media.

You don’t have to rely on posting. You don’t have to rely on replying to comments. You don’t have to rely on any of that, but it’s just going to be working for you organically. That’s what you need. You need to have a system that is going to allow you to attract customers, retain them, and then remarket to them.

Google Business Profile: Step Three in Your Proven Marketing System

That is our goal. So with this system number, one in the system is your website. And that website is the Keystone cornerstone, whatever you wanna call it. So everything is gonna lead back to your website. 

It is the beginning and the end, the next step is gonna be search engine optimization, which that episode or that was covered in episode 199. And then now we are on the third step in the system, which is Google business. 

Because this is such a high-ranking factor. Maybe I should have made it number two. So that way you can at least get it claimed, and then we can work on your SEO, but really SEO and website go together. So we needed to leave them together, but this tool is free.

Okay. It is free. So if you do not have a Google business listing complaint or a Google business profile, if you do not have a Google business profile claimed You are missing out. You’re missing out on tons of traffic to your website. You’re missing out on tons of visibility. You’re missing out on pretty much everything.

I want you to think about where you go to search when you need something. You’re not going to be going to Facebook usually if I’m looking for a dentist, I’m not going to Facebook to look for a dentist, I’m just not going to do it. I’m just going to either go through my insurance or I’m going to go through Google.

And even if I do go through my insurance and find a dentist that is covered. I am most likely gonna Google them as well because I wanna see okay, there are 10 dentists listed. Why would I choose the one with the least amount of ratings? Why would I choose the one that doesn’t even have their hours on their Google business listing?

Like, why would I choose the one that looks like they don’t care? I wouldn’t, I’m going to go to Google and I’m still going to do that due diligence and make sure that I’m choosing the best dentist out of the 10 options that my insurance is presenting to me. 

It’s very important to note that people do not use social media to find things they may ask their friends and family for referrals. They’re still going to Google you. Even if you are referred to by someone on social media, they’re still going to Google you. If you don’t come. That’s probably going to be a miss for you. 

So it’s really important that you have a Google business profile. Again, it’s free. You can go back to this podcast and listen to it, there are probably at least 20 episodes at this point that are all about Google’s business profile, formally known as Google my business, but this is an incredibly important part of your marketing system.

If you’re not familiar with what a Google business profile is. Take out your phone right now and just search for a coffee shop. Okay. You can go either to Google search or you can go to Google maps either way. You’re still going to find the same results. 

So you’re gonna search for coffee, shop those three little results that come up and they may be on the map. If they’re looking in Google maps, they’re gonna show up as dots on the map. If you’re looking in Google search, they’re gonna show up as little. 

Listing kind of things with the hours and the phone number and the website, like easily accessible. Those are Google business profiles. Having your listing created is gonna be the first step, but if you can just manage it properly, you can get into that top three very quickly.

Google Business Profile: Step Three in Your Proven Marketing System

I’ve had clients that get in there in about six to nine weeks and it totally changes their business and totally changes the trajectory of their business. It changes their revenue. It. Everything about their business. So it’s very important. Let’s talk about why people don’t claim it or create it. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to have a physical location.

You do not have to have a physical location. You can actually choose to be a service-based business that only serves customers outside of your location. So for example, I have my business set up as a service-based business because I don’t have meetings in my office. I have meetings with clients out in the real world or on zoom.

So I don’t meet with anyone here in my office. Unless it’s on zoom or unless we’re meeting at a coffee shop. So that is where I meet. And so that is why I qualify as a service-based business. The one caveat to qualifying as a service-based business is that you need to be able to serve local clients. So if you are only serving people in a certain country, that’s not your country.

That would not qualify you as a service-based business. You need to have that local connection to your community. You need to be able to serve your neighbor. You need to be able to serve someone across the world. That’s fine too.

But that neighbor part has to be part of it extremely important. This cannot be stressed enough that this is a very important part of your proven marketing system. 

I will, and I have in different webinars that I’ve done gone as far as saying that Google my business can completely replace your social media presence, because if you’re focusing all of that energy that you would normally focus on social media posting to Google business profile and making sure you’re including the right keywords, the right search terms, all of that in your listing, in your profile, in your post.

Then Google is gonna pick up on that. And they’re going to move you to the top. If you’re at the top of Google, if you’re in that top three of the Google business map pack or snack pack as they call it, if you’re in that top three, you’re not gonna need to be posting on social media.

So that’s why this proven marketing system is so important and it’s so integral to having a Marketing system that does not exhaust you. I think that’s the best way to put it. It is exhausting to be posting on social media and creating content all the time. You will still have to create content for Google. 

You can still, you can repurpose that onto social media. If you feel like you’re missing out on something, go right ahead. But you have no control over social media. You do have control over your Google business profile. Unless they make huge changes to it, which they have recently, but those changes don’t really affect anything. 

They do affect some things, but they don’t affect your ability to post, they don’t affect your ability to reach people. So that is a really important thing to note as well. 

So I wanna go over since we’ve done this on every episode so far, I wanna talk about the last three parts of the proven marketing system, just so you’re aware of what they are in case you haven’t listened to episode 195 yet after Google business profile, we have positive Google reviews.

They are the number two ranking factor on Google. So you have, the number one ranking factor is Google’s business profile. The number two ranking factor is positive. Google reviews. The more reviews you have, not only the more customers believe in you, but also Google believes in you because they wanna see people that are happy with your product.

They’re happy with your service. They’re happy with what they’ve gotten from you. They’re going to give you more credibility and more. I don’t know, honor in their system, if you will. So that’s the next step in the proven marketing system?

The next step is. A cautionary step it’s Google ads. So Google ads are not necessarily necessary, but while you’re building up that SEO presence, while you’re building up your Google, my business profile, while you’re getting those systems and juices flowing in the background, you need something running.

That’s going to bring people to your website right away. That’s where Google ADS can come in and they can be very helpful before your organic website visit. Reach your target. So very important. Some people can run them long-term. E-commerce is a great reason to run them long-term. 

But the great thing about them is that they actually help you to do more keyword research and figure out what Google is already showing you. So that’s really helpful. The final step in the proven marketing system. Like the juice that ties everything together is gonna be your email marketing. 

This is the final component of the proven marketing system, and it allows you to communicate and update your customers. You can also send new potential customers to your website to buy, and it drives your overall conversions long term.

Someone comes to your website, they sign up for your email list. They try to get your freebie, they join your mailing list in some way, shape or form. Then you can give them more reasons to purchase from you. So that’s part of that proven marketing system. 

The other thing is. You’re just going to be collecting those same people that would’ve been following you on social media, you are getting them into your intimate system that you have complete control over.

So that’s why email marketing is so important because your Facebook account can be deleted any day and you have no control over it. Facebook does Instagram, all of the other ones, the and same thing. So very important. So I hope you enjoyed this episode and the next episode we’re gonna talk about. Positive Google reviews and why those are an important step in the proven marketing system.



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